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Very good

  • Good wheels also suitable for worse terrain
  • Extended canopy
  • Nice design
  • Easy to handle
  • I noticed none so far

A very good stroller. I am happy with it.

  • Good driving characteristics
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight-ish for a system
  • Canopy on the seat is foldable, has ventilation - no visor needed
  • Weak suspension
  • The baby cannot be rocked
  • The bassinet is more open
  • Front wheels made of foam

It's really easy to control. You can go off-road, but it won't be very comfortable for a child. The suspension is not great.

I had to have a shade on the bassinet, the opening to the canopy is quite large, so the protection against wind or sun is not much. On newer models, the canopy can be extended even on the bassinet.

Otherwise I was satisfied, although I missed the ability to rock the baby. The stroller seat is spacious and has an absolutely luxurious canopy. I just felt that when it adjusts to the maximum sitting position, it's still more of a semi-recliner. My baby didn't want to lean back in it. It was great for sleeping, though.

I ended up selling the stroller and buying something more compact and lighter for the car. For my next baby, I'm going to get a stroller with the ability to rock the baby properly.

  • Wheels
  • Extended canopy
  • Folding
  • I found none

Very nice and practical stroller even for worse terrain. Maximum satisfaction.

Nothing to complain about

  • Design
  • Handles well
  • Handles any terrain
  • Doesn't rattle, it's solid
  • Bassinet is large enough
  • Definitely the weight

We are extremely satisfied with the stroller and have nothing to complain about.

The best stroller


Moon Nuova City 2017 burgundy - the best stroller 😍

Full marks


I give it full marks.

  • Very easy to steer
  • The stroller handles even more difficult terrain
  • It is very easy to push, even with one hand
  • Has a large basket
  • The bassinet is spacious
  • The canopy can be beautifully extended
  • The baby can observe the world even when riding on the tummy
  • The seat can be put lying down, the canopy can be extended nicely
  • A bit bulkier seat unit

I wasn't completely satisfied with the stroller at the beginning, but after half a year I can say that I am very happy with my choice.

Very good quality stroller

  • Height
  • Compactness
  • Durability
  • Design
  • It has no cons

Very good quality stroller, especially for that money πŸ˜‰

It didn't disappoint

  • Large wheels with suspension
  • There was no problem in any terrain
  • Seat part wide enough
  • Faces both directions
  • Large hood
  • Folding
  • Weight

It didn't disappoint. It handled any terrain...

Just the best

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Wheels

It's just the best. Compact, easy to fold and unfold.

The pram goes very easily over the snow


We have used the cot to the maximum, my daughter likes to sleep in the pram. The hood was just right both in summer and in winter.

The pram goes very easily over the snow (even on freshly fallen one) without any problems, it can also push ok in a meadow. The first weeks we didn't even know that we had the rear suspension, but then it started to work and we realized that "it moves." πŸ˜ƒ

Recently, we switched to the seat part and it bothers me that the hood does not "click in" anymore, the fabric always looks like it is crumpled. I used to ride the stroller every day on the country roads - I used to pay a lot of attention to it, but after half a year the front wheels started to rattle unbelievably. We solved it with rubber pads inserts - we put them where the wheels are clicked and also in the middle of the wheels. The rattling has completely stopped and it's a quiet little pram.

The frame creaks a little here and there, but that's normal according to me. Otherwise for me great satisfaction.

Definitely a good choice


For us the top stroller and I have to admit that we have considered several. Lightweight enough, foldable, great for worse terrain or bad weather. Spacious - even the bassinet which we used for a long time. Also the seat unit, which is great in the summer, even now with a footmuff. Definitely a good choice.

Great for the price

  • Design
  • Large seat
  • Good handling when riding
  • Large basket
  • Extended canopy
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Stroller weight
  • Stroller bag sold separately

Moon Nuova City 2018 has a great design, modern colors. As for the cot, it's a bit narrower, but you can fit a bigger sized cosytoes in (I had Elodie Details).

The seat is large and comfortable for the baby as it can also be put in full recline. I'm sure there are better strollers on the market, but this stroller is great for the price.

  • Full lie flat position
  • Gel wheels
  • Facing both the world and the mummy
  • Leg positioning
  • Difficult to manoeuvre if the seat unit is facing rearward

The bassinet is large and spacious enough, with a net on the sun canopy. The seat unit can be put in both forward and rearward facing, but it is a bit harder to manoeuvre when it is facing the opposite direction.

It has 3 positions: full reclining, half reclining and sitting. Leg positioning and seat belts are standard. The stroller comes with a liner, a rain cover and car seat adapters. The wheels on the construction are gel.

For me it's a total banger, this pram. Elegant, unique, I can pass in any terrain.

