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New in 2023/2024

Newest 2023/2024 strollers out there

In 2022, the trend of strollers getting smaller and lighter (across all categories), is still present. Inspired by the first-ever Babyzen Yoyo (which now offers even a tandem Yoyo Connect setup, and the popularity of quality, taller backrest strollers, Bugaboo came to pitch in with their own take on an ultra-compact buggy with a whopping 56cm backrest, and Recaro with their Recaro Lexa. (For more cool ultracompact buggies, be sure to read out top 10 of 2023 here)

Even in the world of full-sized models, the trend of strollers trying to get lighter and more compact is more and more on-trend, while people needing something truly sturdy and durable even on harsher terrain have less and less choice, to be honest - your best bet in such a case are nowadays three-wheelers.

Budget prams and pushchairs are a very much appreciated category, but with the options getting wider and wider, one can only struggle to weigh all the options in a world where there are no reviews or paid ones (thank God there's still Strollberry 😉). Be sure to check multiple sources though, and if possible, try the stroller out to see the materials used and the sturdiness "right out of the box", as many affordable models have a very loose frame right from the beginning (which is never good).

Stylish is the word of this year, however, as prams, pushchairs, and buggies get more and more modern and interesting - if not in terms of design, then in terms of colors, patterns, accessories or limited collections. When going out and about, moms and sellers focus on being noticed for a pretty accessory, which a stroller most certainly is. From pastels to bold metallic frames to perforation or cute patterns, if choosing a stroller this year, be sure to go for something eye-catching yet timeless enough. From Red Dot Design Award-ed Kinderkraft strollers through the timeless neutrals of the new ABC Designs to a Signature Joie line, there's plenty to choose from. Just a suggestion ;-)

To end this little editorial, I'd add one of my personal observations and a piece of advice in terms of accessorizing - mix and match. Try something new, if it is a backpack changing bag that looks like a real, cool bag you'd wear even without a stroller; a patterned Lodger footmuff or a cute Elodie seat liner, a colorful pouch or divider in your basket space... find a cool piece and use it to make the stroller yours. Even if you'd have a tailor make it for you. 🤩 You'll shine even on a street full of the same stroller brand.

P.S. If considering a very affordable stroller brand/model, do consider the availability of spare parts. We've noticed they are continuously being searched - yet unavailable. Read more about how to (try to) get spare/replacement parts for strollers here.

So - which new release is your personal favorite? Check them out below.

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