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  • Compactness
  • Lightness
  • Weight
  • One-handed handling
  • Wheels
  • Probably the only thing is the cord to adjust the seat, but it's a matter of habit

From P&M, probably the best stroller I've ever had. Lightweight, stackable and most importantly! has rubber wheels. Finally. I've been so resistant to them and they've ended up being absolutely great. I'm looking forward to not having to deal with the inflation. For me, as a parent who depends on public transportation, it's really great. Really 10/10.

Very light, quick to fold and very comfortable. I am very happy with it :)

It's our sweetheart

  • Looks - it's really beautiful
  • Possibility to change canopies
  • Easy handling
  • Foldable
  • Always gets dirty from the wheels when folded into the car

For me a great stroller. When we didn't need a 3-in-1 set anymore, so we bought this stroller. I'm really happy with it and even though I don't have the inflatable wheels, I can still go anywhere I want. It's our sweetheart. The only minus really is that it gets dirty when folded in the car - from the wheels.

After a month, it disappointed

  • High weight capacity up to 25kg
  • Handles worse terrain
  • Handle for child covered in leatherette
  • Inflatable wheels can be purchased
  • Canopies can be replaced (along with the liners and covers)
  • The inflatable wheels are harder to control, but the plastic ones rattle a lot
  • I had to grease the front wheels often (rain + dust and it was harder to steer)
  • Folding with one hand only after releasing the safety
  • When folding the stroller, I had to go back with the stroller first so that the front wheels would not get in the way when folded and it folded to the desired size
  • In the maximum upright position, the fabric snapped back on the little one's head - it needs to be adjusted backwards
  • Foam handle for parent (rubbed off when folding and already had damage)
  • And what bothered me a lot - after 1 month of not daily use the canopy on the stroller faded!
  • With the inflatable wheels it already weighs about 11kg
  • Without the possibility to hang the bag on the handle (it says also in the instructions)

After a month of use, it disappointed me.

Beautiful, lightweight, compact

  • When folding the stroller, there is no handle to hold the stroller and put it in the car

Best stroller I've ever had. Beautiful, lightweight, compact.

  • Weight
  • Maneuverability
  • No suspensions
  • Got bumped and scratched quickly

I'm happy with it, we just have plastic wheels, so it's not great for the terrain. But it can handle riding in the garden, in the sand, on the beach or in the snow. I like the weight and the relatively easy handling. It's not as cushioned as our first stroller, the ABC Design Viper 3S, but it's much more compact.



It's perfect, I have nothing to fault it with.

Except for the fact that it can't be put into a full sitting position, it's great.

Except for the fact that it can't be put into a full sitting position, it's great.

Nothing special

  • Easy to fold
  • Sit-lie positioning (disaster)
  • Not stable over worse terrain

Nothing special, weak average...

There's plenty of room in it

  • Inflatable wheels
  • Large canopy with ventilation
  • Front wheel lock
  • Plenty of space
  • Easy to fold
  • Very easy to handle
  • Quite light
  • Rubberised leg rest
  • Rattling front wheels in tougher terrain
  • Cannot be put into a complete lie-flat
  • Cannot be put into a perpendicular sitting position

Quite a lightweight stroller (compared to other strollers with inflatable wheels). Easy to fold (with one hand), nice design. Front wheels rattle a bit on heavy terrain, maybe you just need to oil them - I don't know, I haven't tried it yet. The inflatable wheels are totally cool. Too bad it can't be put in full 180-degree recline and perpendicular sitting position. Otherwise, there's plenty of room in it, the baby doesn't squeeze in and the canopy is super big so the sun doesn't bother when napping 😊

  • inflatable wheels can be purchased
  • leatherette handle
  • easy to clean
  • large basket for shopping
  • bag directly behind the stroller canopy
  • easy to fold
  • cannot be put into full recline
  • cannot be put into a full sitting position
  • the mesh on the backrest catches on the child's head
  • foam parent handle (where the stroller is pushed), we made a leather cover to make the handle last as long as possible
  • not cushioned
  • can't hang the changing bag right

The stroller is nice, easy to fold, but I miss the suspension. What bothers me the most is that it can't be put fully into a sitting or lying position. If I were to buy it again, I would probably give it some serious consideration.



