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BOB strollers

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BOB is an American brand of running & jogging strollers, bike trailers and other accessories for active families. The brand was established in sunny California in 1994 by Philip Novotny, an aircraft engineer and Roger Malinowski, a cyclist expert. They started with YAK bike trailer with a single row of wheels. In 1997, they created BOB - the name being an acronym of the original, quite complicated name, Beast of Burden.

When Roger and Philip began to start families, they were inspired to design and build a superior jogging stroller. Testing the strollers on their own children, they held the same high standards as for their trailers, combining the ability to conquer demanding terrain, sport, and day-to-day life. Soon after the first BOB stroller - the Sport Utility Stroller - was induced to the market, customers started asking for a two-seat stroller which led to the introduction of the Sport Utility Duallie. In 2005, strollers with a swiveling front wheel, such as the Revolution, were introduced. Britax bought the brand in 2011.

BOB strollers are best known for their durability, versatility, and maneuverability. The brand focuses primarily on the quality and the functional design.