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Kinderkraft Everyday: a BIG, award-winning helper. An in-depth expert stroller review

Dec 2021 | Eli writes & you read in 13 min

Kinderkraft is a brand that is, first and foremost, affordable. That is an important thing for many parents! And if a budget-friendly price is combined with an attractive, modern design, the better for any young mommy will be feeling about her pram. Overall, my experience with Kinderkraft stroller is that if you don't expect too much, you are often positively surprised. The end of 2021 brought a versatile stroller system that will make many parents happy not only by its price tag (the price depends on the market, but about 420-500 GBP/450 EUR for a 2in1 system with accessories & car seat adapters is super attractive for many) but also with features I encounter as requirements with many parents. It offers a spacious bassinet, a roomy reversible seat unit, and the Reddot Design Award 2021 as well.

So how is the Kinderkraft Everyday when being used every day?

IN SHORT: Pros and cons of the Kinderkraft Everyday stroller


+ price - a 2in1 set for a nice price that even includes basic accessories
+ a truly stable center of gravity making the pram sit well on the ground
+ a sturdy frame with wide bars won't break or loosen up easily
+ truly large, wide wheels with tires that are filled, therefore, puncture-free while suitable for bad terrain as well
+ a spacious carrycot with a 77cm long mattress
+ a roomy seat unit with a tall seatback (54.5 cm) and 22kg maximum weight capacity can accommodate a 4.5-year-old
+ a reversible, lie-flat seat
+ the seat is high-positioned on the stroller chassis
+ the seat can be folded in half, making this robust stroller more compact than your usual Poland-made combination set
+ a very spacious, accessible storage basket
+ cup holder, rain cover, aprons (leg covers), car seat adapters included
+ versatile usability right from birth
+ large, waterproof canopy with a quiet, magnetic peek-a-boo window and a sun visor
+ attractive colorways to choose from (including special and patterned edition as well as the possibility of more colors to come next year)
+ the stroller can be folded even with a basket loaded with stuff - which will, however, make it even larger once folded


– a robust pram before as well as after folding, not ideal for daily folding and loading/unloading in and out of the car boot
– a higher weight
– the advantage of its sturdiness makes for a disadvantage of needing both hands for quick turns and very high curbs
– polyester materials are not as breathable but are looking nice enough while being rather easy to clean
– this stroller is more suitable for average-height to tall parents; it's not the best for petite mums and shorter dads
– the sun visor can be creased if folded weirdly; this can be made better again by ironing it on the lowest setting
– I would love an even longer leg rest
– the drinks holder can only be attached sticking outwards
– the carrycot's design is a bit funky (my personal opinion)
– the folding and unfolding is not difficult, but it is a bit clumsy, needing a bit of training

AND IN LONG: A review of the Kinderkraft Everyday stroller system

When we started unpacking and pulling the stroller out of the box, I wasn't sure what to expect. Slowly putting it together, we were quite impressed with the overall size really optimized for a nice view of the kid as well as bonding, as the stroller is truly tall, with a high-positioned seat. Discovering more about it, we also found nice smaller (and bigger) extra features that were designed to make a parent life easier: those really big wheels with adjustable (!) suspension, a pocket for small things on the side of the bassinet, harness belt pads with studs so that they don't slip down, adjustable by sliding the belts up or down (instead of retreading)... Simple but elaborate details that strollers in this price range rarely have. In addition, we were pleased with the true spaciousness of both click-on parts (the carrycot as well as the seat unit), which is often a requirement with first-time parents that this pram should please that much more, then. The stroller will probably last you until the end of the stroller-needing days - if you don't happen to need something lighter along the way, that is.

The Everyday could really be summed up as 'elaborate in its simplicity.' It boasts many practical features that, I think, the manufacturer has taken from everything that mainly first-time mothers require at this time. That's probably the reason for the higher weight - it's the price to pay for a big, sturdy, robust do-it-all stroller packed with features. It has pretty much everything from ventilation to suspensions - including large hoods and a large basket that moms are looking for so much. And at that price, although not a very luxurious model, it still looks good.

