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fata says:
"Relatively inexpensive, yet well made and sturdy"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap 4

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  • lightweight pushchair
  • easy to fold and beautifully compact, e.g. ideal for the plane
  • despite the low price, sturdy and well made
  • adjustable hood
  • with foam wheels, it can only handle pavements, asphalt roads (grass with difficulty), e.g. a normal dirt road is beyond its capabilities

Really light pushchair, which even with a 10kg baby I can carry it beautifully to the tram or up the stairs and I don't have to ask anyone for help. It's definitely a big advantage. Furthermore, it's a relatively inexpensive stroller, yet seems to be well made and sturdy. We don't treat it very nicely and after about 4 months of heavy daily use, nothing has been damaged at all. Our older Camarelo (large) pram hasn't been nearly this durable. It folds up beautifully and flat, ideal for an airplane for example.

What I would criticize though is that it's not really offroad, at least with foam wheels, which is understandable though. :) I was spoiled by the Camarelo's inflatable wheels, which can drive through roots in the woods like nothing. The Valco has problems even on grass, it's just a city stroller for sidewalks.

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