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Petite&Mars Street+ full stroller review - a versatile, budget-friendly pushchair with a lot to offer in the city and on terrain

Jul 2021 | Eli writes & you read in 18 min

The Czech/Slovak brand with a French name, Petite&Mars (or Petite et Mars) is a modern, as budget-friendly as it gets while conserving the quality kind of brand with simple, practical products. The Petite&Mars Street Plus is a continuation of the first - Petite&Mars Street generation - and it's a pushchair only. It is not compatible with a carrycot (not yet, anyway, there are new features to come out next year, so we'll see about that 😉), nor can it create a travel system (the Street/Street+ strollers don't accept a car seat).

Even with a full recline, the P&M Street Plus fits older toddlers best. The high, 22-kilogram maximum weight capacity (+ 3 kg storage basket capacity) and the long and wide seat surface allow you to fit even a 4-5-year-old inside comfortably (unlike reversible or ultra-compact strollers that claim high capacity but have a limited seat space). And that might be the best feature of this street-friendly pushchair.

There's more, of course, read on! 😉 I mean, the possibility of either the EVA foam, maintenance-free wheels AS WELL AS inflatable, air-filled ones to swap to if in need of an all-terrain pushchair is certainly a rare feature.

If wanting it for a smaller child, the lie-flat, padded seat will work well enough even for a baby. For truly tiny babies, I would probably wait, however - and if not, I'd get a cocoon insert or some universal insert nest or bassinet. It is truly very roomy - maybe too roomy for a very small baby.

So what changed, compared to the original, 1st gen Street? What we liked and what could be even better? And is it such a difference - the foam wheels versus air-filled wheels on the stroller? We tried to bring all the answers in this full, detailed review of the Petite&Mars Street+ Air / Petite&Mars Street+ non-Air (I would call it Classic) version.


Pros and cons of the Petite&Mars Street+ stroller:

+ price - the price versus performance, and the price compared to what is available on the market (taking the seat spaciousness into account) is actually very nice and budget-friendly (the performance I'd underline even more in the Air version)
+ a comfortable center of gravity - thus, easy manipulation; no problems turning or getting up a curb
+ basic, lighter EVA foam wheels AND/OR Air (inflatable) wheels option
+ a very spacious seat with a high maximum weight limit that fit even our five-year-old
+ a hood with very good sun coverage and a rear pocket (great for storing keys!)
+ an adjustable - rotating handlebar, which helps the gravity and manipulation (it's of course, subjective, but I liked how maneuverable it made the stroller)
+ personalization options - one can swap different colored canopy + padding sets (we even had a Limited 100 Toucan, so only 100 were made in the world overall); there are also matching accessories (seat liner, etc.) available to mix and match- it's not the most compact/not the lightest in the category of lightweight world-facing pushchairs (nothing extreme, just it's a larger stroller, compared to, e.g., a Oyster Zero)

- the steering is really much better with the air-filled wheels (which is a plus), but less terrain capable with the basic foam ones (but those are cheaper, which is nice)
- leg rest adjustment is one-handed, which is great but feels cumbersome - you need to access it from the basket
- the footrest to leave the feet is on the narrower
- the stroller folds outwards, which, as I noticed, some moms mind - I must say I don't, however
- rain cover is not included


What changed from Petite&Mars Street to P&M Street+ (stroller generations differences)

I'll start by stating what changed in the Street Plus stroller, compared to the original Street - it will give you the overview of new, better features.

The first change one would notice is a visual one. The Street Plus sports a more luxurious leatherette handlebar cover, which is simply much better than the original foam one. Also, the canopy design was updated, and now - zippered to the seat base and the frame with an extra bar (making the stroller sturdier) - is much cleaner. The ventilated back that can be covered with a fabric flap (secured with velcro) is now not a part of the hood but the seat fabric.

The mesh on the back (a ventilation option when the seat is reclined) is now higher - from the seat back up, covering the whole rear part. It looks better than the partial mesh and protects the child from slipping through there 100%.

Another change would be the extra bar on the handle that I already mentioned up there with the canopy. It may seem like a small and almost a negative extra thing, but it adds stability and sturdiness and means a more long-lasting pushchair that won't start to wobble.

It is also the reason why the Street+ canopy doesn't fit the basic Street (and vice versa). But it does make the stroller better. It's as simple as that. And you don't really see it since it's covered by the hood.

