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Newest 2021 strollers out there

In the first half of 2021, we can see a trend of strollers getting smaller and lighter - across all categories. The Babyzen Yoyo, in the lead of ultra-compacts, is still insanely popular, with the Connect feature now being able to accommodate twins or siblings with a small age gap (similarly, the Phil&Teds Go buggy offers this feature).

More affordable ultracompact buggies are also popular, with the look of them being quite a decisive factor. The price and design are not the only things important for the moms - more and more parents are searching for something with an upright seat (e.g., the Chicco Goody Plus).

The next "big" thing is that even full-size strollers are getting smaller, with the all-terrain Britax Go Big2, along with other "heavy-weights", being discontinued. The trend of the smallest possible fold even with the larger-in-size strollers is prominent.

Budget prams and pushchairs are, as always, still a searched-for commodity - and still "in vogue." I mean, not everyone will go for the luxurious Bugaboo stroller systems or the designer Cybex Priam stroller. The Easywalker brand, along with the almost-traditional Uppababy quality, is getting noticed more and more because of the great performance and a doable price tag.

From the really budget-friendly (aka 'cheap') strollers and stroller systems, the Kinderkraft brand is getting more and more popular because of the clean, modern design with nice, versatile functionality. Multiple Reddot and other awards are also a nice bonus 😉 , along with their super nice price (compared to strollers with similar features).

If considering a very affordable stroller brand/model, do consider the availability of spare parts. We've noticed they are continuously being searched - yet unavailable.

So - which newcomer is your personal favorite? Look below.

We continuously keep a sharp eye on what's new & worth your attention. If you have any questions, we are one click away.

Thule Shine

The Thule Shine is a small, compact, while sturdy reversible urban stroller with a release date of February 2022. It was made with babies and parents in mind and offers full-featured from-birth travel system features while staying lightweight (under 10 kg) and compact. The one-hand push, one-hand fold with the seat attached, and a roomy basket with a 10 kg weight capacity (higher than the stroller weight itself) will make any city mum happy, helping her with chores as well as shopping.

The Shine's full-suspension chassis with unique, reflective rubber wheels is equipped with all-wheel suspension as well as a memory button to remove any click-on part easily. The reversible, lie-flat seat unit could be used even with smaller babies with the optional newborn inlay or the soft newborn nest (footmuff-style). The seat offers nice sun coverage thanks to an extendable canopy (5 colorway options will be available). The same canopy fits the optional newborn semi-rigid bassinet accessory, which is equipped with extra pockets. The carrycot clicks on the stroller frame without any adapters necessary. Car seat adapters for Maxi-Cosi/Cybex (and other car seat brands with the same attachment system), as well as Chicco adapter, are also available to be used right from birth.

Britax Strider M

The Britax Strider M is a re-imagined version of an older Strider Plus model from Britax. The end-of-2021/start-of-2022 release clocking at 10 kg (whole pushchair) is a very lightweight reversible option from birth. Compatible with a (rather basic) padded carrycot, reversible true lie-flat seat unit, and a Britax car seat, the Strider M is similar in functionality to the competing Cybex Balios S while in a design similar to the more all-terrain Britax Smile III.

Apart from the low weight, the greatest advantages of the Strider M include a high, 22kg weight capacity (a 22kg child will, however, not fit in the seat, size-wise); central and front-wheel shock-absorbers; a height-adjustable leatherette pushbar with a dirt protector; and a n easily accessible, roomy storage basket.

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Nuna trvl

The Nuna trvl is a TRAVEL, compact stroller made for parents convenience. You'll find quite a few comfort features on it, such as a very easy, one-hand, semi-automatic fold; a padded seat with extra-easy, slide up & down harness; an easy magnetic buckle; a one-hand operated strap backrest recline mechanism; a one-touch click-on click-off brake activated as well as deactivated by pushing from the top; and a lot of extra ventilation on the top as well as in the rear of the canopy. Also, the trvl buggy also offers adapter-free compatibility with the Nuna Pipa car seats, which you can click right on the bumper bar.

