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A great choice


A great choice, really.

Great variability

  • Adjustable handle
  • Swivel wheels
  • Easy folding and variability
  • Sophisticated functional details
  • Only the larger back wheels have suspension

I inherited it. My sister-in-law used it for both kids in it and bought it second-hand. So she's carrying at least 4th child in it! The chassis is absolutely fine and functional, well detailed. Due to its age, the wheels and hood show wear.

Great variability: chassis, snap on seat unit, insert bag. Everything is very easy, so when the baby falls asleep in the car in the car seat, I take the stroller out of the car, put the seat with the insert bag back in the trunk, and put the car seat on the adapters on the chassis.

It's easy to control thanks to the swivel front wheels. There is a removable zippered section in the hood with a net underneath - you'll appreciate it in the sultry summer. The brake is manual, the handle is adjustable.

  • spacious carrycot and seat unit
  • high quality chassis
  • easy handling and folding
  • everything is easily removable and washable
  • high purchase price
  • the seat's hood often comes loose with constant use and then folds up on its own

We bought the F6 Air and were completely happy with it. The carrycot is very spacious, we used it up to a max weight of 9 kilos. It is equipped with a high quality Träumeland mattress. What I appreciated the most is the apron on it, which can be zipped up to 3/4 of the canopy - it protects from the wind and also shades from the sun.

The seat is also great, you can use the Loop insert for babies, including the headrest, so the baby's head doesn't fly here and there. Overall the seat is spacious and has lots of extras.

The chassis itself is also great - it can handle any terrain (dirt roads, rocks, snow). We had it with smaller front wheels - we didn't buy the big ones as the stroller has a reversible handle. The only downside is that a lot of accessories have to be bought - like a mosquito net for the seat, an apron... We used it for 1,5 years and the chassis with wheels still held.

  • Practical stroller solution
  • Combinability
  • Space for baby
  • Easy handling
  • Nice design
  • Insertable bag that can be removed to carry the baby while sleeping
  • Design is not susceptible to scratches
  • Lasts over up to 4 or 5 children!
  • The PU leather starts to peel after some time

The stroller is very practical and extremely reliable, parts are relatively easy to find. The stroller is easy to handle and has a large sleeping area for the child. The materials used are pleasant, they do not give a cheap impression.

We keep it for next children

  • A tall person doesn't kick the frame
  • Well cushioned
  • Ease of push
  • Lie flat position
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Carries large groceries bags, sometimes 2 children seated in the seat
  • The seat's hood can also be used as a storage space
  • Two height positions possible - ideal for a bassinet, especially for tall people
  • It is large, therefore bulky, and takes up a large part of the trunk (Hyundai i30)
  • Heavy

We have had the stroller for two years, it is second hand and still functional. Unfortunately we bought it with hidden defects - that's the risk of buying second hand, anyway we keep it for next children. My daughter fits in there at 2, it's a tight fit for sleeping, but still relatively comfortable.

  • Design
  • Wide selection of accessories (large wheels, sun visor, handbrake, etc.)
  • Variability - fixed bassinet/folding cot bag
  • Reversing handle
  • Sturdy frame
  • Wheel suspension
  • Handbrake
  • All adapters together in one place (for carrycot, seat and car seat)
  • Possibility to turn the seat in both directions, facing fprward and in the parent-facing direction
  • Unbuckling straps
  • Backrest positioning - lever
  • Pouch on the hood (I use it for waste, if I have nowhere to quickly put a paper, and I throw it away on the way past a trash can)
  • Wide range of handle adjustment
  • Central brake on the frame
  • Short straps
  • Handle
  • Shallow basket
  • Rain cover - doesn't fit exactly to the chassis
  • Higher price

I am satisfied with the stroller. It is solid, stable - even after 3 years it doesn't rattle like other strollers.

The backrest adjusts not only to a reclining position, but also to an upright angle, which is great when you have a small curious child. The child does not slide off the seat in the sitting position thanks to the adjustable footrest, which is also length-adjustable.

The stroller has a weight capacity of 20kg, but if you have a taller child, a 100cm child will not fit comfortably under the hood of the stroller - in case the backrest is completely perpendicular to the seat. And very short straps for attaching the baby, I had a problem with it the first winter (at about 6 months). Impractical belly bar - small space to fasten it if you have the baby in a winter footmuff.

The reversible handle was a decisive factor in the purchase, but it was used very very rarely. The handbrake is a wonderful thing though. The location of the central brake from the parent's point of view is excellent, but a one year old baby sitting in the opposite direction can reach it and likes to shorten the time by braking while driving... The weight of the stroller is 8 kg, but with brakes and wheels the weight weighed 10 kg.

I also used a solid cot (but only up to 4 months), then an insert cot/bag.

Translated with (free version)

  • Stable, robust chassis
  • Adjustable handle
  • Large seat and hood
  • Faces both ways
  • Ease of attaching the seat to the chassis
  • It's beautiful
  • Reliable wheels
  • The hood has a stripe of a different material for design reasons, through which the light starts to shine through.
  • It's not exactly small, it takes up most of the trunk (Seat Toledo)

Excellent wheels and chassis, yet it is sprung, goes through terrain, mud and snow (I have the same axle in the front as in the back, I don't use the smaller swivel wheels).
Spacious seat. Large hood, but still it is useful to have a prolongation visor, which I use when the child falls asleep. The adjustable handle comes in handy when someone tall comes along for the ride.

The disadvantage is the part of the hood that has a different material, it starts to crumble over time and the sunshine seeps through. The solution is to cover it with a cloth when the child falls asleep.

Pushes by itself

  • reversible push bar
  • lockable front wheels
  • height-adjustable belly bar
  • the reversible loop insert includes a head hugger
  • the practical footmuff can be used even in the summer
  • the basket can carry more than 5 kg and is roomy
  • the large wheels are easy to dismantle, making the cleaning easy (even with the ball-bearings)
  • not the best raincoat (the sides are flapping around)
  • the viewing window is too far back, the laying baby tries to look at me and turns its head too much (I'd want it to be higher up a bit)
  • the apron is a bit narrow in the lower part

A Rolls-Royce in the stroller world. Robust, sturdy, large but easily maneuverable even with just one hand. It pushes by itself, pretty much. It tackles and goes over anything. I am incredibly happy with it, it is our favourite.

  • Excellent maneuverability in various terrains (including snow)
  • Easy to drive one-handedly
  • The baby is well protected from wind and winter
  • Nice design
  • Made in Germany (not China), so high quality
  • Handbrake
  • Weight and size

We have been using this stroller since January, and it's great. We all love it. As it was cold, I appreciated that the hood could be pulled down. My little one is well protected from the wind and in a warm environment, even during minus temperatures. The stroller is made in Germany, and it's excellent quality... it's quite expensive, but it's worth it. The only disadvantage is that the chassis is big, and it takes up a lot of space in the car trunk (Ford Focus Combi)...

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