The fully reclined position is now even deeper than the one on the P&M Street. It's not full 180 degrees, but it's almost that. And it is a newborn-friendly recline suitable even for kids that don't sit by themselves yet.

How is the Petite&Mars Street Plus, then?It is, first and foremost, a handy, durable, roomy pushchair__ in my eyes. It's a very good middle ground for when you search for something lighter, but you don't want an ultracompact, not wanting to compromise on seat space.

It is nice even for disabled children that usually use the stroller longer, needing more room to grow.

...and, it is good-looking for sure! Mainly if you pick the canopy/padding set that fits your taste (and/or clothing ;-)).

Configurability and accessories options

The Street+ is a stroller of "many faces," even if never a stroller system. You usually purchase the black base - the chassis and the seat - with either the 'classic' EVA wheels or the inflatable 'Air' wheels. To that, you purchase a canopy + matching harness padding set to "finish" the pushchair. The stroller + seat + the canopy & padding can also be already paired up together, and there are special editions available from time to time as well. There was the Heritage pattern (that was also, rarely, present on the seat fabrics).

The regular Limited 100 edition is only sold to a hundred parents (100 pieces worldwide, so you won't really bump into the same pattern easily 😉), and they're not produced ever anymore after that.

We tested two versions - the Carbon Grey that, in a certain light, looks green as well as grey, and then the Limited 100 Toucan edition. Toucan Limited is so nice and joyfully patterned - my Ferdinand loved the colours so much. To add logic to the pictures, we always used the Toucan colorway with the Street+ Air mode and the Carbon Grey with the urban EVA foam wheels.

Available accessories

Most of the accessories that fit the Street+ also fit other Petite&Mars brand strollers. The sold-separately universal apron (leg cover) fits the Street/Street+ as well as Petite&Mars Royal or Petite&Mars Move. Then, there's a matching blanket, a universal rain cover (yes, it is not included with the Street Plus, you need to purchase it separately), or different models of seat liners (there are more basic ones as well as memory foam ones, and even the Limited 100 versions of those).

I already mentioned the hood and padding sets that can be sold separately and changed over time, so your buggy feels fresh over time. And the Air wheels can also be bought optionally if you realize that you need something more all-terrain (their price is not negligible, though).

We were also testing the Memory seat liner (featuring memory foam inside), and though we loved how it was matching the Limited canopy set, it will fit in most stroller brands for sure. I do like how soft it feels on the skin, and the pattern is lovely as well - a negative might be that it is slightly costl


The design of the P&M Street + is, I felt, rather smart. What does that mean..? In an oval-reminiscent, clean way, and so that nobody will feel offended by the look. It will fit most lifestyles, in my opinion - the shorter mum will see in front of her, the tall dads won't slum behind it (the adjustable handle helps 😊)... A modern stroller in a pretty while functional look.

It is, of course, on the simpler side - I mean, the price tag is not high, so no high-end luxury will be found here... But the playfulness and color variability makes it somehow better, cooler than comparable pushchairs.

The materials are more PU than cotton, but the feel is alright. The polyester fabrics feel breathable, so the baby doesn't really perspire any more than it would just so. I did like the fact that it is easy to clean - a simple wipe did clean pretty much any dirt that got on the textiles.

I mean, there probably are more luxurious fabrics, but for the price point of the pushchair, I was happy with how it looked and felt. I did like the details and finishes - it surprised me in a positive way (I didn't expect too much, to be honest). The Street+ felt like it has all you can need from a stroller (and what is not necessary, it doesn't have 😄). If you feel like a softer fabric would fit under your baby better, I mean, you can always get the soft seat liner... 😊

the limited edition fabric is the same as the basic colourways' fabric - it is recycled

The Petite&Mars Street+ stroller Handlebar

The parent handle is, as I mentioned earlier, covered with luxuriously-looking PU leather. There's not much to reproach - it can be adjusted low enough for petite mums and high enough for taller daddies. Men might enjoy the possibility to rotate it even further up, creating a "racing" kind of setup (at least, my partner - 186 cm, 6′ 1″ tall - did 😉).

The handlebar adjustment ranges between 78 cm and 110 cm (my measurement). It's a two-handed operation, but a clean and simple one at that. I had no problems with it.