Nuna trvl, still, stays simple, meaning that it doesn't recline fully. The seat is, therefore, not suitable for newborns or babies that didn't sit by themselves yet. To be used for traveling from birth, the only way is to pair it up with one of the Pipa line of lightweight car seats, making the trvl one of the lightest travel systems on the market. Another downside is the slightly larger size that doesn't get accepted by all airlines, so be sure to check before taking it with you as cabin luggage. A practical travel bag is included with the Nuna trvl.

Baby Design Zoy

The Baby Design Zoy is inspiring to be your stylish while affordable everyday pram solution. The spacious basinet, the full-featured reversible, lie-flat seat, and the car seat compatibility (Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seat attachment compatible adapters) make it an attractive from birth solution.

The Zoy features a shaped frame that should appeal to Joolz lovers as well as for those seeking something different. An all-wheel suspension, maintenance-free rubber wheels, and accessible basket should suit any urban mum that occasionally needs to tackle some grass or bumps on the road. The Zoy can be folded with the seat world-facing, but it is, however, not the most compact fold when the seat is on. All the basic accessories are included with the Zoy stroller system, including a padded seat liner.

Baby Design Husky XL

The Baby Design Husky XL is a 2021 update of the original Baby Design Husky. This affordable, robust stroller system ready for cold weather now sports a higher, 22kg weight capacity and a design-updated, roomier carrycot with lower ventilation.

You'll appreciate the large air-filled tires with suspension even on harsh terrain. The carrycot hood with a visor can be extended even more. It also has a pocket for small items. The seat can be reversed and reclined flat, and a seat liner is included. The backrest of the seat is tall enough to be able to handle a toddler as well.

Another advantage of the stroller is the spacious shopping basket with a compartment for the air pump that is included as well. The Husky XL is usually sold as a 2in1 stroller system with an optional car seat. The Husky comes with the Winter Pack - a footmuff, a blanket, a hand muff for the parent, and an insulated bottle cover.

Baby Design Bueno New

The Baby Design Bueno New is an end-of-2021 update of a modern, robust though stylish stroller system. The Bueno New updates are, however, mostly in the looks area, adding new colors ans fabric styles into the mix as well as a new changing bag design.

The Bueno New pram also offers versatile functionality on different terrains thanks to the robust chassis with rubber wheels with suspension, a high - 22kg weight maximum in the seat, a bassinet with an extra-large extendable hood as well as a pocket on the apron, and a reversible, fully reclinable seat unit, also with extra pockets. Apart from that, it is compatible with a car seat to create a travel system (adapters are necessary) and features UV protection built into the fabrics. The Bueno stroller system includes a lot of accessories: rain covers, integrated mosquito nets, leg covers, a changing bag, a cup holder, a reversible seat pad, and even a winter footmuff.

Venicci Tinum 2.0

The Venicci Tinum 2.0 is a full-featured, mid-size, reasonably light&compact stroller system and a 2021 second generation of the original Venicci Tinum. The difference between the Vnicci Tinum and the Tinum 2.0 is, first and foremost, in the updated carrycot. Not only has it an extra ventilation "panorama" window in the lower part, but an added sun visor is also a new feature for 2021. The fabrics were also updated, the patterns made much modern, and the bassinet's mattress is much wider and colored in grey, also with a diamond pattern stitching. A footmuff with a magnetic attachment system is included with the Tinum 2.0 seat that can now hold up to 22 kg, and the seat sports a new style of harness buckle as well. The leg rest also got an enhancement and can now be adjusted not only in height but also in length. The design of the whole system (as well as the renewed, included changing bag) is more streamlined, with a Venicci logo on the handlebar and just the symbol on the central joints and a glossy black plastic finish around the handle. The Tinum 2.0 boasts new colorways (including the premium SE collection) available.

The Tinum 2.0 can normally be bought as a 2in1 or a 3in1 from-birth system. It includes a spacious, foldable, and inclinable bassinet with a ventilation viewing window as well as the "balcony" style window, a reversible, lie-flat seat unit, and the optional car seat with Maxi-Cosi/Cybex style of attachment. A set of accessories (footmuff, rain covers, changing bag, and car seat adapters) is included with the pram set as well.

