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ep8985 says:
"After a month, it disappointed"
and gives the Petite&Mars Street

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After a month, it disappointed

  • High weight capacity up to 25kg
  • Handles worse terrain
  • Handle for child covered in leatherette
  • Inflatable wheels can be purchased
  • Canopies can be replaced (along with the liners and covers)
  • The inflatable wheels are harder to control, but the plastic ones rattle a lot
  • I had to grease the front wheels often (rain + dust and it was harder to steer)
  • Folding with one hand only after releasing the safety
  • When folding the stroller, I had to go back with the stroller first so that the front wheels would not get in the way when folded and it folded to the desired size
  • In the maximum upright position, the fabric snapped back on the little one's head - it needs to be adjusted backwards
  • Foam handle for parent (rubbed off when folding and already had damage)
  • And what bothered me a lot - after 1 month of not daily use the canopy on the stroller faded!
  • With the inflatable wheels it already weighs about 11kg
  • Without the possibility to hang the bag on the handle (it says also in the instructions)

After a month of use, it disappointed me.

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