Someone super tall (about 2 m) might have a problem with the rotating system since it doesn't create much space for long steps. I like this system more, however, because it helps the center of gravity and the overall maneuverability/curb popping, etc. It is, of course, necessary for those really tall parents to try their pushchair out before making a purchase to be sure to not kick the rear axle (this goes for any stroller versus a very tall parent, really). Me (176 cm, 5′ 9") nor my man didn't, so all good for these sizes.

The Petite&Mars Street+ stroller Canopy

The canopies of both the "classic" as well as the limited edition are of the same size, shape, sun coverage, and fabric quality. I can't really say much negative about it - it's large and easy to use. The Petite&Mars Street Plus hood is clean, design-wise, since it's attached to the new bar connecting the two sides of the frame and not hanging in the back at all.

You can open the canopy completely or stop in an in-between position. There's also a sun visor that can be open or folded back of the child needs more view. An advantage is also the relatively large viewing window with ventilation mesh, which, combined with the possibility of opening the rear part when the seat's reclined, provides ample airflow. A negative point of the window is the velcro closure - so not a quiet opening. It's a small thing, really, but I wanted to mention it anyhow.


The Petite&Mars Street+ stroller Seat unit & its dimensions, measurements, spaciousness

As I already mentioned, I found the seat very roomy. It doesn't really get much more spacious, to be honest. The seatback is 48 cm (and there's still a lot of space to the top of the canopy), the sitting part's surface is 35 cm wide and 23 cm deep, and the whole seat surface measures 95 cm. A three-and-a-half sat or laid comfortably in the pushchair's seat, and a five-year-old still fit well enough inside.

With such a large (3.5yo and 5yo) testers is, of course, noticeable that at least the older's close to not fitting in the stroller. He will fit inside, though, and his head doesn't protrude over the hood. If necessary, he can still use the stroller (he normally doesn't, but it's a good reference). Combined with a 22 kg seat's maximum weight capacity makes the Street+ perfect for use with a toddler up until - truly - the end of stroller days. EVEN WITH a footmuff. So OK for winter. With the air-filled tires, it's going to be OK, even on snow.

The Petite&Mars Street+ stroller Backrest and its recline

The Petite&Mars Street+ back rest is not 100% upright, but it's not slanted, either. If you don't search for an absolute 90-degree angle, you'll be fine. This is given by the strap recline mechanism, which, I know, no everybody prefers... But it helps to lower the weight of the pushchair and, in the Street Plus, it was made a bit easier. It is a one-handed operation to recline the seat back, but a two-handed one to put it back up.

The Petite&Mars Street+ stroller Leg rest

The leg rest adjustment is a bit of a disadvantage from my point of view. There's a "pinch together" kind of lever under it, meaning it can be done one-handedly (in theory), but it's, from my point of view, more cumbersome even if needing only one hand (I always had to use both, truth be told). You, in any case, need to access it from the back (I was doing it from the front, and THAT was hard 😄, getting my hand stuck under the leg rest). I do prefer two side buttons, I must say.

Another minus, I would point out, is the footrest. It's rather shallow, and if you don't manage to lower the leg rest properly (which I didn't at times), it's almost non-existent. Another small thing - though, worth mentioning, I think, but it never really bothered my son.

The Petite&Mars Street+ stroller Seat unit's Features: recline, ventilation, belly bar

The seat is a lie-flat, non-bucket-style seat, so the backrest and the leg rest both adjust individually and fully. The seatback sports an "infinite" strap recline, so it's up to you to choose any recline angle for your baby. To incline the backrest back up, you need to pull the two rear straps apart (rather strongly), meaning a bit of a force, and both hands are used. To put it down, just one finger is needed - put the little ring, and voilà, the seatback goes down. Easy peasy.

The leg rest features three positions - completely reclined, in-between position, and completely up to create a flat surface to nap on.

Dino (3.5year old) always sleeps with the backrest slightly inclined. It does go even lower, but he prefers it this way on any pushchair.

When reclined, the rear part's fabric flap behind the backrest can be rolled up and secured so that there's plenty of air flow. If you are not using this feature, the securing rubber strap can be used for... keys? 😉


The harness belt's height can also be adjusted. The system of adjustment is a bit of an old-school one, meaning it does require retreading. There are three heights to choose from, and it works, so... I guess it's good as it is. The harness straps' length is good and suitable even for the higher end of the maximum weight/size, so no problem there as well.