Venicci Shadow 2.0

The Venicci Shadow 2.0 is a 2021 second generation of the Venicci Shadow, an elegant all-terrain model with leatherette and stitching. This robust, luxuriously-looking pram is best suitable for shorter parents as the parts sit quite low on the frame. The Shadow 2.0 differs from the first-generation Shadow mainly in the wheel area: the new rubber wheels are maintenance-free and feature new, cleaner-looking rims. The whole design of the stroller is a bit cleaner , with only minor detail tweaks and no significant functional changes. A small difference can be found in the folding system, where two pull-up levers on the push bar were changed for two push, more traditional-looking levers instead.

The Shadow 2.0 is normally offered as a 2in1 or a 3in1 from-birth system. It includes a spacious, inclinable bassinet, a reversible lie-flat seat unit, and the optional car seat with Maxi-Cosi/Cybex style of attachment (own brand or better-known car seat brands can be attached). A set of accessories (leg covers, rain covers, mosquito nets, diaper bag, cup holder, car seat adapters, and back wheels covers) is included with the stroller set as well.

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Venicci Pure 2.0

The Venicci Pure 2.0 is a 2021 second generation of the original Venicci Pure. This robust, elegantly styled pram with diamond stitching is best suitable for shorter parents. The Pure 2.0 differs from the first-generation Gusto primarily in the wheel area. The renewed wheels are thinner, maintenance-free, covered with rubber, and have new, cleaner-looking, airier wheel rims. Small detail tweaks were introduced as well - magnetic closures on the apron, a more streamlined look of the seat unit, and a renewed nappy bag design. Another difference can be found in the folding system, where two pull-up levers on the push bar were changed for two push, more traditional-looking levers instead. Fewer rivets were used on the newer Pure 2.0 frame compared to the original one.

The Pure 2.0 can normally be bought as a 2in1 or a 3in1 from-birth system. It includes a roomy, foldable, and inclinable bassinet, a reversible lie-flat seat unit, and the optional car seat with Maxi-Cosi/Cybex style of attachment (a matching Venicci, or a better-known car seat brand models are compatible). A set of accessories (aprons, rain covers, mosquito nets, nappy bag, cup holder, car seat adapters, and back wheels covers) is included with the pram set as well.

The Pure 2.0 is primarily suitable for shorter, undemanding parents that need something simple and substantial for bumpy roads while hoping for an elegant look and a nice price.

Venicci Gusto 2.0

The Venicci Gusto 2.0 is a 2021 second generation of the Venicci Gusto. A robust, elegantly styled pram that is best suitable for shorter parents, the Gusto 2.0 differs from the first-generation Gusto primarily in the wheel area. The renewed wheels are maintenance-free, covered in rubber, and have a new, cleaner-looking rim. The whole design of the stroller is a bit cleaner and rounder, without other significant functional changes. One small difference can be found in the folding system, where two pull-up levers on the push bar were changed for two push, more traditional-looking levers instead.

The Gusto 2.0 can normally be bought as a 2in1 or a 3in1 from-birth system. It includes a spacious, foldable, and inclinable bassinet, a reversible lie-flat seat unit, and the optional car seat with Maxi-Cosi/Cybex style of attachment. A set of accessories (aprons, rain covers, mosquito nets, mappy bag, cup holder, car seat adapters, and back wheels covers) is included with the pram set as well.

The Gusto 2.0 is mostly suitable for not-too-tall, not-too-demanding parents that need something simple while substantial for bumpy roads while hoping for an elegant look.

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Uppababy Ridge

The Uppababy Ridge is an October 2021 release of an all-terrain jogger, enhancing the Uppababy stroller portfolio with a new type and lifestyle stroller. The three-wheeled Ridge is robust and a bit bulky, meaning it will endure even bad terrain ride or jogging. The 12" front swivel wheel will serve you while turning but offers an easy locking system for sports/running with your pushchair. An advantage is also the double built-in suspension system that will absorb shock, mainly on the rear part of the frame. All wheels are maintenance-free, forever-inflated rubber tires with deep tread. There's a set of two brakes, the central push-push style brake activated with a red pedal on one side and deactivated with a green pedal on the other, and a deceleration disk hand brake.