Great for the village and the city

  • Light
  • Great steering
  • The older version does not have an extendable sun canopy

Great pram - both for the village and the city πŸ™‚

I will go over any terrain with it

  • elegant
  • unique
  • for every terrain

For me it's a total TOP of the line. Elegant, unique, I will go over any terrain with it.

Doesn't have a single flaw


Amazing stroller! Doesn't have a single flaw πŸ’™

Excellent, just quite heavy

  • Large canopy
  • Adjustable handle
  • Large storage basket
  • Easy maintenance
  • Stability
  • Large selection of car seats that fit the adapter
  • Rattling front wheels
  • High weight
  • Worse storage in the car

An excellent stroller. I really appreciate the large canopy, so the stroller does not get cold inside and does not get blown in at all. Also, the front wheels are super big, with these the terrain is more manageable. Further positives include a large basket under the stroller, a height-adjustable handle, and easy maintenance. But the negative is that after a while, the wheels start to rattle slightly, or squeak when moisture gets in them. The stroller is also quite heavy, which is an advantage in its great stability, but a disadvantage in handling and folding, for example, in the car.

  • Roomy
  • I got nothing

We will definitely keep it for the nest baby πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

It has withstood everything

  • Compact
  • Practical
  • Fabrics are not machine washable
  • No apron for the seat unit

I am satisfied with the carriage. My son fits in it at 24 months and still has plenty of room and comfort. We tested it both in the city and in the village, on the forest road, on the stairs, etc... it has withstood everything. As a minus, I would say that the screws on the wheels after the first year caught slight rust during the winter time... probably due to salted sidewalks and snow. Otherwise it's great, doesn't fade in the summer, holds its color beautifully, doesn't squeak... just great.

The pram pretends to be off-road, but unfortunately it is not so. The springs on the front wheels are just ridiculous, they don't cushion at all, they just jingle on uneven surfaces. The stroller is not cushioned, it is hard, it rattles, for example on cobblestones. It is ideally suited for a flat asphalt road or a pavement made of cobblestones. It can handle a path of small choked stones, e.g. in a park, but larger stones are already a problem.

It was still okay with the carrycot, which is a decent size, but with the pushchair, when the child is facing me, the centre of gravity and handling is quite horrible, I have to work hard when I go over a curb to lift it up to get to the pavement. If the baby is facing the direction of travel, it's better. The pushchair has a pretty short footrest, I don't think it will be enough for us for very long. We fold the stroller about twice a week in the car and after less than 8 months of use, one part of the frame has warped (there is plastic in the joint). On the plus side, the design and the nice materials are good, the canopy is long (zippered), the seat is not the smallest... the price does not include any accessories except the rain cover (I bought a bag and a handmuff sleeve, which were quite expensive).

Since I don't only go to the shopping park, but we also go on hikes (not downright heavy terrain), it's a disappointment for me.

  • Easy to maneuvre
  • Nice look
  • Washable
  • Easy to ride on every surface
  • Compact and steady
  • Really big wheels
  • Easy to block the wheels
  • It lasts
  • Lower upper part of the basket
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Takes a lot of space in the car
  • Not cool to carry
  • Small space under

Only bassinet (as the seat part is not yet in use):

I bought it pre-used and am more than satisfied with it. While it really is heavy and bulky it really is easy to manipulate. It can be easily managed in all kind of surfaces, while the suspension could still be better (driving it is still a little hard).

The carrycot is washable and after at least 1,5 year of usage it looks brand new and modern.

It's easy foldable but not easy to carry or to pack in the car. It takes a lot of space, too.

The upper part of the basket (where the head is) is lower than where the feet are - I put a little pillow under the head too.

  • looks stylish and elegant
  • the inside of the carrycot is machine-washable
  • carrycot hood is huge 🀩

We bought it with the expectations of the famous German quality. The pram is well-built, though, there is room for improvement. The front wheels can be heard going over cobblestones or bumpy roads, and they are not the best for going down a curb.

The folding is not the easest, and the folded pram is quite bit. It is taking most of the space of our SUV. On the other hand, thee frame is very sturdy. You also get accessories included with the price. Overall, I can recommend it for parents needing a robust-feeling, sturdy system.

A good "starter" pram

  • bassinet canopy
  • bassinet space
  • a large stroller good for tall parents
  • heavy
  • open seat
  • the front wheels got a bit noisy over time

We liked it quite a lot. More so with the bassinet, the baby was so snug inside. Even a large footmuff fit in there. The seat is also OK, though, much more open. In any case, as our baby grew into a toddler, we bought something much lighter. So a good "starter" pram from my point of view. The value for the price is good.

