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Seed strollers

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Seed is originally a Danish brand of luxurious strollers and related accessories, established in collaboration with one of the biggest Danish designer - Knud Holscher. Seed offers only two strollers, both equipped with a robust yet ultra-compact chassis that is only 22 cm wide when folded. The chassis is made of a mixture of high-quality processed metals such as magnesium and aluminum. As a result, the stroller is sturdy and lightweight at the same time. The revolutionary Pli was released in three generations already. Limited editions in collaboration with iconic Fiat 500 were also available. Eventually, the Pli was complemented by the luxurious, superior Papilio with a new type of ergonomic seat unit. The high-end design of Seed strollers is underlined by their clean lines and easy maneuverability, which reflects in a higher price. Accessories also have to be purchased separately.