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Chicco strollers

91 parent reviews

Chicco was founded in 1958 by Pietro Catelli, who wanted to celebrate the birth of his first son Enrico, affectionately known as Chicco. Together with other brands, Chicco is now part of Artsana Group, a company founded by Pietro 12 years before Chicco, specializing in the health products field. Catelli’s idea to provide products suitable from birth to 3 years old toddlers that can be used anywhere has resulted in Chicco’s wide range of products. After the brand became established in Italy, Chicco has expanded over the years. Nowadays, Chicco is present in over 120 countries, with more than 150 shops in Italy and another 160 throughout the world.

Chicco strollers, car seats and other products are boasting with a simple, stylish design and straightforward functionality. All products are created with tradition in mind yet offer innovative and modern solutions. The wide range of Chicco strollers has something for everyone - from popular umbrella strollers such as the Multiway Evo and the Liteway, the versatile 2in1 stroller system Urban Plus to stroller system with a conventional or umbrella chassis. Chicco product range is regularly updated based on recent research and demand.

68 Chicco models
Chicco Goody Pro NEW 2023
Chicco Activ3
5 parent reviews
Chicco Activ3 Air
Chicco Alysia
2 parent reviews
Chicco Best Friend
6 parent reviews
Chicco Best Friend+
Chicco Best Friend Pro
3 parent reviews
Chicco Bravo
Chicco Bravo For 2
Chicco Bravo For 2 LE
Chicco Bravo LE
Chicco Bravo Primo
Chicco Cheerio
Chicco Corso
Chicco Corso LE
Chicco Cortina Together
Chicco Echo
Chicco Echo Twin
Chicco Fully
Chicco Goody
8 parent reviews
Chicco Goody Plus
3 parent reviews
Chicco Kwik.One
4 parent reviews
Chicco Liteway 2
Chicco Liteway 3
Chicco London
Chicco London Up
Chicco LOVE Up
Chicco Miinimo
Chicco Miinimo 2
Chicco Miinimo 3
Chicco Mini Bravo
Chicco Mini Bravo Plus
Chicco Mini Bravo Sport
Chicco Multiride
5 parent reviews
Chicco Multiway Evo
7 parent reviews
Chicco MyCity
Chicco Ohlalà Twin
4 parent reviews
Chicco Ohlalà2
Chicco Ohlalà3
Chicco One4Ever
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Chicco Piccolo
Chicco SimpliCity Plus
Chicco Snappy
Chicco Sprint
Chicco StyleGo
Chicco TRE
Chicco Trolley Me
4 parent reviews
Chicco Urban Plus
Chicco Urban Plus Crossover
Chicco Viaro
2 parent reviews
Chicco We
Chicco Artic DISCONT. in 2015
Chicco Enjoy Fun
Chicco Liteway
9 parent reviews
DISCONT. in 2015
Chicco Liteway Plus DISCONTINUED
Chicco Living
3 parent reviews
Chicco Living Smart DISCONTINUED
Chicco LOVEmotion
DISCONT. in 2017
Chicco Multiway
11 parent reviews
DISCONT. in 2013
Chicco Ohlalà
Chicco S3
2 parent reviews
DISCONT. in 2013
Chicco SimpliCity DISCONT. in 2014
Chicco Urban
DISCONT. in 2014

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