It's always better to have a bit of extra length and space for winter clothes and/or a footmuff. We did fit even in those, even if maybe a bit tightly, at four years of age.

The five-point harness system clicks every strap into the buckle separately, which I am a huge fan of. No need to fight a puzzle system. You can also use the harness as a three-point one.

The belts' padding is a nice thing to have, and it looked nice, all matched and with a cute logo. I would just change it so that it would be secured to the belt more tightly because it slips down, and when taking the child out, it occasionally falls down with the possibility of losing it. The same goes for the crotch padding that goes up and needs to be moved to access the buckle.

The bumper bar is on the simpler side but, covered with leatherette, it looks nice enough, and it works. The belly bar's height is just fine, and it removes completely or gate-opens to the side. It just opens about 90 degrees, and I would like a bit more just in case the child will push on it too hard. The plastics are rather basic there as well.

A positive AND a negative at the same time would be the bumper bar's click-close mechanism. You need two hands to close the bumper bar because it needs a rubber textile flap to be opened and then the plastic connection to slide into the right place. I see what the manufacturer meant by this - the look and aesthetic of it all is cleaner in the end, even in the case you don't need/want to use the bar. On the other hand, it takes time and practice to get used to this to do it quickly.

Just the fact that the pushchair does feature an eco-leather-covered bumper bar, and it removes as well as opens to the side is, from my point of view, awesome as is. The more so when you take the pushchairs price point into account. The cons I mentioned are minor, in my opinion, but I feel like stating those so that if those would be crucial to you, you know about them.

The seat also features a pull-to-fold strap integrated into the sitting surface. For this, the Memory seat liner we used has a separate hole so that it's easy to fold the buggy even with the liner still on it.


The Petite&Mars Street+ stroller folding and unfolding

There's nothing difficult about the Street+ folding. The only niggle I caught some moms being not too happy about would be the outward folding system - the pushchair folds so that the seat is on the outside when folded. I never minded this, the same system is on the Baby Joggers and it's quick and easy, but those who don't like that might find this a deal-breaker.

The folding process is simple, one-handed and consists of two steps. You need to click on the securing lever so that it releases the frame to be able to fold, and then pull the seat strap upward while the stroller collapses. In the end, I used to push it a bit more together, making the folded package as narrow as it gets. Ta-da, the Street Plus is ready to be loaded in the car boot.

The unfolding is also not complicated - just open the automatic locking latch and open the frame. After hearing a click, you know that the chassis is ready to be used, nice, and secure.

The folded Street+ is not the smaller there is - but it is compact enough for the type, seat space, and features it has. The air-filled wheels will, of course, make it a bit larger and heavier, but not too much. If terrain ride is what you need, they are so worth it. And I am usually the lighter, simpler wheels' supporter, funnily... but the Air really made a difference in the feel of a (not) bumpy ride.

The Classis, EVA foam wheels I recommend to those who need the lowest weight and more compact fold much more than a smoother terrain ride.

The Petite&Mars Street+ stroller Wheels

The inflatable wheels' possibility to either choose at the beginning or buy separately make the Street+ really stand out. We tried both types to be sure what is what... and, as I already suggested, the Air-filled wheels really surprised me with their driving characteristics.

Normally, I prefer lighter strollers, and that usually means EVA foam or rubber-coated wheels. The Street's foam wheels were good enough, but a bit stiffer (less suspension was felt, which is only natural).

The decision-making should, therefore, be as follows: if the surfaces around are manicured and good enough, save your money and space and get the smaller, simpler EVA wheels (17 cm in the front, 24 cm in the back). If there's a lot of bumps, holes, gravel, dirt roads and so on around, save your nerves instead and get the Air wheels (21 / 30 cm).

If needing extra space in your car trunk, you can simply remove the wheels by pushing the upper button behind the wheels. To lock the wheels, the button under that will be able to move to the side, fixing the front wheel straight.

The brake is a cradle-style one, meaning you push it to lock as well as to release the braking mechanism. It's easy and fuss-free while being flip-flop friendly.

A nice thing that the front wheels have in the Plus version is a cushioning little plastic part that removes excess noise and enhance longevity of the wheel joint. It's not visible from the outside but makes a difference from the inside.