The world-facing-only seat boasts a nice and high seat back and enough space even for larger toddlers. The fully reclinable seat itself is usable from 3 months up for jogging from 8 months and up. To use the Ridge from birth, car seat adapters (usable also for the Uppababy bassinet) are available to pair the pushchair up with Uppababy or other know brands, creating a travel system. Fashion-conscious moms will appreciate other canopy colors ("Swatches") that can be bought extra (and you can get up to 4 colors from Uppababy for free if you're indecisive). An optional PiggyBack sibling board accessory is also available to accommodate a smaller baby and a larger child on the same stroller frame.

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Moon Rocca

The Moon Rocca is a luxuriously looking stroller system with a doubled rear bar and quite a few fashionable fabric colorways available. Apart from the BASIC versions, it is also offered in a premium EDITION variation - a bit more expensive editions that boast not only quilted, premium-looking leatherette details but also more all-terrain wheels with air-filled tires as well as a Premium Träumeland mattress with CIRC AIR®-System - it is, however, about 0.2 kg heavier than the BASIC model.

The Rocca stroller system boasts a one-handed folding system and the possibility to be folded with the lie-flat, reversible seat unit attached. The reasonably compact folded size of the rather robust mid-size pram will make you happy - especially if you need an all-road stroller that can, at the same time, be folded into an average-size car boot. Apart from the seat that can accommodate a child from baby to toddler (weight limit is 22 kg, even if the space might be slightly smaller than that for a 22kg kid), there's the from-birth possibility of the ventilated carrycot with a panorama ventilation window as well as the travel system with a car seat. The optional adapters fit Maxi-Cosi/Cybex style car seats.

Moon Relaxx

The Moon Relaxx is an autumn 2021 release. It is a versatile do-it-all stroller system that boasts premium fabrics and colorways (including the special Ice Flower patterned edition a well as MUD RF special edition in beige, made out of 66 % recycled plastic bottles) and the option to choose either solid rubber tires or the more all-terrain inflatable (air feel) tires. All wheels boast a shock-absorbing suspension system to make your ride more comfortable.

The Relaxx system is ready to be used from birth thanks to a spacious, well-ventilated carrycot with an extra panorama mesh window. With a set of adapters (Maxi-Cosi style attachment system), you can also create a travel system out of the Moon Relaxx, clicking on a car seat. Weighing under 12 kg, the Relaxx can accommodate a larger toddler of up to 22 kg, thanks to a seat with a seatback length of 50 cm. The reversible seat unit can lie flat in both directions, so it's suitable for babies that don't sit independently yet as well. The stroller frame folds with two hands but can be folded with the seat attached as well.

Espiro Next Up

The Espiro Next Up, also called Next Up Chrome, is a 2021 update of the Espiro Next line. The update includes a new rear and side ventilation window on the bassinet as well as a redesigned leg rest on the seat unit. New colors to choose from and the frame in the 'Chrome' metallic look are also new appealing features of the new generation.

The Next Up, just like the previous versions, is a robust, sturdy stroller with versatile, all-terrain use. Thanks to the large wheels with shock absorbers, even bumpy terrain should be doable. The roomy bassinet can be inclined in case of reflux, and the reversible seat unit can be reclined to a lie-flat position. A car seat can be fitted on the chassis with adapters (Maxi-Cosi/Cybex attachment system available). A whole set of basic accessories is included with the pram, ranging from a convertible footmuff to a cup holder.

Bugaboo Fox 3

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is a September/October 2021 iteration of the original Bugaboo Fox and an updated third generation of the Bugaboo Fox. This versatile and extremely popular flagship Bugaboo model, the Bugaboo Fox3, differs from the Fox2 in new, improved, more padded fabrics and, of course, new colorways for EVERY part of the stroller (including a new, graphite aerospace aluminum frame), and added ventilation panoramic bassinet window.

The fabrics are interchangeable between the Fox 2 and Fox 3 models.

