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Britax strollers

310 parent reviews

A British company Britax was established in the thirties of the 20th century. It began with the production of car seat belts for adults. Excelsior Motors bought the company in 1963, and since then, Britax has started to focus on the safety of children too. In 1966 Britax has introduced the first car seat for children. In 1978, Britax has acquired Römer, a german company that was producing safety helmets since 1872. Römer was focusing on manufacturing safety equipment for kids since 1970s (in 1971, it was the Römer Peggy car seat, and in 1975, the Römer Peggy Mobil stroller was launched). In 1977, german Britax Römer, in cooperation with Volkswagen, developed the ISOFIX system, which is currently the international standard for attachment points for child safety seats in cars. Britax Römer was the first company achieving the ECER44 approval label in 1981. In Great Britain and other European countries, the company launched a safety system with the R44 approval label. The Side Impact Protection from 1966 - a system with added layers of foam in the sides of the car seat was in 2002 extended into the first headrest able to absorb the impact of a side and rear crash.

Nowadays, Britax Römer is a global company with factories all over the world. The company is focusing on maximizing child safety on the go - either in the car seat, stroller, baby carrier or in the bike seat. Britax Römer is a holder of over 30 patents, and their products are passing safety tests with excellent results. The brand is producing strollers from 2007 and expanding since. In 2011, the company acquired a jogging & running stroller brand BOB. In 2013, Swedish company Brio has joined Britax Römer, and finally, in 2017, Britax Römer acquired the Danish high-end brand Seed. Britax is offering a wide range of strollers with almost everything what the parent may need. Lightweight and compact B-Agile and B-Motion strollers, available in a double version too, are also a part of the portfolio of the brand, along with the all-terrain Go range, lead by the highest Go Big. There is also the single-to-double convertible B-Ready stroller and various ultra-lightweight travel strollers. All strollers are combining high safety standard with a modern and functional design.

45 Britax models
Britax Affinity 2
7 parent reviews
Britax B-Agile 3
8 parent reviews
Britax B-Agile 4
33 parent reviews
Britax B-Agile 4 Plus
17 parent reviews
Britax B-Agile Double
Britax B-Agile M
11 parent reviews
Britax B-Agile R
6 parent reviews
Britax B-Clever
3 parent reviews
Britax B-Free
Britax B-Lite V2
Britax B-Lively
Britax B-Lively Double
Britax B-Motion 3
22 parent reviews
Britax B-Motion 3 Plus
12 parent reviews
Britax B-Motion 4
42 parent reviews
Britax B-Motion 4 Plus
60 parent reviews
Britax B-Ready 2017
Britax B-Ready G3
Britax Go
7 parent reviews
Britax Go Big
12 parent reviews
Britax Go Big2
8 parent reviews
Britax Go Next
17 parent reviews
Britax Go Next2
Britax Gravity II
Britax Holiday
Britax Holiday Double
Britax Holiday2
Britax Pathway
Britax Smile 3
16 parent reviews
Britax Strider M
2 parent reviews
Britax Affinity
10 parent reviews
DISCONT. in 2015
Britax B-Dual
DISCONT. in 2015
Britax B-Mobile 3 DISCONT. in 2012
Britax B-Mobile 4
2 parent reviews
DISCONT. in 2012
Britax B-Ready DISCONT. in 2016
Britax B-Smart 3 DISCONT. in 2016
Britax B-Smart 4
4 parent reviews
DISCONT. in 2016
Britax Smile DISCONT. in 2016
Britax Smile 2
3 parent reviews
DISCONT. in 2019
Britax Verve
2 parent reviews
Britax Vigour 3 DISCONTINUED
Britax Vigour 3+ DISCONTINUED
Britax Vigour 4 DISCONTINUED
Britax Vigour 4+

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