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Quinny Hubb in-depth stroller review: a workhorse stroller for 1, 2 (and 3!) children that makes you stand out from the crowd

Sep 2021 | Eli writes & you read in 16 min
A minimalistic but sophisticated, functional - and well-made - tandem stroller in cheerful, 'mouth-watering' pastel colors. People passing by could not believe what they saw - a mom pushing a stroller packed with three children. I cannot be too sure what they thought, but they were smiling ;-).

Quinny Hubb in short:

+ sturdy, durable
+ uniquely designed - I never saw anything like this one before
+ enough space to accommodate up to two (three) children + an additional load of shopping
+ colors, materials, and easy maintenance
+ configurability and stability in all the configuration
+ shopping basket and additional storage options
+ large, extendable hood with ventilation - can be personalized with other colors
+ adjustable handlebar with the option to be pushed in completely (you can fit the stroller in a smaller-sized elevator)
+ all-terrain wheels made out of hard rubber, no worries about a puncture
rear suspension
+ wide range of practical, well thought out accessories
+ additional hop-on board to be put in instead of the seat

– higher weight
– higher price
– taking up a lot of space when folded - especially if you are using two seat units (not suitable for a family with a small car)
– the more children or additional load you put in, the more difficult the overall manipulation
– handlebar could have had one or two higher positions for taller parents
– no hand (deceleration) brake (would be useful with a fully loaded stroller when going downhill)
– front wheels are stiffer - you can hear them while going over uneven terrain
– not possible to fully recline both seats when in duo mode

And, here you go, the Quinny Hubb pram&pushchair in long 😉:

The Quinny Hubb is a stroller model that is not so well known - probably because most of the parents are not as knowledgeable in the Quinny brand or single-to-double strollers in general (convertible from single to double, two-children mode). Also, not everyone, unlike me, gets excited over unique and unexpected designs - many prefer traditional or popular prams over those standing out of the crowd. It seems like we are mostly choosing the proven and popular options with small modifications. It is something I understand, but the outstanding - which is what the Hubb is - still fascinates me. Its unforgettable design was on my mind until the moment I could try it for myself. Even after the extensive testing, I still like how it looks A LOT! 😊

There was a moment when even the kids' father admitted that this is the best tandem stroller he has ever seen. The design, sturdiness, durability, and the possibility to put the children into a stroller in various configurations - even using the hop-on board - work a treat, so we can easily forgive some of the Hubb's disadvantages caused by the specific functionality.

Quinny Hubb configurability

The Quinny Hubb offers many options. You can buy it as a single stroller or as a double stroller Quinny Hubb Duo with two seats. The basic bundle includes a rain cover and Maxi-Cosi adapters. You can also choose the variation with a silver (light) or dark grey chassis and matching fabrics of the seat. There is also an option to pick the color of the hood(s).

Another possibility for personalization is to purchase optional accessories. For your newborn, you can choose the conventional carrycot (the hood is shared with the seat). Alternatively, the soft Cocoon for the seat unit can be used. If you want a second seat unit later, it is also available individually - the hood, in this case, has to be purchased separately. Be careful - some colors of the hoods don't have the individual, ventilated peek-a-boo window. The second seat is not supplied with a bumper bar either. A separately available bumper bar is another additional expense, though it comes in handy to have the option for when you damage or lose the original one, which, as we all know, happens sometimes.

From all the extras, we had the cup holder to test - a practical accessory that can also be attached inward the chassis, so it is not in your way when, e.g., one enters a door. Later on, we also tried the wooden hop-on board/bench seat, suitable for an older sibling. This is something I would definitely recommend for a child older than two years. It is not only fun but also reduces the storage in the car boot and allows the parent more freedom for feet when pushing the stroller.

Another batch of optional accessories includes a luxuriously padded, shaped seat insert (there should be a summer version available in some markets), a multi-layered footmuff, a blanket, a parasol, or the conventional, high-quality changing bag. I also have to mention the additional bag-style XXL Shopping Basket. The large shopping bag with a weight capacity of up to 10 kg can be added to the rear part of the stroller instead of the seat unit. It was also not available everywhere - you will need to check with your supplier.

And that's not all! You can even attach another Xtra Shopping Bag to the side of the stroller. Therefore, if the massive shopping basket is not enough, you can carry the complete monthly shopping using the optional, additional storage space.