All the advantages of the Bugaboo strollers are concentrated in the Fox, and the third gen is no different. The Fox 3 is lightweight like the Cameleon 3 - only 9.9 kg in the light configuration while starting at 12.2 kg in the sturdy mode. Like the old Buffalo, its successor - the Fox 3 - can handle all-terrain conditions and is easily maneuverable everywhere, even on sand or snow thanks to the two-wheel mode. The suspension located in the central joint is inspired by the Bugaboo Runner, and it absorbs shcoks well for such a lightweight pram. Moreover, the Fox 3 offers a two-piece as well as a one-piece fold fold too. Like the Donkey, the stroller comes with a height weight capacity of the seat unit (22 kg) as well as of the shopping basket (10 kg).

The bucket-type seat unit is set at a height of 59 cm on the frame. It is parent-facing as well as world-facing and reclinable in three positions. The seat is best to use for six months of age upwards; you can, however,o use the Fox 3 from birth, with the spacious carrycot available separately or as a part of the set. The seat is self-standing and can be used as a seat on the floor or with a Bugaboo stand accessory. The straps of the five-point harness are stay-open style, which makes putting the child into the seat more manageable. The height of the belts can be easily adjusted by sliding, so there is no need to pull them out.

The environment-friendly fabrics of the carrycot and seat unit are made out of recycled PET bottles. The textiles of the seat, as well as the carrycot, are added to the same frame, which can be easily clicked on and off the chassis thanks to the side memory buttons. The carrycot, in combination with the optional stand, can also be used as a cot thanks to its suitability for overnight sleeping.

Using adapters, you can also attach an optional car seat to the stroller to create a newborn-friendly travel system. The new Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna can be added to the Fox 3 (and older generations) without any need for adapters. The Fox 3 also features integrated attachment points so you can directly attach various available accessories such as the adapter for Bugaboo wheeled board with a sibling seat or the Bugaboo Mammoth Bag, which holds up to 12 kg.

The stroller is usually offered as a complete stroller system set (with carrycot). Alternatively, you can fully customize your Fox 3 by choosing the color of the chassis, fabrics, and hood from various editions. All of the parts are also available separately, giving you a chance to alternate the look of your stroller as you wish.

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Be cool Trolley

The Be cool Trolley is a lightweight, compact travel stroller good mainly for occasional use and regular folding. For that, it is equipped with a semi-automatic folding system that is doable even with one hand. To help you during travels, a transport bag is included to protect your stroller, and there's even a telescoping pull-behind handle by which you can pull your Trolley behind like a... trolley. 😉

The Trolley aspires to be an ultra-compact folding stroller that fits the overhead compartment when on board a plane, but its folded dimensions will only fit some airlines. The Trolley's seat reclines fully, and you can even telescope out the leg rest for a more comfortable nap position. The extendable sun hood with a mesh peek-a-boo window is also a plus.

Silver Cross Comet

Similar in functions to popular Uppababy Cruz or Nuna Mixx Next, the 2021 release for the US, the Silver Cross Comet, is an all-purpose mid-size stroller usable from birth. Design-ise typical for Silver Cross's models (like the Silver Cross Wave or the Silver Cross Coast), the Comet is a single stroller with a pushchair-only or a travel system (with a car seat) configurations available.

For your newborn, the SC Comet (Elipse in its special edition) offers a full lie-flat as well as an included baby nest, so in the parent-facing position, the baby will be comfortable almost as much as in a full-size carrycot. The Comet, however, does not offer a bassinet option. The seat parent faces as wall as world-faces as its reversible and is equipped with actually two (!) aprons. One leg cover is integrated into the leg rest and is breathable to be used in the warmer months; the second included leg cover is warmer to be used in autumn and winter. The seat unit also boasts a magnetic harness buckle and a sun canopy with a double sun visor. It can be folded with the stroller chassis - the folded package will, however, be quite bulky.

Another from-birth possibility is the combination of the frame with a Maxi-Cosi/Cybex/Nuna/Clek Liing kinds of car seats as car seat adapters with a Maxi-Cosi-style attachment system are also available. More optional features of the Silver Cross Comet pram include height adapters to have your baby even closer to you, a soft seat liner, a matching diaper bag, a dedicated cup holder or footmuff... and more.

