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  • High quality design
  • The canopy shades really well
  • Strap on the handle
  • All washable
  • Basket accessible only from the side of the handle
  • No handbrake

A very light stroller, one-handed handling. Easy to store and small when folded. Relatively large basket under the stroller. However, it is not accessible from all 3 sides, but only from the back. Safety child buckle, reflective elements, quality materials.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Narrow enough to fit old narrow elevators
  • Large canopy
  • Wheels of quite the right size for universal use
  • Large basket
  • Pockets behind the seat
  • No suspensions
  • Old model without adjustable leg rest
  • Less suited for the transition from bassinet as the seat is not reversible and quite large

It lasted us for two kids, from the beginning till when they were approx. 2 years old (then we preferred to make them walk).

It suits us

  • Adjustable leg rest
  • It is lightweight
  • Lies flat
  • Great folding
  • Foam wheels into which pebbles are stuck
  • Handle cannot be positioned

Great pushchair. Adjustable leg rest, lies flat and is light... It suits us.

Pretty much perfect

  • light
  • compact
  • spacious
  • good looking
  • no adjustment of the handle bar

For us, pretty much a perfect pushchair.

  • Weight
  • Compliance
  • Positioning of legs
  • Interchangeable canopies
  • Handles well
  • Pockets behind canopy
  • Large canopy
  • I can't get into the basket from the side for slightly larger items
  • When folded, the wheels smudge the canopy
  • Foam wheels wear down quickly in the terrain

I keep it ready in my car for trips to the shops and into town instead of a buggy - and I'm happy. I first used it as a chassis for the Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 car seat and now as a pushchair. It suits me perfectly for these needs. It's relatively roomy for the size, it's compact and really lightweight (the version with foam wheels).

I wouldn't choose it as my only stroller though. I have a Baby Jogger Summit X3 for normal riding, trips, walking the dog and skating and that's in a different league, but for shopping and folding the Snap is great.

I would buy the stroller again in a heartbeat.

It folds down well


Maximum customer satisfaction. It folds down well as well.

It has one big flaw - the wheels

  • Kola

The stroller has a lot of advantages, but one big flaw - the wheels! They won't survive life in the city or in a village. I do not recommend Valco Snap, it will be up for repair in a while.

  • Light, ideal when you have stairs to the house
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to clean
  • Slippery material on the seat
  • The bassinet is not rockable and it is harder to steer the pram with it

We have the Valco Snap 4 in the pushchair version. We also bought a cot to it, so now it is a 2 in 1. Since we live in mountainous part of the city, we bought inflatable wheels, which were not part of it a few years ago. I think they are now fitted automatically to some versions.

If you have stairs to your house, the Snap 4 is great. It's really light compared to other strollers, and it won't make you broke. It folds well.

In the classic newborn version, the bassinet is spacious, comfortable. It's a bit harder to handle, because the center of gravity is a bit shifted. In the pushchair version this is no longer a problem. Also, you can not "rock" the baby, the stroller is not cushioned - so you have nothing else to do but to walk around.

Choose inflatable wheels - they are a bit heavier, but it's worth it. Especially in winter you will appreciate it.

In the pushchair version, the slippery material of the seating is still a bit of a problem for me - the child slides. This can be easily solved with the lower part of the footmuff. On the other hand, the stroller is easy to clean.

  • Really light (lighter than classic buggies)
  • Good handling
  • Huge hood to hide from the sun
  • Great folding and unfolding
  • Small size when folded, ideal for the car, on the road
  • Leg positioning
  • Large basket
  • Beautiful material (Tailormade)
  • The wheels wear off quickly
  • Every other mom has one :)
  • It is not suitable for winter, it would blow in behind the head. Use as a buggy - spring, summer, autumn

Lightweight, easy to control stroller for trips to the city. I would not choose it as an only stroller though. For off-road I have the Jane Slalom Pro or the Concord Wanderer. This is the one I have in my short Fabia when we don't go out as a whole family.

The stroller is the perfect replacement for a classic umbrella buggy, definitely more comfortable than a buggy and hopefully more compact as well. We will definitely take it with us on holiday.

