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daski says:
"It's really light compared to other strollers, and it won't make you broke"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap 4

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  • Light, ideal when you have stairs to the house
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to clean
  • Slippery material on the seat
  • The bassinet is not rockable and it is harder to steer the pram with it

We have the Valco Snap 4 in the pushchair version. We also bought a cot to it, so now it is a 2 in 1. Since we live in mountainous part of the city, we bought inflatable wheels, which were not part of it a few years ago. I think they are now fitted automatically to some versions.

If you have stairs to your house, the Snap 4 is great. It's really light compared to other strollers, and it won't make you broke. It folds well.

In the classic newborn version, the bassinet is spacious, comfortable. It's a bit harder to handle, because the center of gravity is a bit shifted. In the pushchair version this is no longer a problem. Also, you can not "rock" the baby, the stroller is not cushioned - so you have nothing else to do but to walk around.

Choose inflatable wheels - they are a bit heavier, but it's worth it. Especially in winter you will appreciate it.

In the pushchair version, the slippery material of the seating is still a bit of a problem for me - the child slides. This can be easily solved with the lower part of the footmuff. On the other hand, the stroller is easy to clean.

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