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It's great to push

  • Positionable
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Large bottom basket
  • Long handle

Compact, easy to use, designer stroller :) It's great to push! Stretchable hood, 3 back and leg positions, my son is much happier in it than in the Day 1.

  • stylish
  • elegant
  • unusual
  • leather handle
  • easy handling
  • takes up minimal space in the car when folded
  • practical strap for carrying on one shoulder (when folded)
  • large storage basket
  • large canopy
  • different canopy positionings
  • flat recline
  • the stud (on the canopy) on older types detaches by itself (newer ones have a rubber band and it's 100% better)

A stylish urban style that is also very practical. I use it now as a pushchair and am very happy with the space, the easy positioning and the quality canopy which is thin at first glance but doesn't really let the wind blow in. The small front wheels surprised me that they tackle even terrain and snow.

Urban, but handles the outdoors too


Compact, easy to use, handy. Urban, but handles the outdoors too 👌 We started with the Hub with a bassinet and since we switched to the seat, the only one minus I've found is that I'm missing the sunvisor that's on the deep bassinet. The seat does have such an extendable canopy, but when you unzip it, there is ventilation (mesh) - not much for winter.

My daughter is happy in it

  • small
  • lightweight
  • foldable
  • lying flat
  • modern design
  • slightly springy
  • Cocoon can be purchased optionally
  • also usable in winter
  • suitable for a smaller child
  • small underslung basket
  • lower lying position
  • less space for a big kid

A very light, nice stroller. My daughter is happy in it. Excellent as a city stroller.

Exact type: Joolz Hub Stunning Silver.

A great choice for the price

  • Superb suspension
  • Easy folding
  • The stroller is lightweight AND compact
  • Handles well with one hand
  • Compact dimensions before and after folding
  • Handle that rotates
  • Hinged basket
  • Seat can be reversed in both directions
  • Has a strap, can be conveniently carried when folded
  • Thin canopy
  • Rain cover needs to be bought separately

The Joolz Hub is a very good and handy stroller, one of my favorites (we've had several strollers). I would like to praise especially the clever chassis, which has an awesome central suspension for a more comfortable ride. I really enjoy walking with this stroller. I think it's great for travel too - small, handy, folds up nicely. I like the hinge on the shopping basket which makes the cart more accessible. The basket is medium size - not quite large, but already we had a smaller one.

The stroller has been through both snow and uneven surfaces, broken roads. On cobblestones or broken roads the front wheels can knock, which didn't bother me that much as many other strollers make much worse noises. Otherwise the stroller goes smoothly, easily and quietly. The suspension makes the stroller feel lighter than other strollers with nearly the same weight. So the stroller is easy to lift with one hand - whether into a lift or onto a curb.

The seat is long, but a bit narrower - since it is a smaller travel version of the Joolz Day and it is also a reversible stroller, this is fine. However, if there's one thing they could have tweaked in the Joolz, it's definitely the canopy. It's very thin - it flies like a flag in the wind. I find the seat a bit hard, but a stroller liner will solve that.

Overall, I rate the stroller very positively and think it's a great choice for the price.

  • Not for more than 2 years of use

Nice companion. My son rode in it from about 8,5m to 2 years. He always slept happily there.

  • Large basket
  • Modern design
  • Lies flat
  • Parent and world facing
  • Sits completely upright
  • Smooth push
  • On the heavy side
  • Expensive
  • Tricky folding
  • Fiddly straps

I bought the Joolz Hub for my first baby. Originally I had loved the design so that was why I bought it.

The stroller has lots of advantages - it pushes very smoothly, the hood provides good coverage, the basket is large and deep with lots of space for shopping and it is strong and sturdy.

However, maybe it is because my child is tall, but as soon as he reached around 18 months old, he totally outgrew the buggy. He looked very wrong in it - his feet were dangling out. I had to buy a second stroller and put it away for my next baby.

Now I use it for my second with a Lascal buggy board (Mini). I am happy with it, it still works well, but I find the fold is difficult so I avoid using taxis with this buggy. Instead, when travelling I use my Joolz Aer.

