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Big, spacious, easy to fold, easy to sleep in


We have the 2018 version in Olive Green. It's big, spacious, easy to fold, easy to sleep in. I was worried if the little one would mind being rear-facing, but thankfully not at all. We are satisfied 👍🏻

Compact, easy to drive, plenty of space in the basket, spacious... just a BOMB :-)

Using it for a year, very satisfied

  • Really big, the child has a lot of space
  • Suitable for the terrain, does not squeak and handles well
  • Can be placed fully reclined, so suitable from birth
  • The baby rides only in the direction of travel, sometimes it would be useful to be able to turn it in the opposite direction and see it

So far we have been using it for a year, but we are very satisfied.

Great for the terrain and the city

  • Beautiful large canopy
  • Awesome wheels that I won't get a flat tire with
  • Tall, long, just comfortable for baby and mom 😊
  • It's just that it can't turn to face both ways

Great stroller. I'm very happy with it, so is my son, and even my husband 😉 Great for the terrain and the city. It folds up quickly, the seating area is long so it's suitable for a bigger and older baby. It's tall, which is great for us taller parents.

I am happy with it. The only thing that bothers me is the positioning of the back, but it can be solved. We are smart, so we will sew something and it will be a top stroller 😊😘

The best stroller I had

  • Spacious
  • Compact
  • Modern
  • A bit heavy

The best stroller I had.

The best I had so far

  • Fast folding
  • Easy handling
  • My daughter is happy in it
  • Positioning
  • A bit heavier, but I got used to it

The best I had so far :)

  • compactness
  • Length
  • Chassis
  • Wheels
  • Large canopy
  • Lack of upright seating position
  • The back side is mesh and the back detachable pocket doesn't attach completely (only three small Velcro patches to clip it on)

We bought the stroller out of necessity, as we have a long kid, and he still sleeps in the stroller during the day ;-). I was pleasantly surprised by the easy folding, superb frame, easy opening of the canopy, height just right for me (184 cm).

I was a bit disappointed that the material is not as thick and lined as on the carrycot, but the little one slept there even in temperatures down to ten degrees and he was not cold :-).

It's an all-weather stroller, it can handle stairs, bumpy roads, grocery shopping, and I take the little one around the construction site :-D. Tall parents with tall kids will not regret the purchase :-).

I wouldn't change it

  • Spaciousness
  • Stability
  • Solid chassis
  • Large basket
  • Canopy
  • Quality/price
  • Upright seat - but I also solved that with a strap

Perfect stroller. Spacious, sturdy. Perfectly designed canopy - no chance for the baby to be shined on. Large spacious basket under the stroller. It is a little heavier than Petite&Mars Street or Valco Snap... but also more stable. For me the TOP stroller.

Still if they could put it rearward facing and sorted out the slanted seat, it would definitely be the best stroller that would meet everything I was looking for as you can buy a bassinet for it too.

I wouldn't change it. Waiting for the second baby 😁

  • Compact
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Full recline
  • Perfect sun canopy - no need for sun visor
  • Large lying area
  • Large basket
  • I'm having trouble steering with one hand
  • The base of the stroller is only black

We have been driving it for a year and a half and we are satisfied. It has a large sleeping area, my son, even at 26 months, sleeps comfortably in it. It has a large storage basket, which is very useful for shopping with the child as well as a lot of toys for the playground. It's not a true all-terrain stroller, but it can handle the occasional ride on the dirt road. The only thing that bothers me is that it is difficult to control with one hand, but otherwise I have nothing to complain about.

The large space is great


The pushchair is also fine for off-road or very bad pavement. I don't like the backrest on it - that there is no upright position. Excellent canopy and leg positioning. The large space is great.

Great, I just miss an upright seat


The stroller is great, I just miss an upright seat...

  • Spaciousness
  • Hood
  • Apron
  • Controllability
  • Wheels

Awesome for the child, just a better chassis would be great.



Spacious for the baby, the canopy is super large.

Just the perfect stroller


Practical stroller for everyone. Easy to fold, easy to handle, easy to... just the perfect stroller :D

Large, spacious

  • easy to fold and unfold
  • really very spacious
  • you can choose the colour of the canopy from about 9 colours
  • tray
  • it's quite heavy

Large, spacious stroller, easy to handle.

Satisfied with this. Plenty of room and the little one likes it.

The best stroller for the city


The best stroller for the city. Large shopping basket, excellent sunhood, and suitable for up to 3 years thanks to its size... Although it is more demanding to transport by car, but this can be solved with a second lightweight buggy, which we have in the car trunk all the time.


  • Real all terrain stroller
  • Good for older children, lot of space
  • One hand fold
  • Long canopy
  • Can be used with carrycot
  • Big basket
  • Stable
  • Fabric cannot be washed in washing Maschine

Amazing stroller, been using it for years with both of my kids.