  • Stylish pram
  • Spacious carrycot
  • Large wheels
  • Not much suspension, hard ride
  • No cosy toes for the pushchair mode
  • Heavy
  • Bulky

I truly expected more suspension on such a large, heavy pram. The ride is too hard for my taste. The folded size is very large and hard to load in the car boot, also because of its weight. One last niggle - the baby's head is too low in the carrycot, lower than its feet. I put a pillow under the mattress to make it better.

The pram looks really nice though. The seat looks much less spacious than the carrycot, and I miss cosy toes to protect the baby a bit. I think we will stay with this one about a year and a half, not more - the lifting it stresses me out too much for it to last longer anyway.

  • Nice design
  • Sturdy chassis that doesn't get stuck when folded even after so much time
  • Large, accessible basket
  • One-hand steering on smooth surfaces
  • No fading nor damage to the seat unit over time
  • Leg rest adjustment and expandable hood
  • Very heavy and awkward, bad steering on uneven surfaces
  • Doesn't cope with snow at all
  • Not at all compact (very bulky, two piece fold)
  • Bad angle of the carrycot
  • Small seat unit
  • The seat's recline gets stuck
  • No suspension can be felt
  • very wobbly over time

For me, this was a nice stylish stroller that is suitable mainly around town.

As for the chassis as such, it seems relatively sturdy to me, it is easy to fold and disassemble even after long use - it does not get stuck at all. However, it is a heavier and bulky stroller, which is suitable only for the city, and a larger car boot, because it is difficult to fit into a smaller one. It is also difficult to cope with smaller bumps on the sidewalks, the larger ones it will not even tackle, and neither it can deal with snow. On flat surfaces, it can be pushed with one hand without any problems. It is not possible to control it with one hand when going on uneven surfaces, though.

It is more suitable for shorter parents or parents with short steps. I have 172 cm, a slightly longer step - and despite the fact that my handle is set at the highest level, I kick the brake.

The front wheels rattle considerably over time. They are sprung, but it is especially strange as I don't feel the suspension.

It has a relatively large shopping basket and access to it is fuss-free, both in the case of the carrycot and the seat part.

The carrycot is a little better to use on this frame than the seat. However, it is tilted in such a way that the head of the baby is lower than its legs.

As for the seat unit, the seat was spacious, difficult to use actually, and it cannot be folded with the frame. Over time, the lever for positioning the seat back gets stuck. The advantage is a large, expandable hood and leg rest positioning. Some may also consider the reversibility of the seat an advantage. The seat is in a good condition, not damaged or faded even after quite some time time.

When I had to go out with this model in the pushchair mode (I must say didn't like to, since it's quite difficult and awkward to steer), I went only around town, where the sidewalks are better maintained; the usability on worse condition was much poorer. I personally would not get it again, especially because of the seat part.

An excellent pram, good even on more demanding terrain. Quality textiles that looks almost like new even after a year, no damages at all.

  • Large stable wheels
  • For all terrains
  • Easy to steer with one hand
  • Seat can face both directions
  • Fits in a smaller car (I have a Skoda Fabia)
  • Simple nice design
  • Canopy can be extended and pulled more forward
  • I would appreciate more storage space

The stroller is suitable for active and practical parents. It can handle walks in the city, village paths in all weathers, garden, dirt roads and even walks in the countryside. We haven't had the slightest problem with it.

The bassinet is large enough, it easily fits a footmuff and a blanket as well, and so does the seat. The seat unit can also be turned to face the road pr the parent. We used both ways and in both I managed to steer the stroller with one hand, because in the other hand I was holding the leash with the dog.

I used to take it on walks at a very fast pace, up to a run, and the stroller managed that too. Folded up, it also fit in the trunk of a smaller car.

Nice, functional and practical.

The price matches the quality

  • Look
  • Ease of manipulation
  • For those undemanding mommies
  • UV protection hood
  • Made in Germany
  • Heavy chassis
  • Foam wheels

A pleasant urban ride. It's smaller in space, but it's enough. The price matches the quality.

  • slabΓ© odpruΕΎenie kolies

We have the 2016 version. We bought used for less than a year, we have been using the stroller since June 2018. So far, still just the bassinet - the little one fits with the footmuff, so I would say the bassinet is pretty big, sufficient.

We haven't tried the seat part yet, unless you count rides around the house :)

We are very happy with the stroller, I would definitely buy it again, but a newer version - mainly because of the "bigger" canopy those have. I think it's great in the summer, but definitely in the winter too.

What bothers me personally is the wheel suspension, which is basically non-existent. We live on a new street, with no tarmac yet, so the little one's head is properly bouncing before I get to a normal road. The advantage of this is that she is not taught to be rocked, so she sleeps peacefully even when the stroller stops...

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