Never underinflate the air-filled tires - that makes the tires prone to punctures as well as worsens the steering. The same goes for overinflating - that might damage the wheel plastics or break the wheel altogether. The optimal stroller tire pressure is 2 bars here, and it's preferable to do that with a manual pump. Those strong air pumps on gas stations ruined many pram wheels over time - it's simply too quick and bends the wheel frame/wheel rims.__

The Petite&Mars Street+ stroller Basket

There's not really much to say except the size is nice, the accessibility as well, I mean, it's a simple but functioning storage basket. I may reproach the bar in the middle since it stops you from easily loading very large packages (but that is rare to put in the pushchair's basket). A thing to enhance might be elasticated sides - not they are stiff, even though you can still get inside from the side. It would just be easier.

The approximate dimensions of the stroller's shopping basket are 52 x 34 x 15 cm - length x width x height. It's an average basket of an average mid-size forward-facing stroller. I didn't scratch it on curbs, as opposed to a Valco Baby's Snap line's strollers, so I was good with the Street+ basket.

To add to the basket storage space, there's a pocket on the rear side where the seatback is. Good to know: the rear pocket is mainly accessible when the backrest is at least partially recline.

The Petite&Mars Street+ SUMMARY

I didn't have any special expectations - I more thought the Street+ would be a very urban, stiff-ride pushchair. I was actually very positively surprised, maybe even because of that. Of course, as a relatively affordable pushchair, it won't be the highest peak of luxury, fabrics, and finishes-wise. But you know what..? It's actually a good-looking, super practical stroller great even for occasional terrain or snow, the more so with the air-filled tyres. The child was happy inside as well. What more to want?

Taking all the features, pros, cons into account, I would rate the Petite&Mars Street PLUS with 85 %. For a stroller in its price range, it's actually awesome. I can honestly recommend it to any parent with an older toddler that, after a larger pram/stroller system, needs something smaller but still substantial and sturdy enough for everyday ride and until the end of stroller days. Even if that would mean a large kid. It might be that is why it's such a popular model in its birthplace, central Europe, even if maybe less known in other countries.

If I should compare the Petite&Mars Street+ stroller with the closest competition, the
or the Gesslein S4 come to mind. Each has its own up and downsides - no Air wheels for S4, while the Gesslein pushchair has a bit more suspension, but it's more expensive and equipped with thinner fabrics. The Okini being a bit lighter and with a slightly higher backrest measurement, perhaps, but simpler as well, with EVA wheels only and a shorter seat surface overall.

Compared with a Britax-u B-Motion 4 Plus, that is even more substantial and feels more terrain capable, is Street+, from my experience, a better maneuverable candidate with a better center of gravity, and more suitable for taller parents. The Oyster Zero from Babystyle feels more stylish and also lighter, but its seat length is shorter, and there's no inflatable wheels option nor an adjustable handlebar, compared with the P&M Street Plus.

The air-filled wheels option I, overall, see as a huge bonus to have and a big advantage of the Street+. They will go over pretty much anything, really, and they add maneuverability as well as a natural suspension to the ride.

Overall, the Petite&Mars Street+ is a very "human" pushchair - the price is affordable, the features just what is necessary for it to last, and it's sturdy enough for any everyday need. While not being huge. I mean, great. An asset for all the "normal" mums needing something normal, of quality.



Dimensions - unfolded: 108x56x87 cm
Dimensions - folded: 75x56x28cm
Handlebar height: 78 - 110 cm
Rozmery sedacej časti (ložnej plochy): 48 cm (backrest lenght), 35 x 23 cm (sitting surface width x depth), 95 cm (full - lay-flat surface length)
Internal carrycot dimensions - mattress: 77x31 cm
Front wheel diameter: CLASSIC EVA WHEELS: 17 cm ~ 6.7 inch; AIR WHEELS: 21 cm ~ 8 inch
Rear wheel diameter: CLASSIC EVA WHEELS: 24 cm ~ 9.5 inch; AIR WHEELS: 30 cm ~ 12 inch
Shopping basket approx. dimensions: 52x34x15 cm
Main seat weight capacity: 22 kg
Basket weight capacity: 3 kg


This was an unpaid review describing the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the Petite&Mars Street+ stroller, and it is based solely on our own experience. The aim was to provide honest information for moms thinking about purchasing this - or any other stroller.

We hope you liked our full-length XXL review of the P&M Street Plus stroller. You can help other moms and dads by leaving a review of (any) stroller you owned under the appropriate stroller/pram/pushchair model here on Strollberry. Thanks!