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Chipolino strollers

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Chipolino is a Bulgarian brand of strollers, car seats, baby carriers, high chairs, and other products related to sleeping, playing and bathing. Together with the related Baby Max brand, Chipolino belongs to MAXEUROPE, the largest producer of bicycles in Bulgaria and south-west Europe. Chipolino strollers and other products are a compromise between an acceptable quality, trendy elements, and affordable price. They are destined for less demanding parents expecting simple functionality in an urban environment. Chipolino is offering a wide range of strollers covering all types - stroller systems, 2in1 pramette-type strollers, umbrella strollers, as well as tandem strollers for twins or siblings with a small age gap.

70 Chipolino models
Chipolino Angel
Chipolino April
Chipolino Avenue
Chipolino Breeze
Chipolino Coco
Chipolino Desta
Chipolino Duo Smart
Chipolino Electra
Chipolino Emoji
Chipolino Ergo
Chipolino Exte
Chipolino Fama
Chipolino Fusion
Chipolino Havana
Chipolino Iris
Chipolino Lumia
Chipolino Malta
Chipolino Malta Convertible
Chipolino Mika
Chipolino Milo
Chipolino Mixie
Chipolino Move On
2 parent reviews
Chipolino New Twin Duo preparing for you add review
Chipolino Nina
Chipolino Noah
Chipolino Noby
Chipolino Noma
Chipolino Oreo
Chipolino Passo Doble
Chipolino Prema
Chipolino Primavera
Chipolino Sisi
Chipolino Sofia
Chipolino Tandem
Chipolino Terra
Chipolino Trendy
Chipolino Twix
Chipolino Up&Down
Chipolino Up&Down Convertible
Chipolino Vibe
Chipolino Vivi
Chipolino Aldo DISCONT. in 2017
Chipolino Ava DISCONT. in 2016
Chipolino Brillo DISCONT. in 2015
Chipolino Carolina DISCONT. in 2016
Chipolino Dakota DISCONT. in 2016
Chipolino Delta DISCONT. in 2016
Chipolino Etro DISCONT. in 2016
Chipolino Ferrara DISCONT. in 2016
Chipolino Fusion Convertible DISCONT. in 2017
Chipolino Mika Convertible DISCONT. in 2017
Chipolino Motto DISCONT. in 2017
Chipolino Nana DISCONT. in 2013
Chipolino Nicole DISCONT. in 2015
Chipolino Nina Convertible DISCONT. in 2017
Chipolino Onyx
Chipolino Optima DISCONTINUED
Chipolino Paris
DISCONT. in 2016
Chipolino Pooky DISCONT. in 2017
Chipolino Pooky Travel DISCONT. in 2014
Chipolino Rimini DISCONT. in 2015
Chipolino Rio Bueno DISCONT. in 2016
Chipolino Ritmo DISCONTINUED
Chipolino Tempo DISCONTINUED
Chipolino Tesoro DISCONTINUED
Chipolino Tria Convertible DISCONTINUED
Chipolino Unica DISCONTINUED