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LeeBa says:
"Lots of advantages, just a smaller seat"
and gives the Joolz Hub

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  • Large basket
  • Modern design
  • Lies flat
  • Parent and world facing
  • Sits completely upright
  • Smooth push
  • On the heavy side
  • Expensive
  • Tricky folding
  • Fiddly straps

I bought the Joolz Hub for my first baby. Originally I had loved the design so that was why I bought it.

The stroller has lots of advantages - it pushes very smoothly, the hood provides good coverage, the basket is large and deep with lots of space for shopping and it is strong and sturdy.

However, maybe it is because my child is tall, but as soon as he reached around 18 months old, he totally outgrew the buggy. He looked very wrong in it - his feet were dangling out. I had to buy a second stroller and put it away for my next baby.

Now I use it for my second with a Lascal buggy board (Mini). I am happy with it, it still works well, but I find the fold is difficult so I avoid using taxis with this buggy. Instead, when travelling I use my Joolz Aer.

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