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modreja says:
"I was satisfied, although I missed the ability to rock the baby"
and gives the Moon Nuova

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  • Good driving characteristics
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight-ish for a system
  • Canopy on the seat is foldable, has ventilation - no visor needed
  • Weak suspension
  • The baby cannot be rocked
  • The bassinet is more open
  • Front wheels made of foam

It's really easy to control. You can go off-road, but it won't be very comfortable for a child. The suspension is not great.

I had to have a shade on the bassinet, the opening to the canopy is quite large, so the protection against wind or sun is not much. On newer models, the canopy can be extended even on the bassinet.

Otherwise I was satisfied, although I missed the ability to rock the baby. The stroller seat is spacious and has an absolutely luxurious canopy. I just felt that when it adjusts to the maximum sitting position, it's still more of a semi-recliner. My baby didn't want to lean back in it. It was great for sleeping, though.

I ended up selling the stroller and buying something more compact and lighter for the car. For my next baby, I'm going to get a stroller with the ability to rock the baby properly.

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