Light, nimble, great


Amazing stroller! The only fault is that the canopy gets a bit dirty from the wheels when folded. Otherwise fantastic. Light, nimble, great 😍

The perfect pushchair

  • Compact
  • Roomy
  • Light weight
  • The only thing I can think of is that the handle couldn't be positioned - but I didn't mind

The perfect pushchair. Folds up great, takes up little space in the car. Light, spacious, I do not regret the purchase.

  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight (I can carry it on my shoulder like a handbag)
  • Foldable
  • Super price
  • None

For me absolutely great. 🔝 Can be operated with one hand. I consider the possibility of changing the canopy to be a big plus. You don't have to buy a second pushchair - just replace the hood.

It's seriously awesome

  • Lightweight
  • Lock against unfolding and folding
  • Five-point belt
  • Compact
  • Wide seat
  • Large canopy
  • Easy to change backrest position
  • Ventilation net
  • Handy pocket
  • Everything can be washed
  • Plenty of accessories to buy
  • Small pebbles get into the foam wheels
  • The basket is put under a lot of strian when the stroller is folded
  • Foam on the protective belly arch, you must have a protector sleeve or something
  • The pouch is not zipped

I've only had it for a month so far, but it's the best I've tried. Lightweight, great to handle and fold, big enough basket, comfortable seat... Btw - it's seriously awesome :)

10/10 for me

  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Easily foldable
  • Foam wheels in winter, not the best

I have been using it for almost 2 years for me absolutely great. And very lightweight :) 10/10 for me.

Very happy with the stroller

  • The stroller's canopy can be completely open, and as such it shades super well in the summer
  • Very light
  • Easy to fold and unfold

I am very happy with the stroller 🙂 I definitely recommend it to other mothers 😉

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent handling
  • Easy folding
  • Spacious

The best stroller (for me) after I finished using the 3in1 combination.



An amazing pushchair. Lightweight, compact, plenty of room for the baby... Definitely recommended.

Super light and compact

  • Light
  • Fits in a really small car when folded
  • No handle adjustment

Super light and compact stroller. Quiet, easy to handle, extended hood and adjustable legs. Great satisfaction.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate and fold
  • Leg rest positioning
  • Canopy extension
  • Handle cannot be adjusted in height
  • It took me longer to get used to the cord for positioning the backrest

I bought the stroller because of a vacation and frequent transport in the car. I really got used to it as it is really light and quick to fold and unfold. I bought the inflatable wheels and I am very happy with it.

Perfect even for smaller kids


Perfect even for smaller kids who can't stand being in the bassinet 👍

Easy folding and cleaning

  • Spacious
  • Light
  • Large storage space
  • Good to steer

I've had the stroller for a while and I'm very satisfied. Easy folding and cleaning - I have the Tailormade version. The little one has enough space to sit there. The storage space is also excellent. Easy handling.

Simply amazing

  • Practical
  • Quick folding
  • And light, over everything :-)
  • None

Stroller Valco Snap - Eden, limited edition :-)... Simply amazing. Beautiful, easy and quick to fold.

Light, easy to fold

  • Light
  • Easy to fold
  • Takes up little space in the trunk when folded
  • Sufficiently long hood against the sun
  • It is not as maneuverable as our 3 in 1 combination

All described in the advantages and disadvantages.

Very happy with it

  • Lightweight
  • Super driving characteristics
  • Good storage
  • Large and accessible basket
  • Canopy can be changed for different colours
  • At the beginning the wheels and the construction ''squeaked''
  • Adding a buggyboard for the second child

I am very happy with this stroller.

I was happy with it

  • Light
  • Good folding system
  • Easy to push stroller 👍🏻
  • The recline is not as easy, with the strap

A great pram, I was happy with it.

I even fit two babies in it 🙂

  • Low weight
  • Easy handling
  • Easy folding
  • Takes up little space in the car
  • Comfortable stroller for baby
  • In two years of use I have not noticed any downsides

This stroller is very good. When my first born was 8 months old, and I was expecting another princess, it was quite difficult to walk on public transport with the pushchair versiont of our 3in1 system because it was quite heavy. So I decided to buy a pure pushchair/buggy. I asked in the store for the lightest stroller - and they showed me this one. I don't regret the purchase.

Super lightweight, it's only 7 kg. Very easy to handle. Both the footrest and the headrest (back) can be adjusted in height. The canopy opens beautifully so that the baby is not disturbed when sleeping. Also protects from rain. I recommend it to everyone. I even fit two babies in it 🙂.