An excellent city stroller

  • easy handling
  • excellent folding
  • takes up little space when folded

An excellent city stroller, but usable just fine off-road as well. Small, practical, completely easy to operate with one hand.

  • easy steering
  • awesome filding
  • compact when folded

An excellent urban pushchair that can go over some terrain as well. Small, practical, very easy to push even with only one hand.

The best pram I had

  • Low weight
  • Foldability
  • Awesome ride even on bumpy roads 👍
  • Large basket
  • Nothing really - perhaps the mesh in the sunhood is a bit unlucky solution, otherwise I am thrilled about this one

The best pram I had - and I had tens of prams ❤️

  • It doesn't take up much space
  • The design is very nice
  • Very small
  • Colours tend to fade
  • The basket on the bottom of the stroller is veeeeeery small
  • Canopy unstable, not solid

For me, the stroller is good in that it is smaller and fits everywhere, whether elevator or car.. does not take up much space. But as for the terrain, it's a horror, the little one was terribly shaken in it - every hole, every rock...
It's a stroller for smaller children, so it's not up to three years old... nor under 2 years.

My son would be in it till he was 1,5 years old max. But design-wise, the stroller is gorgeous... Otherwise, nothing else. 🙈

Lightweight puschair with suspension

  • low weight
  • easy fold
  • suitable for smaller kids
  • not roomy
  • I was afraid my son will fall out at first

A very good, lightweight puschair with suspension.

I am happy with this pushchair, but I mind one thing - or I just don't know how it's properly done... When we're using the footmuff and my daughter wears a jacket, I can't close the harness 😩 My partner says the pushchair is small for our daughter already, but I don't think so, I mean, she's just 16 months old.

For us, the best pushchair

  • Lightweight
  • Good to drive around and manipulate with
  • Our little daughter loves to sit in it
  • Seatback recline
  • We found none

A top-of-the-line stroller. For us, the best pushchair, really.

  • Low weight for sure ;-)
  • Extendable canopy
  • I don't like how they designed the sibling board, mostly it's putting aside. I have to secure it with a strap, which makes it unnecessarily complicated. The Bugaboo board holds upright by itself when not in use. This is the only minus for me...

I am the happiest do far with this stroller. If I have a third baby, I will either buy a carrycot to the Hub or buy a Joolz Day 3. I was pleasantly surprised by the Joolz.

  • Compact
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Quiet
  • Tackles every terrain
  • Can be fully reclined
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control
  • Beautiful design
  • When extending the canopy, I would prefer to have the mesh covered somehow so that the sun would not shine directly into the child's eyes through it. However, this can be fixed by adjusting the seat into another position

Until I tried it, I was rolling my eyes over it 😂 But - it is the best pram for us, and even my husband loves it. We use it with the seat unit, and when we'll have a second child, we will get a bassinet for sure 🤗 It is effortless to handle - you cannot feel that you are pushing something. It is excellent for narrow elevators, car boots, and taller people can easily unfold it with only one hand. I highly recommend it 😍

The best, amazing, lightweight and foldable... And most of all beautiful... Our 13th stroller - too bad they didn't make it sooner, we could have had 1 😂 Absolutely the best choice for me. ❤️

So far, it has all we needed

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Spacious
  • Large hood
  • Large shopping basket

Lightweight, compact. So far, it has all we needed.

  • modern design
  • easy to maneuver, getting up on the curb
  • suspension
  • compact (folding together with the seat)
  • fabrics
  • extendable hood
  • weight limit of 20 kg
  • for me, impractical locking/unlocking of a folded stroller
  • the driving direction cannot be changed with the baby in the stroller
  • the seatbelt's fabric gets stuck in the buckle
  • canopy is made from a thin material - it does not protect from the cold

This stroller was love at first sight, but after unpacking the box, there came a bit of disappointment...