The carrycot

The Quinny Hubb's Hux carrycot is available to use with the Hubb frame from birth. The Hux comes with special adapters that allow you to elevate its position on the chassis. It is spacious (internal measurements 76 x 33.5 cm) and well made, as far as I can tell. The extendable hood has to be swapped on the carrycot from the seat unit. In the sibling configuration, the Hubb will allow you to add only one carrycot for the younger sibling - it will go in the lower position.

If you don't have enough storage space for the conventional, full-sized carrycot, you can purchase the Cocoon instead and use it with the seat unit. It will save you some money, and it is worth considering, especially for a child born in spring or summer.

The car seat

Using (included) adapters, a car seat can be added to the chassis, transforming the Hubb into a travel system. Like the bassinet, it is possible to attach the 0+ capsule in the rear position so that the child is closer to you. You may use Maxi-Cosi car seats as well as another brand with the same attachment system (Cybex, Kiddy, Recaro, Nuna, Clek Liing & others).

The pushchair

To start with, I have to say the Hubb is neither a small nor a lightweight stroller. The basic, single-mode configuration weights 13.5 kg, while the duo mode is over 16 kg. Taking into account its weight capacity, performance, and properties, this is an adequate weight, similar (if not lower) to other strollers in the same category. Getting the stroller into the boot of the car is probably better to leave for the dad, though (if possible).

Especially when fully loaded, you will feel the weight of the Hubb. It is a bulky stroller with a large base and a low center of gravity - not necessarily destined for one-handed maneuvering. Thanks to the large wheels, suspension system, overall sturdiness, and a bit of manpower, the stroller is capable of handling uneven terrain. After a bit of practice, you will pop the Hubb satisfactorily over curbs as well. Sometimes, when fully loaded, a little foot-push was needed, but the stroller has surprised me very positively in this area.

What is more, the Hubb pram looks very stylish in any configuration. In single mode, with the seat unit attached to the center or to the front of the stroller with a load of shopping in the back; in duo mode with the two-seat units positioned in the form of "stadium/podium seating" (the rear seat higher), parent- or forward-facing - the appearance of the stroller is always effortless, natural, while the stroller stays rooted to the ground. The Hubb offers the possibility of combining colors of the upholstery and the hood, creating a bright, eye-catching look. You'll also be original - over the whole time of testing, we didn't meet any other Hubb. Setting up different configurations of the seats is easy as well; you can choose from a wide range of setups and swap them according to your mood and needs.

The handlebar

The handlebar is covered in the same perforated leatherette as the bumper bar. The silver chassis version we have tested had a black handlebar cover; the darker variation of the chassis combined with lighter seat units had a uniquely beautiful, grey-blue color of the leatherette. It is possible to adjust the handlebar into two positions ranging from approx. 101 - 104 cm. As I am 176 cm tall, I have used the higher position. In the duo mode, I would appreciate the handlebar being even higher - especially tall dads could mind it. If one or both of you are tall, I would recommend you to try the Hubb before purchase.

The handlebar is slightly loose - but that's nothing serious (it results from functionality and folding process). There is a folding button for a possible one-hand fold (one-handed only once the seat is taken off the chassis). However, you need to use both hands to remove the seat unit.

I would appreciate a decelerating hand brake present on the handlebar, but unfortunately, there is none. Taking into account the weight capacity of the stroller, handling a steep descent without the handbrake can be a challenge.

The hood

There is a wide range of canopy colors to choose from. The sun canopy is easy to swap for another - all you need to do is a quick click-off and click-on, and the stroller looks like new. The hood comes with UV protection and is extendable - the extra panel is almost as long as the main two. When fully extended, the hood will cover practically the whole of your sitting child. Even when the child is lying down, the coverage is absolutely sufficient.

Another excellent detail of the hood that we have used extensively is the peek-a-boo viewing/ventilation window. This window is a mesh panel through the entire width of the hood, which is great for ventilation and even offers a view for your child when the hood covers him/her. The optional green hood didn't have a peek-a-boo window, so it is quite possible that this feature is missing in certain color options. You are probably better to check beforehand if the hood of your chosen color comes with the window.

Overall, I have no reservations about the hood. I love those pretty, vivid pastel colors, beautiful color combinations with the grey chassis, as well as all the details. I could also tell that my children enjoyed the colors too. The easy swap, the solid attachment to the seat unit/carrycot, and the fact that such a big hood is shared between the seat and the carrycot… That's just awesome.