Kinderkraft Everyday: possible configurations of the pram

The Kinderkraft Everyday is usually sold as a 2in1 stroller system. There's the frame, the carrycot, the reversible seat, the car seat adaptor set (so the pram's ready to create a 3in1 travel system - Maxi-Cosi/Cybex/Joie/Kiddy/Nuna car seats are compatible), a rain cover, a universal mosquito net, a UV sunshade for both the bassinet and the sitting part, aprons for both parts, and a drinks holder. There is no footmuff, and the Kinderkraft brand doesn't offer any type of cosytoes – so you'll need to purchase a universally fitting one extra. We suggest a Lodger as it proved suitable for a slider-type of harness adjustment, but there are many more brands to check out.

The version of Kinderkraft Everyday pram we tested is in the patterned Bird edition. In addition to this colourway, the Light Gray, Dark Gray, and jeans-blue Denim are also available. It's no secret the manufacturer would want to continue and enhance this awarded model in the near and far future, so new color variations and editions can be expected later on as well.

We got a sold-separately matching changing bag to the Bird color of the stroller - the Molly Bird mommy bag/backpack. Kinderkraft also offers the Bird edition in a more "handbag" - like version, but the backpack was a more practical option to me. We considered it a simple yet pleasant tool with an easy opening system (just a buckle and a fortified opening frame) and a bunch of pockets inside. I did find that the straps could be retractable even tighter as sometimes they got looser than I'd want them to - but it was not really a problem, and for the price of the nappy bag, I was reasonably happy with the product. All in all, a practical accessory for diapers and wet wipes, as well as for any food, drink or things to change your child into in case it dirties itself up ;-) And the size was also just fine, not too large, not too small.

The carrycot from the Kinderkraft Everyday stroller system

The Kinderkraft Everyday bassinet uses its own adapters that make it possible to be clicked on the frame - and rather high up at that. You only need to click them in it once; after that, you remove the carrycot with them, no need to store them or care about them in any way.

The Everyday carrycot shape and size is, in the first place - and at least for me - super spacious. The mattress length of 77 cm (our own measurement) is absolutely sufficient even within 7-8-month-old child. Of course, the stroller's carrycot longevity and roominess depends on the size of the baby and your own expectations (my second and third son was in a functionally similar, just shorter, 73.5 cm long carrycot until his seven and a half months in winter, and he was born with a weight of 4 kg, so no tiny baby - just for a reference). The basket doesn't get narrower downwards or towards the opening, so there will be space for both the head and the hands of the child at all times.

The mattress with bamboo fibers is also rather nice, a nice thickness that is pretty much average - so, wide enough. I especially appreciated the giant sun hood, which, after being completely open and extended and combined with the apron, completely covers and protects the child inside. There is also a zip-open ventilation mesh in the bassinet canopy, so you can use it with both a summer and a winter baby.

For me personally, the shape of the carrycot feels like 'function over design' a bit. It is not downright ugly, not by far. But it is not a designer carrycot either, having a practical but not exactly a sleek shape that kind of protrudes forward when you look at it from the side. It is, however, foldable, which is a nice feature - the sides are two stretched pieces of fabric with padding and feel are thick enough to be suitable even for cold weather, especially in combination with a suitably clothed baby in a cosytoes inside. For me, the carrycot's strength is really the space inside combined with the excellent protectiveness.

I also have a mini reproach to the studs that attach the foot cover of the carrycot to the sun canopy - it's a bit too sturdy; you need to push more to get it attached. However, this may be so because the stroller is completely new, and I believe it will "wear looser" and become easier over time. Otherwise, I have nothing to complain about in terms of the bassinet's protectiveness and overall functions; it really will serve well, and it's positioned high enough so that one doesn't need to be bent down too much. Even tall dads won't have it "at their knees' height."

Kinderkraft Everyday PUSHCHAIR CONFIGURATION features

The seat unit/pushchair mode of the Kinderkraft Everyday stroller model will make you happy in several ways. The first good thing about it is its high position on the chassis, thanks to which you will have your baby closer to you, and the baby will have a great view. Even daddies will appreciate this, I'm sure! The second huge advantage is the super-high backrest. You will rarely (or pretty much never) see a reversible-stroller seat back with a height of 54.5 cm. This means that even though the Everyday stroller is equipped with a reversible seat unit, it is one of the few on the worldwide market that can last you until the end of the stroller days. It is, of course, possible that you will want to complement this model with some lightweight buggy later on to have something more travel-friendly - but if that's not the case, the fact that we used it with my 4-and-a-half-year-old in winter clothes will prove that, with this stroller, "if you want, you can" use it the whole time. Truly, very few parent-facing prams can actually last this long.

