July 2024: Strollberry is sunsetting.Here's why July 2024: After 6 years of working on Strollberry in my free time, it just stopped being sustainable. Find out more. eli

... is sunsetting👋

Hey, everyone.

Over the past 6 years, I've answered roughly 10,000 unique questions, authored hundreds of articles (not just those on here), and assisted parents from 260 countries with their stroller-related concerns. I pursued this passion project voluntarily, for free (the limited ad earnings barely covered the server & domain costs), and during my spare time.

Due to many other responsibilities of everyday life, and my increasingly limited time, I realized I could no longer sustain it.

We decided that mental health is more important and ultimately ended up freezing Strollberry in its current state. I am sorry to say I will no longer answer your questions or write new articles and reviews. We, however, want to preserve the existing content for future reference, and left the option to add your own review(s) open – hopefully, Strollberry was, and still will be, of some help to you, fellow parents.

Happy strolling, and the best stroller choices to you all.

eli & vii

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