The seat unit

My worries about reversible seat units of the Quinny Hubb Duo being smaller did not materialize. With a length of their backrest of 52 cm, a width of 34 cm, and a depth of 24 cm, both seats can be actually considered very wide and spacious. Thanks to their ergonomic shape and the total length of 93 cm, my youngest two-year-old as well as his older four-year-old brother were able to sit comfortably, although the headspace was, of course, slightly tighter for the four-year-old. My oldest child (five and a half-year-old) was also able to enjoy the ride, but his head was already above the seat. The additional hop-on board will solve this issue for an older child of any height, I dare say.

The bucket-style seat was not a problem - the smallest one enjoyed the comfortable ride as well as napping in it. Using just one hand, you can tilt the seats with a lever at the back to four positions, including an almost flat - while the child's legs rest bent into an ergonomic L-shape. In duo mode, it is possible to fully tilt only the rear seat unit; the front seat unit can be tilted only partially. Ideally, you will to try several configurations to explore the options and find those most suitable for your children.

The leg rests can be adjusted individually. We gave it a go mostly with the youngest - he looked comfortable sitting with his legs elevated. The base of the leg rest features non-skid rubber studs. Although the surfaces are easy to clean, I would appreciate a solid rubber layer as the dirt goes in between the rubber studs at times.

I have found the harness safety belts practical. Their length can be adjusted from short to very long, and the manipulation is easy. The safety belts are padded with an anti-skid rubber layer. I don't have any reservations - maybe apart from the popular puzzle system. It means that one part of the buckle has to be inserted into the other and then clicked in, which may prove difficult (or almost impossible) with a child having a paddy at the same time.

I have to mention that my middle child Felix found it fascinating to open and close the safety belts, and soon he was able to do it by himself.

The main seat comes with a bumper bar automatically. If you are adding a second seat later, you will need to purchase the bumper bar separately. The duo bundle offers each seat unit with a bumper bar already included. The bumper bar is positioned well, and my child used to hold onto it a lot.

Thanks to the perforated leatherette, the bumper bar looks stylish and comfortable while being easy to wipe clean. You can open it from the side or remove it altogether. The plastic inserts are wider and the buttons large enough so that the manipulation is effortless and intuitive (the two older boys managed to do it by themselves without any help).

In the beginning, I was worried about the light color of the fabric. Of course, accidents happen, and we have managed to make them dirty during testing. The good news is that they are removable and washable - I have appreciated how low maintenance they are.

The smudge from blueberry and chocolate ice cream only needed a bit of scrubbing and stain removal for upholstery, and it was gone. Still, I would personally choose the seat unit in a darker color, but that's my subjective preference.

The additional, hop-on bench - Toddler Board

Instead of the second seat, you have an option to purchase the hop-on-board. As the name suggests, the child can hop on or hop off and continue walking. Compared to the full-size seat unit, the board does not restrict access to the shopping basket or your movement as much, and it does not even contribute to the weight of the stroller while saving some space in the boot of your car.

The hop-on board is an excellent companion for a child from approx. 2 years of age. I would not recommend it for a younger child, for example, a one-year-old - the little one has to be able to hold on and be wise enough not to let go. If your older child (even for ex. five years old) does not require naps in the stroller anymore and is often tired on a longer walk, the hop-on board is a great solution. When not in use, you can simply put it in the shopping basket.

The chassis

As I have already suggested, the Hubb is quite robust. The chassis is 57 cm (~ 22.44 inches) wide - actually unexpectedly narrow for such a robust pushchair (just to compare, single [[article:mekerakano|three-wheelers are often 65 cm wide). We have managed to get through tight spaces or overcrowded town streets and shopping aisles. Thanks to the distinctive colorfulness, it was rather easy to maneuver amongst the crowd (beep, beep!).

The duo version is a bit long, but not too much. We have even handled the bus and tram ride. I had to focus more on the maneuvering, but with more than one child, this is something you have to get used to. You will only need a few walks to get a grip of it and to adjust your reactions. I have often brushed the rear wheels against some corners, but it is fair to say that the wheels are wide for a reason.

The fold

The Hub offers an easy fold - you only need to press the button on the handlebar, push it forward and release downwards. The handlebar will be automatically locked in a folded position. To unlock it, you will have to push the central button on the side and pull the handlebar while holding the handle button. The central chassis button is good to remember - without instructions; it is not easy to figure out.

The stroller can be folded with the seat unit still attached, but the seat will be high on top, which makes the frame almost as big as an unfolded one. Unless you are putting it in the boot of a van, there is no reason to do it this way.

The usual approach is to remove the seats first and put them either on the top of the folded stroller or to the side of the boot. You will learn how to recline the fold-down seat unit side attachments, so they are not in the way and also to remove the bumper bar to save some more space.