Of course, a child of such age is no longer using a stroller on a daily basis and was using this pram for testing purposes only. I can honestly report that he fit in pretty nicely, although, of course, it was already so-so, space-wise – I mean, he is actually at the upper limit of the maximum weight capacity of 22 kilograms. Of course, he was already using the lower footrest, not the one at the end of the adjustable leg rest - and that's how it should be at this age.

If I have to say anything about the Everyday pushchair, it would be that it is really a stroller "for every day" – made for bad weather conditions, bumps and holes, and - yes, even for all-terrain use. Its weight reflects this feature of the stroller system and also helps it with durability and stability even on dirt roads and similar harsh conditions. If you are looking for a combination for everyday travel and folding and/or for a tiny apartment and a petite figure, it will not be the best option for you.

The leatherette-covered handle bar of the Kinderkraft Everyday stroller is pretty much a classic one - oval, not too thin & not too thick... it is a nice handle to push. There is a button in the middle, thanks to which the height can be adjusted and made higher or lower one-handedly. There are three height settings (measured by us) - lowest (103 cm), medium (106 cm), and high (108 cm) - and no, it cannot be left fully retracted; these three heights are all there is. I find the pushbar suitable (just like the stroller itself) for average-size to tall parents, as there is no super-low height setting of the parent push bar available.

And yes, it is possible to push the stroller with one hand, but I pushed it like that mostly on straight sidewalks and over lower curbs. I used both hands when climbing a really high curb, or when doing a sharp curve, or going over some really bumpy terrain. Since this is a larger pushchair with large wheels, it was not as "agile" as a super-light buggy.

Lower on the sides of the handle, there is the folding mechanism levers as well.

Kinderkraft Everyday stroller: the FOLD

I'll move on straight to folding this stroller, as I've already outlined the location of the folding trigger. In theory, it is not at all difficult - apart from folding the seat after pulling on the positioning lever and folding it forward, it just needs a bit of moving (raising) the lever on the right inner side of the handle (with your thumb) and moving the "slider" on both sides upwards (with your indexes), which releases the central joint of the frame. Then all you have to do is lower (push) the handle downward and lift the stroller by the strap in the middle.

The process itself isn't really complicated, but the sliders require a little practice and/or force. Here, too, I think it's because of the stroller being new and a bit tough because of that, and after a few attempts, the whole process doesn't seem so unusual and hard anymore - it feels quite a bit easier. However, take into account that the stable center of gravity in combination with the higher weight of the stroller means that the actual folding and subsequent loading/unloading of the pushchair to and from the car is not easy-peasy but requires the use of at least a few muscles.

Once folded, the stroller can be carried thanks to the strap in the middle, and can even stand on its own when folded. To protect the handle's eco-leather, there are two 'protrusions', meaning black bumps on the handle on which it stands, not to scratch the PU leather cover.

The good news is that folding can also be done with the seat in both world- and parent-facing direction of travel. Due to the fact that the seat part can be folded in half, I see this stroller system as a considerably more compact one than the usual robust Polish combination, especially with the seat clicked on on the frame in the folded state. Again, it's not a small stroller, but for its open size, it was a really manageable folded "package."

P.S. I was also able to put together the stroller with a filled storage basket, which is usually not possible at all with strollers. Its size will, of course, be even larger if the basket's full of shopping. ;-)

Kinderkraft Everyday stroller: the SUN CANOPY

The sun hood will be loved by most, I believe. Since we were caught in the rain as well as light and heavy snow during the testing, I can confirm that it is truly waterproof. Drops and snowflakes stayed on the surface of the fabric and were easily wiped off with just my hand. In addition to water resistance, the hood is also large and offers pretty much full coverage, which is nice and unusual for a budget-friendly reversible model. In addition to the basic shape and size with a folded or open sun visor, it can be zipped open and extended to cover most of the (even small) child. In combination with the leg cover (it, just like the one on the bassinet, fastens on the seat with studs, two on each side, which need to be pushed more to click in the right way) – even in winter, wind or rain, the child is completely covered. YOu have nothing to fear in terms of wind or rain when using the canopy and the apron at the same time. Design lines, when in the "complete coverage" mode, may not be the most luxurious, but even here, functionality goes beyond beauty (and it works very well at that).