A great stroller.

  • Spacious
  • Extended hood
  • Gel wheels (but you can buy inflatable ones)

I am very satisfied with the pushchair. We have had it for almost two years and I still can't get enough of it. It is big and spacious, the little one sleeps in it even now at 2,5 years old.

Satisfaction for us. A very good stroller for older children - spacious, comfortable, lightweight (with plastic wheels), can go through almost everything, nice features (folding in one piece, gradual back positioning, leg positioning, window in the canopy, etc.), easy to find accessories for it, does not tip over (even when the child is yanking to be standing up, tested many times).

After four months of intensive use, the handle is a little tilted to one side, it will go on complaint. From discussions, this happens quite often with this stroller.

Absolutely great


An absolutely great stroller.

It can handle almost any terrain

  • looks
  • interchangeable wheels
  • steering
  • accessories
  • harder to fold

Great stroller, it can handle almost any terrain.

It's got everything I need

  • Different hoods that can be purchased separately
  • Spacious basket
  • Sufficient space for the child
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • You can buy wheels for off-road
  • Positioning of the legs and back
  • Parent handle positioning
  • Nothing to reproach β™‘

It's got everything I need. As the biggest advantage I take the possibility of buying new hoods... Thanks to this, the stroller looks different every time :-)

Sturdy wheels, spacious seat and basket


Great stroller, perfectly manageable. Beautiful collection of hoods. Sturdy wheels, spacious seat and basket.


  • pretty
  • light
  • variable
  • large canopy
  • adjustable legs
  • adjustable handle
  • high carrying capacity
  • I kind of didn't like the design of the space under the feet, between the wheels - wide and flat

A universal pushchair - great for strolling in the city, comfortable in the mountains.

  • Spacious
  • Reclining (back and legs) up to lie flat
  • Easy handling
  • Compact
  • Stable
  • Possibility to change colour if one gets tired of the old one
  • The only one we found, the positioning of the backrest with a strap - it's not a defect, just - not as convenient 😊

We haven't tried many of them, that's true. But we didn't have to. After reading many reviews about this stroller, the choice was clear. We have it fully equipped from the rain cover to the seat liner to the bag.

For us the best choice

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Can be easily handled with one hand
  • Traverses worse terrain
  • If I recline it down, I can take things out of the basket
  • Handle can be positioned
  • When there is a footmuff in, it is harder to fold
  • The rain cover has a small-ish opening
  • Pebbles get stuck in the wheels

For us the best choice when it comes to a pushhcair πŸ”πŸ˜‰

The customer service is great, too


I was very happy with it. I also had a more expensive pram and it didn't do what I wanted... I really recommend it. And the customer service is great, too.

Easy to control

  • Manipulation
  • Compactness
  • Weight
  • Design
  • Large basket
  • The plastic wheels are a bit noisy

So far maximum satisfaction. Easy to control.

  • Spacious
  • Stylish
  • With inflatable wheels suitable for all terrain
  • Canopies are exchangeable
  • Price

An amazing stroller! For me the best one I've had so far. I have the Street Air version with the inflatable wheels and the Limited 100 Princess canopy. And truly people are turning their heads when seeing it on the street, too πŸ™‚ .

The ride is smooth, whether on pavement or grass, the wheels can handle it. The tires on them are pretty thick, which I've tested - I didn't get a flat when I stuck a pin in. The frame is sleek black, solid, doesn't squeak.

It fits all available canopies, when you replace them you get a completely new (different) stroller. On the canopy there is a handy pouch for storing small things. Additional storage space can be found at the bottom of the frame in the form of a spacious shopping basket.

The bar for the child is covered with eco leather, which is certainly better than foam. Folding is easy - it was harder at first, but after a while it goes smoothly. The same applies when positioning the backrest.