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Baby Jogger City Select 2

The Baby Jogger City Select 2 is the next generation of the iconic, convertible single-to-double tandems, the Baby Jogger City Select and its continuation with even more features, the Baby Jogger City Select Lux. The differences between the City Select 2 and its predecessors lies in an even lower weight (the weight of less than 12.2 kg / 27 lbs is actually lower than the original City Select); a new foot brake (no handbrake on the Select 2 anymore); an updated, sleeker look; an enhanced stroller frame that is ready to support 20.4 kg / 45 lbs in each seat as well as an added Baby Jogger Glider Board for a third child in the back; an added seat-back pocket, and a height-adjustable sun canopy. Overall, the Baby Jogger City Select2 folds to be 20% smaller and lighter than its leading single-to-double stroller competitors. That is 'paid' by the Select 2 having only front suspension (as opposed to the all-wheel suspension of the Select Lux), as well as an impossibility to fold the seats in half or to add two carrycots at the same time.

The second seat adapters of the BJ City Select Lux and the BJ City Select2 are different - they are not interchangeable, nor are the second seats. The City Lux's bench seat is also incompatible with the City Select 2.

The new textile colorways and fashions for the Baby Jogger City Select 2 also boast the option of the Eco Collections: four colors made from an environmentally friendly Tencel fabric that is soft, anti-bacterial, and more breathable than the normal polyester/nylon fabrics of the non-Eco Collection. The Eco Collection features an eco-leather handlebar and an included belly bar with a matching PU leather fabric.

The Baby Jogger City Select 2 offers 24 seating configurations and can be used with one child from birth (a carrycot and a reversible seat, as well as a travel system options, are available for a 3in1 solution) as well as two siblings (two car seats, two seats with inserts, or a seat and a carrycot are combinable). The additional, optional Baby Jogger City Select 2 second can also parent- or world-face so the siblings can face both forward, backward, back to back, or each other. The stadium-style seating offers a good view for both kids and ensures a better fit on the stroller frame. For an older child, the Baby Jogger Glider Board clicks onto the stroller's frame for a standing kiddy ride option in the rear.

The Baby Jogger City Select 2 is compatible with Baby Jogger, Britax, Chicco, Cybex, Graco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Peg Perego, or UPPAbaby infant car seats (needing dedicated adapters) a travel system.

Inglesina Electa

The Inglesina Electa is a lightweight urban pram and pushchair designed for compactness and baby's comfort right from birth. Released in 2021, the Electa fills the gap for small, lightweight, full-featured strollers with a spacious carrycot. The frame with smaller wheels is nimble around the city as well as shops and folds pretty much one-handedly, even with the seat attached (world-facing). The whole pushchair mode clocks in only 8.7 kg! With the MAXI carrycot of 79 x 37 cm and a polypropylene shell, you will not only last longer than the usual 4 to 6 months but can use the carrycot in the car with the optional auto-kit. The patented Welcome Pad in the carrycot will care about your child's comfort and ergonomic position right from birth. The pram with the bassinet weighs more, however - 11,1 kg.

The reversible seat unit is well-padded and lies practically flat (170-degree recline). It also features an extendable hood. An optional Inglesina Darwin i-size car seat can be bought in the trio set as well. Along with the Stand Up stand for the carrycot, seat, or car seat, a seat apron, and a cup holder are included. More accessories, ranging from a rain cover through a nappy bag to a carry bag, are available to purchase separately.

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Venicci Turisso

The Venicci Turisso is a stroller system similar to the Polish Muuvo Quick. For a full-featured, reversible model, it is lightweight and compact for urban parents while having sturdy enough rubber wheels of a size alright even on bumpy pavements.

The Turisso boasts a high-positioned, foldable carrycot (thanks to the included adapters) so that a new mom doesn't need to bend too much to the baby. The parent- and world-facing lie-flat seat unit is positioned lower so that the child can get in by itself as well. With adapters, car seats with Maxi-Cosi/Cybex attachment style can be clicked on the chassis to create a travel system. A universal rain cover and a changing bag are included with the 2in1 or the 3in1 set.