When positioning the backrest, the canopy of the stroller moves with the seat, but in the completely lie-flat position, it is still sufficiently convering the baby. The magnetic peek-a-boo window is also made out of mesh, so in addition to a nice view of the child, it offers a bit of extra ventilation.

Kinderkraft Everyday stroller: the SEAT

The spaciousness, especially the high 54.5-centimeter backrest of the Everyday's reversible seat unit, I already mentioned at the beginning. It means that even my son, who is over four-and-half-year-old, still fits under the roof, although, of course, it wouldn't last too long before he'd grow out of this pram. The width of the seat of 33 cm is adequate to above-average, keeping in mind its reversibility, and even in my winter clothes, an older, bigger toddler fit in the seat width-wise. Of course, the footrest was, logically, not long enough for such legs, but no one expected that either. Toddlers will use the lower footrest to put their feet on. The adjustability of the leg rest is meant for smaller children from about half a year to around two years of age. The total length of the seat is 93 cm (our own measurement).

The backrest offers three positions and is operated with one-hand thanks ot a rear lever. The leg rest can be adjusted in 4 positions and is operated with both hands - there are two buttons on the sides that need simultaneous pushing in. The seat is a lie-flat one (not a bucket-style seat), so it is suitable even for small children and babies that don't sit by themselves just yet.

The footrest is not covered with a wipe-clean leatherette, which is a little bit of a shame, but the textiles on the seat's overall materials are polyester fabrics that are easy to wipe with a damp cloth.

The seat upholstery is, overall, nice enough - the seat is padded, therefore not hard at all. There are soft parts everywhere, plus side panels making the overall sitting experience comfy and cozy. The shoulder straps are also padded, and the pillows are additionally equipped with studs, thanks to which they do not slip down. Bravo 👏

The safety harness' seat belts felt simple and easy to operate. I didn't find a problem functionally; I just found the straps' material a bit cheaper-looking. It's not a problem - it had to happen somewhere along the line with such a price tag.

The harness belts can be extended quite a lot, so a large child inside the seat is not a problem for the harness at all. For a small baby, of course, you can tighten them accordingly, too. I was pleased with two more things: the belts' height adjustment is done by sliding them up or down, thanks to which I didn't have to tread and retread anything through any holes. Also, the harness buckle, into which each seat belt clicks, is made so that each one clicks in it separately. It is, therefore, possible to click in only the bottom three straps, creating a three-point-harness, or all five of them, as you please, without putting them into each other like a puzzle. Woohoo, no puzzle system!

The bumper bar is a thick-ish one, practically made, and it swivels and rotates out of the way so that you can gate-open it for your child to hop in the seat by itself (or for your comfortable loading of the kid inside). Its height was also good for us, so there's nothing to reproach the belly bar, really.

Kinderkraft Everyday stroller: the FRAME

About the chassis' thick bars and the overall sturdiness I talked about already in the beginning of this stroller review. I believe I also mentioned the higher weight of it, along with the slight bulkiness of the folded size, which are logical and derived from multiple factors ranging from sturdiness, large wide all-terrain wheels with an adjustable suspension system, a large storage basket... It all makes sense and is a reasonable price to pay for all these features. A full-featured, robust, sturdy, and terrain-ready pram cannot be ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact.

Kinderkraft Everyday: the WHEELS and SUSPENSION

The wheels themselves are really large and will pass over unevennesses pretty easily. They all feature rubber tires with a tread pattern that prevents them from slipping too much, making them sit nicely on the road. With extremely smooth shopping center surfaces, I felt like the tread was gently vibrating in my hands, which was a comforting, reassuring, robust feeling the wheels had on me. The size of the front wheels is 20 cm, the size of the rear wheels 30 cm in diameter, and they are really thick - wider than your usual wheels of this size.

The suspension is present all wheels, of course just shock-absorbing at the front, and with springs at the rear. The softness of the rear springs can be adjusted with a lever under each one clamping - released for a softer ride on bumpy terrain or with a smaller child, tightened up for more urban use or for use with heavier toddlers. It's not exactly a retro-type stroller, but yes, you can also gently rick your baby to sleep on the softer setting.