The stroller is spacious and yet not too sturdy. I would definitely buy it again 😊

Has gone over everything


The perfect pushchair who has gone over everything.

The price-performance ratio is ok

  • Price
  • Handles light terrain just fine, on heavier terrain it rattles
  • Wheel locking
  • Inflatable wheels, replaceable with gel wheels
  • Colorful canopies and limited editions
  • Handle positioning
  • Backrest positioning is not a full lie flat or nor fulll upright position
  • Leg rest positioning (not accessible from the bottom)
  • Things fall out of the basket
  • Folding out, everything rolls on the floor
  • Storage - there are more compact strollers
  • The seat can get a bump in it after some time of use, then the baby sits so strangely in it

The thing that bothered me the most was folding the stroller - it folded inside out, so everything always fell out onto the floor. The whole stroller rolls around on the floor then, or one struggles with it in the hand - not to put it on the floor.

Otherwise, the price-performance ratio is ok. Lightweight, but it's not for daily folding in the car, that's crazy. I kept struggling with it in the parking lot, everything was dirty. I haven't found the right way I guess.

Great in terms of functionality

  • Looks
  • Possibility of changing the canopies
  • Extended canopy
  • Folding
  • Easy handling
  • Does not fit every changing bag
  • Cannot face the parent

The stroller is great in terms of functionality. The price is also great.

  • Price
  • One-handed operation
  • Long hood
  • Five-point harness belt
  • Large enough basket
  • Can be reclined flat
  • Leg positioning
  • Can be folded and unfolded quickly
  • Pocket on the back of the canopy for small items
  • Canopies can be changed
  • Can handle any terrain (inflatable wheels can be purchased extra)

I am extremely satisfied 😊 I have nothing to complain about. My daughter is 22 months old and still has plenty of room. She loves to sleep in the stroller. The stroller is very easy and good to control.

A practical pushchair


A practical pushchair, nicely foldable.

We can't praise it enough

  • Light
  • Quickly foldable
  • Saves space
  • Wide enough for a footmuff
  • Easy to fold into the car trunk

Satisfaction in every respect. We can't praise it enough.

Matched the price

  • Compact
  • Light
  • Adjustable
  • Bad steering
  • Foam/plastic wheels were making the push harder

The stroller matched the price they were selling it for.

  • Pretty design
  • Large canopy
  • Short harness belts
  • Folding

Nice - only I would love the reverse folding as with Valco.

I haven't seen a nicer one

  • Light
  • Easily steerable
  • Design
  • Modern
  • Canopy changing options
  • It's a shame the handlebar doesn't reverse to the opposite direction

Great, lightweight, we have a limit of 100 pieces, pink with swans, I haven't seen a nicer one πŸ™‚ Possibility to buy a hood and straps - and you have a new stroller πŸ™‚

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to steer
  • I mind a bit that the sitting position is not totally upright

The price/performance ratio is totally worth it.

Satisfaction with the price and quality

  • Pretty
  • Sturdy
  • Fits a Skoda fabia
  • Not too expensive
  • Large sun visor
  • Enough space for the kid
  • Quite large basket
  • None so far

Satisfaction with the price and quality - and it is very compact.

Easy to use, also easy to fold in the car

  • Easy to fold
  • Compact
  • Lightweight frame
  • Inflatable wheels TOP

Best pushchair β™₯️ Easy to use, also easy to fold in the car. A TOP of the line stroller.

I had foam wheels and they didn't suit me

  • High load capacity
  • Spaciousness
  • Large shopping basket
  • Takes up little space when folded
  • Canopy can be replaced
  • Expensive inflatable wheels
  • Foam wheels are terrible
  • No suspension
  • Folds to the outside
  • The leg cover fastens poorly and does not protect sufficiently from the wind
  • Canopy could be longer
  • After half a year of use, the stroller is shaky and squeaks
  • Does not recline easily

I used this stroller for half a year. I had foam wheels and they didn't suit me. I also didn't like that the stroller was not cushioned. Other things like carrying capacity, spaciousness, and the ability to replace the canopy are great.