  • Length
  • Wheels
  • Adjustable handle
  • Large basket
  • Leg positioning
  • Long canopy
  • Great for all terrain
  • Easy handling
  • Easy folding
  • Unfortunate design of back positioning

I only have the seat tried and tested, but I am extremely happy with it. Ideal stroller for the terrain, also for older/longer children.

Heavier, otherwise perfect

  • Higher weight

Large, spacious, comfortable. Great to handle. The disadvantage is that it is heavier. But otherwise it's perfect.

  • Extended hood
  • Spacious basket
  • Gel wheels
  • Solid frame
  • Leg positioning
  • Large seating/lying space
  • Easy folding
  • No upright sitting position
  • No crotch strap tied to the belly bar

It took me a long time to choose the perfect stroller for my daughter. This was the only one that fulfilled the requirements - solid frame, high load capacity, large sitting / lying part, extended hood, wheels suitable for the terrain - for holes and gutter, and easy folding.

The biggest advantage is that the new Britax has (sort of) gel wheels, which we also had on our system and they are the best wheels. They can handle everything, any terrain and never get a puncture 🙏 And it's the only stroller that my husband likes and says I really couldn't have picked a better one 😁🤭 We've tried it out in nature and our daughter has slept in it - sooo much space 👌 (daughter is 18m, 15kg, approx 90cm).

The only minor minus is that it can't be put into a straight, upright sitting position and there is not crotch strap. But I solved it easily - my daughter is strapped only around the belly, so she doesn't have a harness over the shoulders. This way she can look out and there is no risk of falling out or slipping under the handle 😉

I recommend this stroller with all ten 🤩

Great for older kids


I bought it with the carrcot. We only started using the pushchair part from about a year of age since it's a very large seat. But it's great for older kids, I'll definitely use it for a long time :-)

Excellent price vs. quality ratio

  • Price-quality ratio
  • Folding
  • Lies flat
  • Extra large canopy
  • Fabric visor on canopy
  • Basinet
  • Front wheels

Excellent price vs. quality ratio. Easy folding. The seat can be reclined to a full lie flat position + you can also raise the leg rest. Extra large canopy + net are excellent for summer / unlike e.g. plastic visors.

The bassinet could be a bit bigger. The front wheels could also be a bit bigger, but we bought the optional all-terrain ones as well. Otherwise, even with the original ones you can get along nicely on e.g. a dirt road, but a wet deeper snow already was a problem. Too tight rain cover to the bassinet got torn by us.

  • Large space for a child (even for older or just larger toddler)
  • Large shopping basket
  • Many handle positions
  • Leg positioning
  • Large canopy
  • Countless back positions
  • Many pieces sold around make it easy to find spare parts
  • Can't sit the baby facing mommy
  • Front wheels are small and don't go over all terrain
  • Can't put the seat in an upright sitting position
  • Expensive original accessories that are not included in the package (rain cover, footrest, ...)
  • Some colours fade quickly in the sun
  • The handle in front of the child is far away (for a small baby)

A very spacious and practical stroller for older children. Appearance-wise I would say average. Expensive accessories are not included in the package.

  • beautiful design
  • positioning of the legs
  • practical large basket
  • convenient folding
  • adjustable parent handle
  • expensive spare parts
  • fading of fabrics
  • front wheels too small
  • not the best center of gravity - one gets quite tired while riding even though the stroller is light

The stroller is spacious. After some zears, the brand has solved the positioning of the legs! Nice design, practical big basket, nice colour combinations.

Disadvantages - the canopy squeaks a lot, the wheels get rusty very quickly, the front small wheels are not suitable for worse terrain. I consider the stroller more of an urban stroller and for that it is quite expensive and has expensive replacement components if they wear out.

I would buy it again

  • Superb handling
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Extra long canopy
  • Quick folding
  • Elegant design
  • Folds outwards - a bit impractical
  • A little heavy

Satisfaction - I would buy it again.

It handles terrain without any problems

  • Handling, especially on terrain
  • Compactness
  • Length
  • Coverage from the sun
  • Spaciousness
  • Positioning (centimetre by centimetre)
  • Weight (but it is what it is because of the awesome, all-rubber wheels)

For me, an absolutely perfect pushchair. It handles terrain without any problems. It is amazingly long. It folds and unfolds very well. The only thing is that not everyone can handle it is that it is heavy due to the wheels which are fully rubber. The stroller itself is not heavy.

I regret not buying it sooner


I regret not buying it sooner :) It's totally 🔝

Would buy it again

  • Spacious
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to fold
  • Large storage space
  • The canopy cannot be fully opened to cover the whole child
  • Heavier

Great satisfaction, I would buy it again.

It didn't suit me at all


I decided to buy the stroller because of the good reviews on the net and recommendations of my friends who have this pushchair. But it didn't suit me at all.