Kinderkraft Everyday: the BRAKE

A simple, "cradle" style brake that is activated as well as deactivated from the top, thus, flip-flop/sandals-friendly... such is the Everyday brake. And as we're using the brake "every day" - the simplicity and shoe-friendliness is quite appreciated. Me (176 cm) nor my hubby (188 cm) did not kick it even as tall as we are, so its position is also alright. All is, of course, depending on the length and way of walking, but all was just fine in this area for us (and for your reference).

Kinderkraft Everyday stroller: the storage BASKET

You wouldn't, perhaps, think so, but for many mums, a large basket space for shopping is a priority when buying a stroller. And that Everyday's storage space will definitely make you smile - it is large enough, can bear a lot of weight (officially 5 kg, but it can take even more from our experience 😉). The shopping basket's also easily accessible.

I mean, I've seen bigger ones in my life, but this one's large and really enough for any baby "equipment" a load of shopping, too. You can access it from behind, where a part is protruding for your easier gitting in, but also through the elastic sides or the front. Thanks to the higher-positioned click-on parts (like the carrycot, the seat unit, or a car seat on adapters), a running bike of an older child will also fit. We measured the approximate dimensions of the shopping basket as 51 x 41 x 21 cm, but the edges are, as I said, elastic (and the depth of the bottom varies slightly).

===Kinderkraft Everyday: The SUMMARY

Before deciding to buy or not to buy this particular stroller system, always put together some basic facts about you as parents, as well as about your - real, not desired - lifestyle. Here, it is quite important whether you need a small and compact stroller or a hard worker for everyday use. If you don't have a tiny car boot, or you don't need to fold and load your pram several times a day while being a short person, the Kinderkraft Everyday will fulfill practically everything that moms usually want and need in a stroller set, especially with a firstborn: spaciousness, all-terrainness, large sun canopies for every weather, large shopping basket... There are quite a few extras even, including a UPF-protective, breathable sunshade, which you don't normally see as an included accessory within this price range of strollers. Tall fathers will be pleased by the robust chassis as well as large wheels with adjustable suspension.

Would I, personally, buy this pram? At that price, to be honest, yes, I would. Especially with my first child and the idea that I only want one stroller for everything – while also wanting a safe car seat of a nice, known brand of my choice (and not some no-name cheap one)... this stroller system offers all that. I also understand why it won the Red dot Design Award 2021: It is made practically, with regard to what the first-time parents require. And this will definitely please both thrifty parents as well as more practical-minded ones.

I am "taking down points" for its a bit higher weight and bulkier fold, which - honestly! - are not bad at all, considering... Still, for a modern city mum needing something super light (under 20 kg for a stroller system), or something for plane travels, this will simply be too much anyhow. I would also take the simple-looking harness straps as a minus, which, on the other hand, clean well and do not look bad, they just are not luxurious. What I like, on the other hand, is that the stroller is modern and the colors are really nice - I saw three of them live and liked pretty much each of them. And in the competition of various Polish robust combinations such as Adamex, Dorjan, Junama and similar, that often weigh and take space even more, I love the fact that this seat can be folded, which makes it much more compact, and that the seat is also roomy and suitable for a larger child, which is unique.

In a percentage kind of view, I will rate this stroller system for 8.5/10, thus, 85 % - especially after taking into account both the competition and the price point and characteristics of the stroller itself. I am also sure that for this model and such features and extras, the demand is quite high and will be even higher over time.

Summary: Kinderkraft Everyday in numbers

Dimensions - unfolded: 114x60x99 cm
Dimensions - folded: 80x60x36 cm (frame only)
Handlebar height: 103-109 (own measurement) cm
Seat surface dimensions & measurements: 54.5 cm (backrest lenght), 33 x 21 cm (sitting surface width x depth), 93 cm (full - lay-flat surface length)
Internal carrycot dimensions - mattress: 77x32 cm
Front wheel diameter: 20 cm ~ 8 inch
Rear wheel diameter: 30 cm ~ 12 inch
Main seat maximum weight capacity: 22 kg
Basket weight capacity: 5 kg
Overall maximum load in the stroller: 27 kg_

I wish you a lot of love and health and the most beautiful days during and beyond stroller days!

All the best,