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Affordable Kinderkraft alternatives: What cheap strollers & stroller systems are available?

Dec 2021 | Eli writes & you read in 2 min

You like Kinderkraft strollers and stroller systems but they're either not available around you, or you simply want to have other budget-friendly while modern options to choose from? Here are other brands the parents think about the most when in the 'Kinderkraft' price and design category.

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The cheap while modern Lionelo brand is also a Polish one, and with a similar price and design approach. A very simple while functional choice for those who do not want to overspend on either world-facing pushchairs or 2in1/3in1 prams and stroller systems.


Another Poland-originating brand, Espiro is better known for their robust 2in1/3in1 combinations competing with KK's Prime line of prams. Espiro also offers forward-facing strollers which are a bit more robust than Kinderkraft's as well

Baby Design

Baby Design is also a young parents-oriented Polish brand, better known for its stroller systems. Their Wave pushchair is, however, also a rival to the Kinderkraft's lightweight pushchairs.


A German-origin brand, Hauck is very popular with the low-end prices-wanting parents. A very simple one, their strength truly lies in the cheapness of their products, and the suspension is slightly behind on Hauck models. The colorful fabrics and the wide portfolio make up for that at least partially.


An affordable British brand is one of the most popular in the mid-size pushchair category while offering rather good quality as well as safe car seats. Joie is certainly a very good option, even if maybe slightly more expensive than Kinderkraft.


CBX as a sub-brand of also a competitor brand, Germany-based & world-famous Cybex, is certainly a player mainly in the world-facing pushchairs category. They also offer convertible prams at very, VERY affordable prices that will suit any undemanding urban parent.


A 2021 brand new Polish player, MoMi focuses on only two travel ultra-compact strollers as well as a wide portfolio of bikes, trikes, high-chairs, cots & other products also typical for Kinderkraft.

Safety 1st

Safety 1st is at the very low end as well, while with a much simpler design and functions. A sub-brand of Dorel (owning also Maxi-Cosi, Safety 1stmight be of interest for anybody who doesn't need that much - just simple wheels to get from A to B.

A bit more expensive, but still very competitive brands with a very good price-performance ratio include:

- ABC Design

- Britax

- Chicco

More similarly affordable, often Polish stroller brands include:

- Euro-Cart

- 4baby

- Caretero

- EasyGo

- Chipolino

- Zopa

- Petite&Mars

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