... humans behind strollers

We are Eli and Vii - just humans, just parents (just with the years of experience). We stand behind Strollberry's stroller knowledge. And you, human parents, stand behind strollers just as much - when pushing them.

Eli Simon

Hey, I'm Eli, and I'm a stroller geek (well, if just that). For years. Still curious to know all about them, having tried, tested, reviewed many models. I was lucky to create the largest encyclopedia of pushchairs and am very pleased to be able to advise thousands of moms and dads around the world. It makes so much sense to me, giving help I was not so lucky to get in my life.

I'm also a (bad) mom of three (good) sons.

Ask me, I'll answer your stroller related questions.

Viktor Zigo

Hey, hello there. I spent most of my life in the waters of software and product development. I've gone from building server frameworks to creating international sites for mothers. Bespoken, I've got a lot of both worlds: being an engineer and an artist. Honestly, it's not always for my benefit :-)

Oh, I'm a (bad) dad of (now teen) twins.

Reach me out in case of technical, product, business, and collab topics.

Our Story

Choosing the right stroller becomes too often one frustrating ride. Hours - or even days - of your time, and often there's disappointment with the result if finally still picking a wrong one. The market and its offer is so broad it's overwhelming, and the myths, promises, and marketing pressure are pretty dense. We had been there, too, and hadn't had enough information to make the right (informed) decision, just like you might feel you don't at this very moment.

Being so thorough, passionate, and obsessively curious, Eli had tried and learned about strollers broadly enough that other parents started reaching her out for help even if she didn't ask for that. She was lucky to have an opportunity to create the largest stroller encyclopedia in the world and to help more than 3000 parents along the way.

That led to the desire to help more people globally - help anyone in the world who'd need it. Months in, building this place, here we are - welcome to Strollberry. Together, we try to save your time, your money, and sanity, just like we wished someone would do to us when being at the start of it all ^_^

Our Values

1 We're strict in keeping Strollbery FREE from paid/commercial reviews and guides (as opposed to many other sites or online shops).

2 Our goal is NOT to sell anything, just to provide our help and knowledge.

3 All the information is our personal experience or an opinion, written by us, to our best knowledge. Yes, we are opinionated, as anyone is if having enough good AND bad experiences.

Please, if you find some information incorrect or missing, just let us know. We'll look into it and correct it - to err is human, just like Strollberry is ;-)

Our stroller information and guides come hand in hand with YOUR own experiences that you can share with us by writing a short review of your stroller. You'll become little heroes to the other parents who need some help just by taking a minute or two and leaving a review of the stroller you own(ed). Real, true experiences are precious and the most important thing when choosing a stroller - or any other thing, for that matter.

Looking back in our lives, we've found it's in our bones to help others (more than healthy), to create (more than practical), and not to push ourselves forward to the front lines (unfortunate in this material-oriented world). Well, this does not make us business geniuses, but hey, good for you, we are here to help you 🤗

The site may contain few Google ads (which we are not fans of) or affiliate links to stroller comparison services to make little money to keep the servers running. Just fyi, we build this all in our free time, and we don't get paid for any of this, so please be kind to us just like we are going to be to you.

Thank you for being here with us, helping us shed some light on the vast world of strollers.

We are open to cooperation or a little financial support if you like our concept and information helpful.

write us^^

eli & vii

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