  • Can be put into full lie-flat
  • Lightweight and foldable, great for train travel
  • With the heavier weight of the handbag, it tilts backwards
  • Terrain is not its friend
  • The wheels wobble

I spent many days choosing a sports stroller and reading reviews. This stroller had great reviews, so I bought it, but I was not happy with it and would definitely not recommend it.

Our older model had no leg rest adjustment which we missed, and the rear mesh part could better cover the head. Otherwise a perfect pushchair.

Price/quality ratio is good

  • light
  • spacious
  • compact
  • washable
  • foam wheels
  • easy to handle
  • faded sun canopy

The stroller's price/quality ratio is good. It is light and yet spacious for the child to sit. It can handle some terrain and looks nice.

  • Neda sa otacat za jazdy rucka - akoo dvihat sa a prisposobit jej vysku k tomu, co kocikuje

Perfect, extra light, can handle even heavy shopping load. When the baby falls asleep, and you lower the position - it does not feel it and does not wake up.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to steer
  • The pushchair is quite expensive

The stroller is very light and compact. I had it on my son, right from 7 months - and I was very happy with it. I bought another one for my daughter, but eventually went back to the Valco.

  • Low weight
  • Compactness
  • Folds inwards
  • Storage pockets
  • Large sleeping area
  • Leg positioning
  • Zero cushioning
  • Poor handling and ride characteristics
  • Very inconveniently placed center of gravity
  • Difficult to access the basket
  • Price

I was very curious about the stroller because it is very often glorified. But I have to say that I don't understand its popularity. I bought it for the car as a second hand pram for a few Czech crowns. It is very light, it fits nicely into my short Fabia. Compared to our three-wheeler City Elite from Baby Jogger, however, it's a complete rattle, which is difficult to ride with even with our 8,5 kg daughter, let alone with our 17 kg son.

It is difficult to climb into the storage basket at the bottom. I like the relatively large seat surface, the leg positioning, the fairly long sun canopy, the storage pockets. The fabrics, although it looks very cheap (we have the basic version), will hold up and clean well.

Unfortunately, the driving characteristics are not very good. In addition, I am constantly kicking the brake and it has a very poorly positioned center of gravity, for my taste - exactly the same as our old Britax B-Motion 4 Plus. We have a version with foam wheels that rattle when riding. There is absolutely no cushioning. I wouldn't buy it for full price, I'll pass on the few hundred for occasional travel. As a main stroller I would not want it. For its selling price you can get much better strollers - for example Joie Litetrax or Mytrax. The low weight is not really a benefit that would positively affect the riding characteristics.

Perfect for traveling


Compact, light, perfect for traveling. Spacious for the kid.

  • EVA foam wheels, so no risk of a puncture
  • large hood that covers a lot
  • lie-flat seat back
  • easy folding
  • great ventilation for hot days
  • not so accessible storage space
  • unstable, it can happen it falls over
  • no pushbar adjustment

We bought this as a travel and public transport stroller. It is very light, easy to fold, easy to manipulate with in public transport. Impractical for terrain, however.

We used it for two kids already, without problems or damages.

Probably the best I've ever had

  • Folding
  • Low weight
  • Large bottom basket
  • Full recline
  • The pink canopy is faded from the sun
  • Slippery material on the footmuff, especially in winter
  • Foam handle - needs a cover

Probably the best stroller I've ever had. Too bad I didn't know about it before (with my first daughter). I got the foam wheels, but it didn't bother me or the little one. She was happy to be shaken - she fell asleep earlier.

Met my expectations

  • lightweight
  • can be folded and unfolded quickly
  • price was acceptable
  • spacious
  • withstands a variety of terrains
  • they could make a better storage basket (with easier access)

If one has a clear idea and wants something light, smart and not overpriced, this is a great choice. It met my expectations 😉

  • Easy steering
  • Convenience
  • Large hood
  • Spaciousness
  • Quality covers
  • No-maintenance wheels
  • I can imagine a better access to the basket

I am very satisfied with the stroller. After more than a year of daily use it looks like new. I have the Tailormade version - the hood is not at all faded.

