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Peg-Pérego strollers

98 parent reviews

Peg-Pérego was established in 1949 by Italian Giuseppe Pérego. The company revolutionized the market by designing strollers using rubberized fabric instead of metal plates and wicker, which were commonly used back then. The portfolio of the company has expanded over the years. In 1960, Peg-Pérego added pedal- and electric ride-on vehicles for children and the first height-adjustable highchair was introduced to the market in 1968. Since the beginning, Peg-Pérego boasts with children products made in Italy using quality materials and new technologies.

Peg-Pérego strollers are combining modern elegance and practical functionality. The style of Peg-Pérego strollers remains unique for the brand but adapts to the current needs of the market. One of the widest and the most popular Peg-Pérego stroller lines is the Book that includes strollers with the chassis foldable in the way a ‘book’ does. The portfolio of the brand also includes one of the most popular three-wheelers, the GT3, versatile umbrella stroller lines Pliko and Sì, strollers with a traditional chassis with fixed wheels, and also stroller solutions for twins and triplets.

69 Peg-Pérego models
Peg-Pérego Aria Shopper
Peg-Pérego Aria Shopper Twin
Peg-Pérego Aria Twin 60/40
Peg-Pérego Book
Peg-Pérego Book 500 Elite
Peg-Pérego Book 51
Peg-Pérego Book 51 Elite
Peg-Pérego Book 51 Pop Up
Peg-Pérego Book 51 S
Peg-Pérego Book 51 S Elite
3 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Book 51 S Pop Up
Peg-Pérego Book 51 S XL
Peg-Pérego Book 51 XL
Peg-Pérego Book Cross
4 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Book For Two
Peg-Pérego Book Plus
9 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Book Plus Elite
Peg-Pérego Book Plus Pop Up
2 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Book Plus XL
Peg-Pérego Book S
8 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Book S Elite
Peg-Pérego Book S Pop Up
2 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Book S XL
2 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Book Scout
Peg-Pérego Book Scout Elite
Peg-Pérego Book Scout Pop Up
Peg-Pérego Book Scout XL
Peg-Pérego Booklet
Peg-Pérego Booklet 50 S
Peg-Pérego Classico
Peg-Pérego Duette Piroet
Peg-Pérego Futura
Peg-Pérego GT4
Peg-Pérego Pliko Mini
5 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Pliko Mini 500
3 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Pliko Mini Ducati
Peg-Pérego Pliko Mini Momodesign
Peg-Pérego Pliko Mini Twin
Peg-Pérego Pliko P3 Compact
4 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Pliko Switch
Peg-Pérego Primonido Elite
Peg-Pérego Selfie
2 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Sì
3 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Sì Switch
Peg-Pérego Switch Four
Peg-Pérego Tak
Peg-Pérego Team
Peg-Pérego Triplette Piroet
Peg-Pérego Unico
Peg-Pérego Veloce
3 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Vivace
2 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Ypsi
3 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Aria
DISCONT. in 2015
Peg-Pérego Aria Twin
DISCONT. in 2015
Peg-Pérego Atlantico
3 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Book Plus 500
3 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Booklet Lite DISCONT. in 2016
Peg-Pérego Centro DISCONT. in 2007
Peg-Pérego Culla
2 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Duette Pop Up DISCONT. in 2016
Peg-Pérego Duette (SW)
3 parent reviews
DISCONT. in 2011
Peg-Pérego GT3
17 parent reviews
Peg-Pérego Pliko Four DISCONTINUED
Peg-Pérego Pliko P3 Compact On Track Modular
Peg-Pérego Triplette Pop Up DISCONT. in 2016
Peg-Pérego Triplette (SW) DISCONT. in 2011
Peg-Pérego Uno DISCONT. in 2015
Peg-Pérego Vela Easy Drive DISCONTINUED

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