  • compact
  • pretty
  • swappable hoods so you are never bored with it
  • I found no cons

A great buy. We have a limited edition and we bought inflatable wheels for it, and I haven't regretted the purchase yet...

Some women write that they had the pram on warranty repair, I have a feeling that one time they probably changed the supplier of plastics, so the frame broke. Our piece was bought in August 2017 and so far it works like a dragon, it has no defect or damage. Now my daughter rides in it. It has a high load capacity and the shopping basket can take a lot.

I can definitely only recommend it, it is the only pram on which you can change the wheels.

Everything I required from a stroller


Everything I required from a stroller :-)

It got broken a few times


It got broken a few times, all the time I had to put it in for a complaint.

My Petite&Mars Street stroller in Steel Blue is just great. Easy to use, easy to fold, fits really everywhere, the little one has a lot of space in it. I recommend it with all 10❀

  • Load capacity
  • Appearance
  • 5-point belt
  • Weight
  • Bad manipulation
  • Folding
  • Tall husband stumbling on the brake
  • Price - you have to buy everything

Suitable for the city, for shopping. Bad handling particularly on cobble stones - maybe inflatable wheels would solve it. Bought as a replacement stroller, smaller for shopping - I didn't want an umbrella type.

Very easy to ride even on moderate terrain

  • Design
  • Good handling even one-handed
  • Can tackle moderate terrain
  • Docela Quite heavy
  • Bulky a bit when folded, takes up some space in the trunk

Very nice. Unfortunately, it is quite heavy for travelling and folding and large even when folded. Cannot be put fully into a fully upright position, the child is still slightly slanted still.

Very easy to ride even on moderate terrain, we have it with inflatable wheels. It is easy to handle with one hand. Large shopping basket.

Perfect for me


Easy to use, compact, beautiful design. Really perfect for me.

Perfect for us


Easy to drive around 🀩 Sturdy, roomy, perfect for us.

Comfortable for both baby and parent

  • Inflatable wheels
  • Design
  • Solid frame
  • Comfortable even for a larger child
  • Smooth ride
  • Great for all terrain

So far we have been using for a year. We fold and unfold very often - everything holds as when it was new. Comfortable for both baby and parent.

The perfect stroller, I would buy it a second time. Lightweight, easy to fold, large and practical at the same time. Adjustable backrest and handle, large storage... It has been through various road-trips with us and is still great ☺️ Little one is three years old and we still use it for longer walks πŸ‘

If I were to buy this again, I would never do it. I've had it for about 2 months and it's all bent + it's been on warranty repair twice. The first time 3 days after purchase - there was a crooked wheel (they replaced it). After about a month the folding started to get stuck, and we had it folded only once. Two weeks later it could not be folded at all. We went to complain about it. Now I've had it at home for 3 days and I folded it again on the tenth time, so it will go to the complaint again.

  • Compactness
  • Spaciousness
  • Carrying capacity
  • Basket
  • Reclining

A great, compact, spacious stroller with a great design.

We used it just a little

  • fuss-free when in use, everything works as it should
  • too small a pocket - wet wipes, nappy and cream :-D and it is full

Satisfaction, but we used it just a little... The little one preferred to run rather than ride...

Easy to drive around


Easy to drive around, easy to fold, and beautiful.

7.5 out of 10

  • Possibility to change canopies
  • Design
  • Lightweight frame
  • Folding does not take much time or space
  • Inflatable wheels can be purchased
  • Excellent front wheel rotation
  • Plenty of space - suitable for older children
  • The drawstrings for positioning are very impractical, when pulling down I almost always woke up the baby
  • Impossibility to have the baby facing you
  • Weaker cushioning - but for the city it is enough
  • Neither the seat cover nor the canopy can be washed

I would rate it 7.5 out of 10 πŸ™‚

Only a few niggles can be found

  • Design
  • Light weight
  • Canopies can be changed
  • Only in the world-facing direction
  • Folding
  • I miss a foot support

Overall satisfaction, only a few niggles can be found.