  • beautiful
  • practical
  • spacious enough
  • maybe only the stones in the wheel foam

We've used it for two and a half yeat. It works great, and it looks great (marl fabrics) - my DD was super happy in it. The seat was wide enough even when she's in winter clothes (34 cm). The seat could be longer (87 cm) but was actually enough all the way through the toddlerhood.

  • Sturdy
  • Large
  • Light
  • I am still to find some

An excellent pushchair, I would not change it for any other.

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Roomy
  • I've got nothing

It fits in a small car boot and takes up little space. It's sturdy, doesn't squeak and will go over some terrain 😊

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Price
  • Good for larger toddlers
  • Expensive spare parts

I wanted it since my first daughter - it is great that it also accepts a bassinet. We have the Snap 4 and use it with the bassinet still - it is long and spacious enough. And the seat is OK even for the older Y-year-old! 😁

  • Comfortable for the baby
  • Easy one-handed manipulation
  • Maneuvers just as it should
  • Air wheels option
  • Very compact - for the car or travels
  • Nice canopy coverage
  • I only mind the handlebar that can't be adjusted - and it is too short for me. I am tall and my steps are quite long :-)

Super happy with it! Since my child could sit it was using this buggy.


  • low weight
  • easy folding and unfolding
  • compactness
  • dimensions

Awesome stroller. Stackable, lightweight, great storage space, suitable for the plane 👍

A great pushchair

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Roomy for the baby
  • Easy to drive with one hand

A great pushchair. I definitely recommend it, I am very satisfied.

A superb stroller

  • easy to fold one handedly
  • it has none

I definitely recommend it. A superb stroller.

I cannot really criticize anything

  • Extended hood
  • Wide seat
  • Lightweight
  • Non-adjustable handlebar
  • The basket scratches easily and the access there is difficult

We own a Valco Snap from March 2017, and I use it with my son on a daily basis from his 4m to 2.5y - and we were very happy with it. He liked to sit in it, liked to nap in it, no visible marks of aging - the stroller is like new.

I cannot really criticize anything. Now we're having a daughter, and I am planning to use it again.

Great for the city

  • light
  • compact
  • spacious
  • load capacity 20kg
  • large space for baby
  • various accessories of different colours and patterns can be purchased... Every Valco I meet is completely different :-)
  • cannot be put in the opposite parent facing mode
  • no suspension
  • there is a net in the back and only a piece of fabric over it - I think it's stupid, when the baby's asleep... it's like it's in a tunnel

The stroller is great for the city. It is lightweight, compact and spacious for the baby, which are its biggest pros. It's also very popular and sells a lot, so a lot of seamstresses have started a business with it and sew anything on it. Anyone can make a stroller any way they want. You can also buy parts at reasonable prices. But once you decide to go out of town into the woods, or just cracked sidewalks, it's a problem :-)

I would not change it for any other!

  • No squeaking
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Practical
  • Takes up only a little space
  • Can be used for naps even for a 3yo
  • I found no cons

The best pushchair I had! I would not change it for any other!

Even larger baby can sleep in it


An easy to push stroller, fast folding, even larger baby can sleep in it... maximum satisfaction.

Lightweight and compact

  • easy to push
  • lightweight chassis
  • 44lbs/20kg weight capacity
  • easy fold
  • wheels could have some form of suspension, but it doesn't matter that much

A very good stroller. Lightweight and compact.

  • large canopy with a window
  • possible ventilation - there is a net behind the head in the lying position
  • takes up little space in the car
  • is lightweight
  • can be unfolded quickly and easily with one hand
  • None

A good buy. Large canopy with a window, possible ventilation - there is a net behind the head in the lying position; and takes up little space in the car. It's lightweight and can be unfolded quickly and easily with one hand. I can only recommend it - it even handles terrain with stones.

Compact and quite spacious

  • Simple fold
  • Backrest and leg rest adjustment
  • Long hood
  • The hood gets dirty when you fold the stroller - because of the wheels touching it

Compact and quite spacious. A minus is the wheels dirtying up the hood when you fold it.

  • super light and compact
  • large adjustable canopy
  • many adjustable positions from sitting to lying down

😍 Absolute satisfaction and a matter of the heart. Since less than a year it has been an indispensable help during trips, shopping and walks and falling asleep.

Very happy with this pushchair


I am very happy with this pushchair.

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