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kinus says:
"Even after 3 years it doesn't rattle like other strollers"
and gives the Gesslein F6 Air+

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  • Design
  • Wide selection of accessories (large wheels, sun visor, handbrake, etc.)
  • Variability - fixed bassinet/folding cot bag
  • Reversing handle
  • Sturdy frame
  • Wheel suspension
  • Handbrake
  • All adapters together in one place (for carrycot, seat and car seat)
  • Possibility to turn the seat in both directions, facing fprward and in the parent-facing direction
  • Unbuckling straps
  • Backrest positioning - lever
  • Pouch on the hood (I use it for waste, if I have nowhere to quickly put a paper, and I throw it away on the way past a trash can)
  • Wide range of handle adjustment
  • Central brake on the frame
  • Short straps
  • Handle
  • Shallow basket
  • Rain cover - doesn't fit exactly to the chassis
  • Higher price

I am satisfied with the stroller. It is solid, stable - even after 3 years it doesn't rattle like other strollers.

The backrest adjusts not only to a reclining position, but also to an upright angle, which is great when you have a small curious child. The child does not slide off the seat in the sitting position thanks to the adjustable footrest, which is also length-adjustable.

The stroller has a weight capacity of 20kg, but if you have a taller child, a 100cm child will not fit comfortably under the hood of the stroller - in case the backrest is completely perpendicular to the seat. And very short straps for attaching the baby, I had a problem with it the first winter (at about 6 months). Impractical belly bar - small space to fasten it if you have the baby in a winter footmuff.

The reversible handle was a decisive factor in the purchase, but it was used very very rarely. The handbrake is a wonderful thing though. The location of the central brake from the parent's point of view is excellent, but a one year old baby sitting in the opposite direction can reach it and likes to shorten the time by braking while driving... The weight of the stroller is 8 kg, but with brakes and wheels the weight weighed 10 kg.

I also used a solid cot (but only up to 4 months), then an insert cot/bag.

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