Firstly, I was surprised that it had not raised sides (the seat looks like a chair thus is very open). It seemed very uncomfortable. The second unpleasant surprise was that the stroller has a will in the joint (the central point in which it's folding) - the handle is loose and moves - together with the seat. I would understand this can happen if the stroller was used, but I didn't really expect this with a new stroller (which costs as much as an old used car) 😞

It was in our bedroom for a month, and I kept thinking whether to start using it or send it back to the shop. In the end, I decided to keep it, and I don't regret it. I fell in love with it again 🙂 It's effortless to drive. Maneuverability-wise, it handles well, plus the getting on and off the curb is perfect. It has a great suspension, and wheels are big enough. The folding needs some practice, though. The first times were quite hard, but then we got used to it and it was okay. However, you need to use both hands, so it cannot be done while holding the baby. The advantage is the fact that the chassis can be folded together with the seat unit in both directions, and when folded, the stroller size is minimal for this type.

As already mentioned, the seat doesn't have raised sides. However, I feel that my daughter was happy as she had a better view. The direction of the seat cannot be changed while the baby is inside, which I missed a bit as I was used to that with other strollers. The seat looks narrow. However, we were not missing a wider seat- no problem even during the winter with the footmuff.

The belts' padding is really sophisticated and comfortable, but the fabric from the padding between the legs regularly gets in the way. The covers are made of some strange material that literally 'absorbs' dirt. I never had to wash it, and it survived everything 😃 The canopy can be extended twice - absolutely no need for sun visors, umbrellas, etc., perfectly protecting the child from the sun. However, it is made from a very thin material, so it does not protect against the cold and wind. I think the basket is just the right size - it is not huge, but it is deep enough to fit enough stuff.

The manufacturer gives a load capacity of 20 kg, but I doubt it would fit a real 20 kg baby. A couple of times, my older daughter (3 years - 16kg) was sitting in there, and she looked too big fot it - so it will eventually get outgrown. Her head was touching the canopy, and her legs were hanging. The stroller is really sophisticated, modern, practical, and functional - but I don't think it has anything that special to deserve such a high price - you just for a famous brand (as with the majority of expensive strollers 😉).

A perfect compact pushchair that can get everywhere. We are using it every day, and we are happy with it. When the second baby is born, we will buy a bassinet and will continue using it. For me, it's incredible how good it is.

  • Driving characteristics
  • Weight
  • Compact
  • Stylish pushchair
  • Smaller
  • Black color fades
  • It's low to the ground, so not that suitable for taller people - it would look funny

The best pushchair I ever had. Lightweight, compact, easy manipulation, and perfect driving characteristics. However, it also has some disadvantages - it's pretty low, and my black color faded after short use. It's suitable for shorter parents.

  • compactness
  • relatively low weight
  • paparazzi canopy
  • large shopping basket
  • easy maneuverability
  • removable, washable liner and straps
  • slightly complicated fastening of seatbelts

I love this stroller...I was always against expensive strollers, but I changed my mind. We tried different brands, but every time I was just not happy enough and sold the stroller. However, I am keeping the Hub for our second baby. I will only need to buy the extra bassinet.

It is ideal for traveling, but the compactness does not affect the driving abilities. The stroller drives pretty much by itself. It can be maneuvered with one-hand and easily passes through a demanding terrain.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy manipulation
  • Large canopy
  • Reversible seat
  • Suspension
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • Strap for carrying the stroller
  • Lie-flat position
  • Extremely high price
  • No accessories
  • Narrow space for legs
  • Small shopping basket
  • Expensive accessories
  • Small space-wise
  • Difficult fastening of belts
  • Difficult folding/unfolding

I would rate this as an average stroller; taking into account its high price, below average. It is incredible for traveling with car, as it takes up very little space. It is more suitable for kids that can sit independently. I started to use it when my daughter was 10 months old. Even though the Joolz says that it is ideal for up to 3 years, I personally do not believe that a 3-year old would fit in there. The worst part of the stroller is the leg rest. It is not only narrow but also short. I am sure you can buy a better stroller for 670.

Everything is great

  • none

Everything is great.

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