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jitulien says:
"Very inadequate for my needs, otherwise good"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap 4

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  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Easy-to-look-at design
  • Reclining (even for a small baby)
  • Front wheel lock
  • With the footmuff, little space even for a small baby
  • Few pockets
  • The basket is quite large, but it's the hardest to get into
  • Poorly accessible brake
  • Lack of hooks to hang the bag
  • Handle cannot be lowered - uncomfortable for smaller people
  • Positioning under the legs does not firm up well

Very inadequate for my needs, otherwise a good stroller. I mainly need a place to store things, but the basket is hard to get into, you put three diapers, wipes and tissues in the pockets and there is no room. It doesn't have hooks to hang another bag, so basically either the bag will hang up by the baby's head or there will be none. I haven't tried the terrain, it seems more like a city stroller, more for shorter distances.

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