  • Lightweight
  • Doesn't take up much space in the trunk
  • Great price
  • Canopy pocket
  • Canopies can be changed
  • Easy to steer
  • Window on the canopy
  • Extendable canopy
  • Leg positioning
  • Spacious lying area
  • The second time around, I would invest in inflatable wheels

I was very happy with the pushchair, and so was my son.

Poor quality

  • One hand steering
  • The wheels were jamming
  • The structure was cracking
  • Short hood
  • Heavy
  • Non-detachable covers
  • Wheels were worn out after 2 months

Poor quality materials - the construction was breaking, the wheels after two months of use looked as if I had used it for three generations.

  • Controllable with one hand
  • Very spacious
  • Reclining up to a lie-flat
  • Leg rest positioning
  • Adjustable handle (so suitable for couples who have very different heights)
  • Large and accessible basket (on the side when baby is sleeping)
  • Wide canopy
  • Although it is relatively stable, it can tip over when the handle is overloaded
  • The seat part deforms a bit after prolonged use (especially if the child often stands on it)
  • Leg positioning is harder to access

We have had it since May 2018 and are still using it (January 2020), We bought it straight with inflatable wheels.

My son is already 3,5 years old, but because he is smaller, he can fit in it even in a winter foot muff - so it is very spacious. I will definitely keep it for my second child because even though we give him a hard time in terrain (we ride it on dirt roads and have been in the woods with it), it is still in very good condition.

We once complained about the left wheel where the bearing fell out, but it was all done, repaired within a month and no problems since.

Folding the seat outwards has proved to be a big advantage for me personally, as it's great for knocking out all the crumbs in the seat.

  • spacious
  • easy to fold
  • beautiful canopies to choose from
  • none

Good purchase, I do not regret it. Reasonable price, great choice of coloured canopies.

Extremely happy

  • lightweight
  • foldable
  • plenty of space
  • inflatable wheels can be purchased optionally
  • plastic basic wheels

I've only had it for a couple of weeks so far, but I'm extremely happy πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

It's great. The only thing that bothers me is the strap system for adjusting the backrest. Thumbs dooooown.

  • Price
  • Low weight
  • Safe folding thanks to safety lock
  • Changing the canopy
  • Rubberised section at foot area
  • Plenty of space
  • Excellent front wheel locking
  • High load capacity
  • With a heavier changing bag, the stroller tips over
  • Foam wheels rattle with frequent use
  • No suspension
  • The basket under the stroller cannot be zipped and things fall out
  • When sitting down, the back part has to be pushed back so that it doesn't press against the head
  • Belly bar is difficult to put down

I am very satisfied with the stroller - except for a few minor things, but they are not so important.

I was sweating a lot when choosing a stroller. But the possibility of changing the canopy made my eyes shine bright. The frame is light, folds practical and safe.

I couldn't have found a better stroller for the price. Ideal choice for a child who you don't know if in half a year he will be liking their stroller anymore and you won't regret the money you invested.

Handy, lightweight, folds very well

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Steerable with one hand
  • Adjustable handle
  • Handy shopping basket
  • Many accessories can be purchased
  • Not so high quality foam wheels
  • Harder frame (not too much suspension)

We are very happy with the stroller. It is handy, lightweight, folds very well, but the wheels are already, after two weeks of ordinary use already, showing wear and looseness, which is impractical.

Just perfect

  • Spacious
  • I know about none

Superb stroller - light, spacious, just perfect.

It's great when it has inflatable wheels


The best pushchair we've had, and it's great when it has inflatable wheels.

Absolutely great


An absolutely great stroller.

Really great stroller at a great price


A great stroller. It is easy to handle and you can get everywhere with it. Easy to fold and put in the car and so good for traveling. I have the first version where there is no leg positioning yet, but the new versions are getting better and have fixed hopefully all the flaws. Really great stroller at a great price.

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