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4baby strollers

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The 4baby is a polish brand launched in 2015. This small, family-like business is also a direct importer focusing on affordable strollers, car seats, travel cots and everything else your child may need.

The 4baby strollers are predominantly urban, destined for easy everyday strolls or secondary use. Despite the fabric being simple, it is often highlighted by an added print, structure or stitching. The strollers such as the Atomic or the Rapid are already a 4baby standard. Over the years, they were improved and renewed, premium editions were added too. The well-known Le Caprice umbrella stroller or the simpler Shape is also a part of the brand. The 4baby doesn’t shy away from innovation. Their product line also includes strollers that are unique in a way - an example being the futuristic Cosmo or the Twins - a double umbrella stroller.