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snoopi86 says:
"Pushes by itself"
and gives the Gesslein F6 Air+

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Pushes by itself

  • reversible push bar
  • lockable front wheels
  • height-adjustable belly bar
  • the reversible loop insert includes a head hugger
  • the practical footmuff can be used even in the summer
  • the basket can carry more than 5 kg and is roomy
  • the large wheels are easy to dismantle, making the cleaning easy (even with the ball-bearings)
  • not the best raincoat (the sides are flapping around)
  • the viewing window is too far back, the laying baby tries to look at me and turns its head too much (I'd want it to be higher up a bit)
  • the apron is a bit narrow in the lower part

A Rolls-Royce in the stroller world. Robust, sturdy, large but easily maneuverable even with just one hand. It pushes by itself, pretty much. It tackles and goes over anything. I am incredibly happy with it, it is our favourite.

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