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adonneth says:
"The pram goes very easily over the snow"
and gives the Moon Nuova

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We have used the cot to the maximum, my daughter likes to sleep in the pram. The hood was just right both in summer and in winter.

The pram goes very easily over the snow (even on freshly fallen one) without any problems, it can also push ok in a meadow. The first weeks we didn't even know that we had the rear suspension, but then it started to work and we realized that "it moves." 😃

Recently, we switched to the seat part and it bothers me that the hood does not "click in" anymore, the fabric always looks like it is crumpled. I used to ride the stroller every day on the country roads - I used to pay a lot of attention to it, but after half a year the front wheels started to rattle unbelievably. We solved it with rubber pads inserts - we put them where the wheels are clicked and also in the middle of the wheels. The rattling has completely stopped and it's a quiet little pram.

The frame creaks a little here and there, but that's normal according to me. Otherwise for me great satisfaction.

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