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lufi46 says:
"The stroller is gorgeous... Otherwise, nothing else. 🙈"
and gives the Joolz Hub

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  • It doesn't take up much space
  • The design is very nice
  • Very small
  • Colours tend to fade
  • The basket on the bottom of the stroller is veeeeeery small
  • Canopy unstable, not solid

For me, the stroller is good in that it is smaller and fits everywhere, whether elevator or car.. does not take up much space. But as for the terrain, it's a horror, the little one was terribly shaken in it - every hole, every rock...
It's a stroller for smaller children, so it's not up to three years old... nor under 2 years.

My son would be in it till he was 1,5 years old max. But design-wise, the stroller is gorgeous... Otherwise, nothing else. 🙈

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