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goldmolly says:
"The ride is smooth, whether on pavement or grass"
and gives the Petite&Mars Street

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  • Spacious
  • Stylish
  • With inflatable wheels suitable for all terrain
  • Canopies are exchangeable
  • Price

An amazing stroller! For me the best one I've had so far. I have the Street Air version with the inflatable wheels and the Limited 100 Princess canopy. And truly people are turning their heads when seeing it on the street, too 🙂 .

The ride is smooth, whether on pavement or grass, the wheels can handle it. The tires on them are pretty thick, which I've tested - I didn't get a flat when I stuck a pin in. The frame is sleek black, solid, doesn't squeak.

It fits all available canopies, when you replace them you get a completely new (different) stroller. On the canopy there is a handy pouch for storing small things. Additional storage space can be found at the bottom of the frame in the form of a spacious shopping basket.

The bar for the child is covered with eco leather, which is certainly better than foam. Folding is easy - it was harder at first, but after a while it goes smoothly. The same applies when positioning the backrest.

The stroller is spacious and yet not too sturdy. I would definitely buy it again 😊

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