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Eva says:
"Since I don't only go to the shopping park, but we also go on hikes, it's a disappointment for me"
and gives the Moon Nuova

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The pram pretends to be off-road, but unfortunately it is not so. The springs on the front wheels are just ridiculous, they don't cushion at all, they just jingle on uneven surfaces. The stroller is not cushioned, it is hard, it rattles, for example on cobblestones. It is ideally suited for a flat asphalt road or a pavement made of cobblestones. It can handle a path of small choked stones, e.g. in a park, but larger stones are already a problem.

It was still okay with the carrycot, which is a decent size, but with the pushchair, when the child is facing me, the centre of gravity and handling is quite horrible, I have to work hard when I go over a curb to lift it up to get to the pavement. If the baby is facing the direction of travel, it's better. The pushchair has a pretty short footrest, I don't think it will be enough for us for very long. We fold the stroller about twice a week in the car and after less than 8 months of use, one part of the frame has warped (there is plastic in the joint). On the plus side, the design and the nice materials are good, the canopy is long (zippered), the seat is not the smallest... the price does not include any accessories except the rain cover (I bought a bag and a handmuff sleeve, which were quite expensive).

Since I don't only go to the shopping park, but we also go on hikes (not downright heavy terrain), it's a disappointment for me.

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