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maju says:
"I even fit two babies in it 🙂"
and gives the Valco Baby Snap 4

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  • Low weight
  • Easy handling
  • Easy folding
  • Takes up little space in the car
  • Comfortable stroller for baby
  • In two years of use I have not noticed any downsides

This stroller is very good. When my first born was 8 months old, and I was expecting another princess, it was quite difficult to walk on public transport with the pushchair versiont of our 3in1 system because it was quite heavy. So I decided to buy a pure pushchair/buggy. I asked in the store for the lightest stroller - and they showed me this one. I don't regret the purchase.

Super lightweight, it's only 7 kg. Very easy to handle. Both the footrest and the headrest (back) can be adjusted in height. The canopy opens beautifully so that the baby is not disturbed when sleeping. Also protects from rain. I recommend it to everyone. I even fit two babies in it 🙂.

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