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Stroller Expert Reviews

We pick a stroller and give it a hard time: real children (who do not want to sit in peace when we want them), riding all sorts of terrains, taking super-long walks, traveling, and heavy-weight shopping. After so many strollers going through our hands, we feel the difference - and share it with you.

All reviews are independent. No review has been paid for, nor are we making you buy it. We only provide an opinion and let you decide based on that.

Believing in good&quality products, we don't review models that we don't like (= crappy). No stroller is perfect in all aspects / not fitting all the needs at once. We understand it, and you should, hopefully soon, as well :)

Our reviews are usually long reads, so you know the stroller as well as if you tried it yourself. Do you own a stroller? Find yours and share your experience with others. You'll help other parents - just as we try to help you.

Is there anything you want to ask, don't hesitate and write Eli.