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tereziaok says:
"We keep it for next children"
and gives the Gesslein F6 Air+

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We keep it for next children

  • A tall person doesn't kick the frame
  • Well cushioned
  • Ease of push
  • Lie flat position
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Carries large groceries bags, sometimes 2 children seated in the seat
  • The seat's hood can also be used as a storage space
  • Two height positions possible - ideal for a bassinet, especially for tall people
  • It is large, therefore bulky, and takes up a large part of the trunk (Hyundai i30)
  • Heavy

We have had the stroller for two years, it is second hand and still functional. Unfortunately we bought it with hidden defects - that's the risk of buying second hand, anyway we keep it for next children. My daughter fits in there at 2, it's a tight fit for sleeping, but still relatively comfortable.

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