I have to emphasize again that the Hubb is not compact and takes up a lot of space in the boot of the car - a toll for its functionality. You need a car with a boot big enough to cope with the folded chassis and wheels (95×57×34cm). If required, you can remove the rear wheels for a more compact size.

The wheels

The Quinny Hubb features high-quality, adequately-sized wheels made of rubber. The distinctive tire profile provides a pleasant ride, even on bumps and holes. You can hear a soft noise of rubber on the sidewalk, which is extraordinarily soothing - you can feel the wheels sitting on the road and moving forward. Don't worry about a puncture; these wheels can handle any surface and are puncture-proof.

You will, however, need to get used to driving the Hubb, especially when it's fully loaded. Maneuvering can also be a bit tricky.

Pushing a partly loaded stroller through uneven terrain, you can hear the front wheels a little - it is due to their uniquely designed connection to the chassis.

The chassis is equipped with a soft rear suspension system that you will appreciate in fully loaded duo mode. Overall, we had no issue going through various surfaces; the shock-absorbing was truly rather nice.

Despite pushing the Hubb up the hill was a struggle, it was a better option than to have only one child in the stroller and another one next to you, winging about how tired he/she is. I found the Hubb's maneuverability easier, compared to a conventional lightweight stroller with a Buggypod attached. Once you get used to the Hubb, you will find it a great help carrying several children and the additional cargo.

The storage basket

Just look at it! With dimensions of approximately 68 x 39 x 24 cm, the shopping basket is huge. The basket weight capacity of more than 20 kg is higher than the overall weight capacity of many single strollers. The base of the basket is solid, so the stroller is not just hanging loosely.

Felix sometimes used this solid base as an additional seat (don't judge me; it was his idea) 😄.

The truth is, with both seats attached to the chassis, the accessibility of the shopping basket becomes a bit restricted. We have tested probably every possibility that this stroller offers, and I have always managed to find the way how to access it - from either the front, the back, or the side… we have managed to carry a handbag, a backpack, a child ( ;-) ), some shopping. Everything is possible; you just need to find the way in some configuration.

I really liked the separate rear pocket of the basket and used it to store adapters, connectors, and other small items that can be easily lost.

One afternoon, grandma gave us lots of stuff to take home - so many that I thought we would have to do two rounds to get it all from our car boot to our flat. In the end, we only needed one round - the capacity of the Hubb is amazing 😎, and I would recommend this stroller even for the moving companies. 😂


I found myself fascinated by the functionality and the design of the Quinny Hubb. For urban parents with (or planning) more than one child, the stroller is an incredibly stylish yet practical solution to customize depending on one's needs. I do accept that the Hubb is not for everyone - many of us are quite conservative, and that's absolutely fine. Because of that (and everything else), I would give the Hubb 80 %.

There are some disadvantages, of course, all (double) strollers have some. Despite that, I really enjoyed how comfortable my children were in their seats, the incredible amount of storage space, and the beaming colors of the Hubb in this grey world. I was cursing the Hubb only when I had to put it into the boot of my car. This stroller is massive!

The functionality of the Hubb is, however, great - carrying more children, difficult handling is the price you have to pay. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and awesome. Heavy when fully loaded - like any other tandem stroller, unfortunately…

Truth to be told - in the end, I quite enjoyed the occasional workout, which could be beneficial with so many mums not having enough time to hit the gym regularly (or not at all).

Oyster 3 sumary in numbers (dimensions, measurements recap)

Stroller weight: 13.5 kg (16 kg in the sibling tandem configuration)
Dimensions - unfolded: 104 cm x 57 cm x 98 cm
Dimensions - folded: 95 cm x 57 cm x 34 cm (frame only)
Handlebar height: 101-104
Seat unit dimensions: 52 cm (backrest), 34 x 24 cm (sitting surface), 93 cm (laying surface length)
Internal carrycot dimensions - mattress: 76 x 33.5 cm
Front wheel diameter: 20 cm ~ 8 inch
Rear wheel diameter: 31 cm ~ 12 inch
Shopping basket dimensions: 68 x 39 x 24 cm
Seat unit weight capacity: 15 kg
Second seat unit weight capacity: 15 kg
Basket weight capacity: 10 kg

This is an unpaid review describing the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the Quinny Hubb/ Quinny Hubb Duo stroller system and its configurations, and it is based solely on my own experience. The aim was to provide honest information for moms thinking about purchasing this (or any other) stroller.