1. It is huge. My son got completely lost in it (8m). But it was fine for napping.
2. Terribly heavy and hard to handle. Although it says everywhere that it is easy to control, but in my opinion it is not. I swapped for a Britax Go Next and I'm extremely happy.
3. Can't turn the seat facing me. This bothered me quite a bit because we are outside a lot, sometimes for 5 hours, and I didn't like not being able to see the little one the whole time.

Just a stroller made for us

  • Adjustable handle
  • Leg positioning
  • Goes to full recline
  • Large
  • Spacious
  • I have none

I don't have a single regret! It really is amazing, big, spacious. Adjustable handle, feet positioning, goes to full recline. Just a stroller made for us. ♥️

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy handling
  • Goes to full recline
  • Front wheels get stuck
  • Stroller does not cope well with rough terrain

For me a great stroller. I was looking for a lightweight and compact stroller that would fit in my small car, while being comfortable for my baby.

  • Compactness
  • Easy one-hand folding
  • Weight of the stroller (I easily carried the stroller up the stairs in one hand and a 12kg baby in the other)
  • Length of the laying surface
  • Hood
  • Large shopping basket
  • Handles rough terrain
  • Not a perpendicular sitting position
  • Handle on the stroller - the first time I folded it, the plastic part in the middle of the handle got scratched. At the same time, the handle squeaks/clicks slightly
  • The belly bar for the baby is poorly designed - when folding the stroller, it takes the most time to put the handle on...
  • The center of gravity... not everyone finds it comfortable. In my case, I sometimes have to use a lot of force to lift the stroller onto the rear wheels (e.g. when climbing a curb)

Overall I evaluate the pushchair positively. It is probably the best that can be bought in this price category and with the requirement for compactness. It is really easy and quick to fold, with good dimensions. The lack of perpendicularity of the sitting position can be partially solved with a belt or a diaper.

  • Spaciousness
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Easily foldable
  • Heavy
  • Bad centre of gravity
  • Difficult to get out on a curb
  • Short bassinet (four-month-old with a cosytoes didn't fit)

I bought the stroller as a triple combination - but even after reading so many good reviews, it didn't suit me at all. The bassinet was short, the stroller had a bad centre of gravity... not at all suitable for the terrain.

  • Roomy
  • Sturdy
  • Stable
  • Suitable for terrain
  • Large hood
  • A bit heavier
  • Bulkier in the trunk

I was quite happy with the pushchair and the pram setup, too.

Absolutely the best


Absolutely the best stroller I've ever had. It was beautifully spacious, the baby can sleep easily inside; the canopy protects what it's supposed to; the gel wheels are great too, I wasn't worried about getting a puncture somewhere. Perfect one-handed folding. Fits in the trunk of a sedan.

Did not meet our enthusiasm

  • very spacious and comfortable even for a 3-year-old child
  • design
  • very heavy
  • not very compact
  • creaking in the handle
  • not much for off-road
  • price

So much praised stroller did not meet our enthusiasm.

Pluses: very spacious and comfortable even for a 3-year-old child, nice design.

Minuses: very heavy, such a tank, for a pushchair. It is not very easy to store, it takes up quite a lot of space in the car. Although new, after 2 months it started to creak in the handle area, lubrication did not help. It is not much for off-road (if anything, just a milkd terrain, groomed dirt roads, etc.), even after buying off-road front (fixed) wheels - with these it can go through worse terrain, but it is terribly difficult to handle. Price - the price includes the bare stroller and nothing else, everything else (raincoat, ...) must be purchased.

  • Large
  • Spacious
  • High load capacity
  • High weight
  • Large, bulky after folding
  • Not reversible

Super robust stroller for larger babies, leg positioning - a big advantage.

  • Large internal dimensions
  • Large canopy with ventilation
  • Positioning of legs
  • High load capacity
  • Possibility to change colour (by buying a colour set)
  • High weight
  • Large dimensions (even after folding)
  • Worse handling - manoeuvring, folding
  • Weak suspension
  • Positioning is rather impractical

Since I was a happy owner of a classic B-Motion (non-plus), I thought that this one would be the perfect stroller, but it's not...

As far as baby comfort goes, it's definitely a step up. It has leg positioning, the canopy is full and even longer than it was on the older model, and the inside length has grown too (just a little bit of width loss).

Worse is the parent comfort, here came the disappointment. The stroller has grown not only inside, but also outside - and you can feel it. It's much harder to manoeuvre and folding is also more difficult (the stroller has gained on weight too). It's such a clunky "truck"- not really a tank or a tractor, those are good off-road, this stroller only pretends to be off-road. In this area, too, it lags behind the older model - the suspension is weaker (probably because of the higher load capacity) and the overall impression of hardness is worsened by the non-inflatable wheels, which, although they are without the risk of punctures, don't absorb unevenness as well as the air-filled ones. It rattles and bounces even on rough tarmac.

