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kristina0909 says:
"A great choice for the price"
and gives the Joolz Hub

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A great choice for the price

  • Superb suspension
  • Easy folding
  • The stroller is lightweight AND compact
  • Handles well with one hand
  • Compact dimensions before and after folding
  • Handle that rotates
  • Hinged basket
  • Seat can be reversed in both directions
  • Has a strap, can be conveniently carried when folded
  • Thin canopy
  • Rain cover needs to be bought separately

The Joolz Hub is a very good and handy stroller, one of my favorites (we've had several strollers). I would like to praise especially the clever chassis, which has an awesome central suspension for a more comfortable ride. I really enjoy walking with this stroller. I think it's great for travel too - small, handy, folds up nicely. I like the hinge on the shopping basket which makes the cart more accessible. The basket is medium size - not quite large, but already we had a smaller one.

The stroller has been through both snow and uneven surfaces, broken roads. On cobblestones or broken roads the front wheels can knock, which didn't bother me that much as many other strollers make much worse noises. Otherwise the stroller goes smoothly, easily and quietly. The suspension makes the stroller feel lighter than other strollers with nearly the same weight. So the stroller is easy to lift with one hand - whether into a lift or onto a curb.

The seat is long, but a bit narrower - since it is a smaller travel version of the Joolz Day and it is also a reversible stroller, this is fine. However, if there's one thing they could have tweaked in the Joolz, it's definitely the canopy. It's very thin - it flies like a flag in the wind. I find the seat a bit hard, but a stroller liner will solve that.

Overall, I rate the stroller very positively and think it's a great choice for the price.

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