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Joie Litetrax 4 DLX

The Joie Litetrax 4 DLX is a June 2021 upgrade of the original Joie Litetrax 4. What is new? The difference between the Joie Litetrax 4 and the Joie Litetrax 4 DLX is, first and foremost, in the added handlebar adjustment. The Litetrax 4 DLX allows you to adjust the handle height depending on your needs telescopically. To add to that, the DLX's handle is covered with a more stylish leatherette (as opposed to the foam on theLitetrax 3 and Litetrax 4). Lastly, the Litetrax 4 DLX brings new fashionable colorways as well as no-adapters-needed compatibility with a Joie car seat.

Still a lightweight four-wheeler, the Joie Litetrax 4 DLX boasts a quick, compact, one-handed fold. Meant for urban use, it tries to make the push more comfortable thanks to all-wheel suspension. Thanks to the full recline of the seat, it is suitable from birth. For your newborn, a Joie Ramble carrycot or a car seat are available separately (the 'Maxi-Cosi-style car seats will fit on the bassinet adapters).

Car seats available with the car seat/carrycot adapters:
Cybex Aton 5, Cybex Aton M, Cybex Aton Q, gb Artio Gold, gb Idan Platinum, Joie Gemm, Joie i-Gemm 2, Joie i-Level, Joie i-Snug, Maxi Cosi Rock, Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix, Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus.

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Joie Aeria

The Joie Aeria is a summer 2021 release and the first Joie stroller with a height-adjustable seat unit. Like its predecessors, the Versatrax/Finiti, it's a predominantly urban, full-featured stroller that is also available or optionally complemented to be a modular stroller system suitable from birth until the child weighs 22 kg. Of course, as a reversible model, it is highly unlikely it will last until such size - space-wise, you won't fit a 4 to 5-year-old in the Aeria seat.

The unique feature of the Aeria by Joie is the frame with an attachment system that can adjust in height, thus moving the reversible, well-padded, fully reclinable lie-flat seat unit (or any other part, like the bassinet or the car seat) up or down to enhance bonding as well as the child's view. There are four height settings available. The frame is rather wide, but apart from the larger wheels with all-wheel suspension, it also features an added seat suspension as all luxury strollers from Joie's Signature collection do.

The seat also boasts a magnetic buckle and a very large, waterproof, UV protective canopy with ventilation panels as well as a sun visor. You'll also appreciate a telescopic handlebar, leatherette details, and an accessible storage basket with a divider and an extra closable pocket in the lower part of the chassis.

For your newborn, not only the optional, spacious, while rather simple Ramble XL carrycot is available. With adapters, you can attach a GEMMA, i-GEMMA, i-Level, or i-Snug car seat (or any Maxi-Cosi/Cybex attachment-style car seat).

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Babyzen Yoyo Connect

The Babyzen Yoyo Connect is an accessory to the Babyzen Yoyo2 and a variation that allows you to connect two Yoyo 2s to a single tandem stroller model. The minimalist, durable buggy can be used for an older child with its forward-facing seat (not offering a full recline), but also for a newborn with the 0+ bassinet kind of set - and with an attached car seat creating a from-birth travel system. With the Connect sold-separately accessory, almost all of it is now applicable to double tandem settings with 5 setups for siblings or twins from birth. Two seats, two 0+ sets/carrycot modes, one seat and one bassinet (front or back), and one seat and one car seat (in the front) configurations are available. When on a walk with both children but in the meantime switching back to a single-mode pushchair, you can always fold the rear Connect Yoyo 2 and hang it on the handlebar, providing you an easy way of storing the unnecessary part, along with great versatility.

Thanks to the chassis made out of aluminum and steel alloy and plastics reinforced with fiberglass, the Yoyo 2 and the Yoyo Connect are durable and easy to repair even after years of use thanks to the availability of spare parts while being eco-friendly since a used Yoyo can be recycled... Besides, the Yoyo 2 and the Yoyo Connect pushchairs feature the new Hytrel® system with elastomer suspension in the front - a unique technology using rubber to absorb the shocks. There are many optional accessories available separately: from a leg rest, a 6+ Color Pack (set of upholstery and hood fabrics to change the look of your pram) to the renewed bassinet 0+ set. The Babyzen Yoyo is versatile for you to use in different stages of your and the child's/children's life.