The rest hasn't seen any major changes, it's pretty much the same as on the non-plus B-Motion. They haven't fixed the zipper jingling that drove me crazy on the old model, and the positioning is just as hard to do as it was.

It has a chance to appeal to parents who plan to carry a larger child in the stroller, up to 4-5 years old, just because of the high carrying capacity and generous interior dimensions. I've had my older daughter (less than 4yrs) in it a couple of times and she slept just fine, even had some extra room, and you can feel the suspension a bit at higher loads.

So if you're going to swap your B-Motion for a B-Motion Plus, definitely give it a proper test first, as it's a completely different stroller, at least it feels like it to me.

  • Great to drive
  • Folds well
  • Looks good
  • The storage space under the stroller is large enough
  • It is quiet
  • Suspension on the wheels is harder, not suitable for cobblestones
  • Can only be folded with both hands

As well as looking great, this stroller is also very practical, easy to handle and compact. I also appreciate the fact that the individual parts can be purchased almost anywhere, simply exchanged for a different coloured piece or washed. It's even better with the Britax cup holder. The wheels can be locked, and this option is wonderful when you need to lull a little screamer to sleep by riding over a threshold. For me it was a very good investment and I recommend it :-)

Not very practical

  • Different colour variations
  • Appears to be sturdy
  • Doesn't look cheap, but is more affordable than many others
  • The front wheels do not work well when you need to go over the threshold
  • It is heavy

I'm giving it a 7 because the front wheels are small and spin in all directions, which doesn't work well when you need to go over a threshold. So I usually turn the stroller around and reverse. It's not very practical.

I personally have no complaints

  • backrest positioning
  • leg rest positioning
  • large canopy
  • peek-a-boo window
  • storage compartment
  • easy folding/unfolding
  • 5-point harness
  • suitable for tall parents
  • none

The perfect stroller for me and my son. He's been in it since he was 5m due to the fact that the bassinet from the 3in1 set was already too small for us and we traded the car seat for a safer product anyway :)

Large canopy, peek-a-boo window, backrest and leg rest positioning, storage space, also suitable for tall people, easy folding/unfolding, 5 point fastening - honestly I personally have no complaints.

  • Large canopy
  • Lots of colour options
  • Long lying space (110 cm)
  • Positioning of the legs
  • Easy handling
  • Easy folding
  • Heavier chassis
  • Difficult to put up from lying to sitting

The pram is beautiful, it has a perfect extendable hood, and it's solid and long - which is nice because the baby is comfortable when it sleeps and its legs don't hang off it. Easy to handle, even easier to fold. On the minus side, it's one of those heavier strollers (but you don't feel it when you're pushing it) and it's harder to get from lying down to sitting up. I give 10/10, we didn't have a better stroller.

The manipulation is very bad

  • Really sturdy 5point harness
  • Rotating push bar
  • Roomy, comfy for the child
  • Horrible maneuverability
  • Bulky when folded

To be honest, it disappointed us. I thought it will be a perfect pushchair (as opposed to our 3in1 pram where only the carrycot was any good), but it wasn't so.

The manipulation is very bad. Almost impossible to steer with just one hand, ie. when I hold my older one's hand with the other. I need to push with all of my arm to turn it. Our other, larger Britax needed just one-handed, gentle push to be driven around.

If I could, I would want my money back 😄

  • easy to steer
  • compact
  • suitable for almost any terrain
  • fully reclinable
  • higher weight of the pushchair

A great, high quality pushchair at an affordable price.

My 5yo daughter fits inside


Fantastic stroller. Large wheels that don't get a puncture. Large storage basket at the bottom. Large canopy that provides ample coverage. Seat back and leg rest lie flat. My 5yo daughter fits inside - it is long and wide in the sitting part. Fantastic foldability, handle adjustment, removable belly bar, 5-point-harness, easy maintenance.

I would buy it again

  • excellent push
  • adjustable leg rest
  • extra long canopy
  • fast fold
  • elegant design
  • folds with the seat out - a bit impractical
  • a little heavy for my taste

Satisfied. I would buy it again.

The only advantage is its spaciousness

  • Spacious
  • No-maintenance wheels
  • Canopy can be changed for a different colour
  • Heavy
  • The one-hand fold is practical but not realistic for an average woman, you need the other hand as it's simply too heavy for one
  • Strap recline and a slanted seat back

OK for that price. It is functional, but nothing great, really... The only advantage is its spaciousness...



Ideal for those with sleeping babies in a stroller. It is spacious...

  • spacious
  • very easy to handle
  • pushes well over field roads and grass
  • lightweight
  • I sometimes missed a reversible seat

A spacious, very easy to push pushchair. It pushes well even on field roads and grass. Also, it's lightweight.

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