Twistshake Twin Tour

The Twistshake Twin Tour is a side-by-side double brother of the Twistshake Tour, a pushchair-only model meant for twins or siblings with an age gap in the Twin Tour version. Launched June 30, 2021, the Twin Tour features agile urban maneuverability complemented by a one-hand foldable chassis as well as compatibility with a dedicated Twistshake cup/bottle holder or a phone holder to place on the handlebar. Two individual seats with canopies and bumper bars are fully reclinable, suitable even for one or both children that don't sit by themselves just yet. An advantage for a city mum with two kids would also be the doubled, accessible storage basket in the bottom part of the frame.

Phil&Teds Go Double

The Phil&Teds Go Inline Double is a double - tandem variation of the Phil&Teds Go buggy that can be converted to a double one-behind-the-other sibling or twin pram. Similar to the Babyzen Yoyo Connect , the Go Double is an accessory-based system that can connect one Go behind the other, allowing for a from-birth use for both children.

Apart from two world-facing, fully-reclinable seats, one or two cocoon bassinet accessories and/or one or two car seats with Maxi-Cosi style of adapters can be used for babies from birth. A mix and match, colorful seat liner is included with the stroller but can be bought separately to change the look from time to time as well.

Petite&Mars Royal 2021

The Petite&Mars Royal 2021 is an update of the original Petite&Mars Royal. This pushchair-only type of stroller features a roomy, lie-flat, world-facing-only seat that is, because of its spaciousness and high weight capacity (22 kg + 3 kg in the basket), best used for older toddlers. The Royal 2021 stroller boasts not only a spacious seat unit, but also a huge canopy with a sun visor and matching accessories - an apron, a seat liner, and a changing bag - included. It can be folded with one hand, and the fold is with the seat inwards, similarly to Valco Baby's Snap line.

The differences between the Royal and the new 2021 updated Royal include new rubber wheels with tread; an updated canopy with an added mesh peek-a-boo window closable with a silent magnetic closure; handle and bumper bar covered with new-style eco-leather, and sleeker, longer harness straps that now fit an even larger child. Another added extra of the New Royal is the limited Heritage Water edition that features an inside canopy pattern and is supplied with a matching, reusable water bottle.

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Britax Gravity II

The Britax Gravity II is a luxurious-looking travel stroller that auto-folds in the dimensions that fit the overhead compartment on a plane (always check the dimensions with your airline!). It also offers a 36 cm wide world-facing seat as well as a lie-flat seatback reclined with a lever, and individually, one-handedly inclinable leg rest.

The extendable canopy boasts a ventilation mesh zip-off part, a sun visor, and UPF protection. You'll also like the eco-leather elements on the handle as well as a bumper bar. The Gravity II buggy is compatible with the Britax B-Safe 35 Infant car seat carrier to create a from-birth travel system (needing adapters).

The Britax Gravity II is mainly made and sold on Asian markets (Singapore, Malaysia, etc.).

Silver Cross Clic

The Silver Cross Clic is an April 2021 release ultra-compact stroller with an elegant, stylish edge. It makes your life easier with a full lie-flat strap recline of the non-reversible seat, the hood extended by a large sun visor, and the one-hand fold with an integrated carry strap under the seat. All that while looking sleek and stunning thanks to the patterned canopy and the matching quilted upholstery.

Even if presented as an everyday pushchair, the small wheels with not much suspension and the compact size of the folded as well as unfolded frame make the Clic best for traveling and occasional purposes.

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Bizzi Growin Buggilite Stroller

The Bizzi Growin Buggilite (you can also find it as Buggy Lite, Buggylite, or Buggi Lite 🤨) is an April 2021-released ultra-compact stroller with a simple, world-facing seat unit and a fun T-shaped bumper bar. This buggy is so Lite (lightweight 😊 , about 6 kg) and compact you can easily put it in the overhead compartment on a plane with room to spare. The price for that is very small wheels with no suspension - so for smooth surfaces only, if you want your pus to be comfortable, as well as a simple seat with only a partial, zipper-operated recline and no leg rest. The affordable Buggi Lite buggy is, therefore, only suitable for occasional/travel use or short errands (like going shopping), and for older toddlers that already sit by themselves. A rain cover and a travel bag are included with the Buggylite pushchair.

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