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peha1606 says:
"100% for me"
and gives the Britax B-Motion 4 Plus

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100% for me

  • light
  • spacious
  • easy handling
  • suitable for the terrain
  • compact
  • one-hand folding
  • we didn't find any 😅

We were very satisfied with the stroller. The first time we took him to the mountains and gave ot an unplanned proper hard time, because we took a wrong turn off the road and hit a rough terrain. Every other stroller since then we have compared with the Britax.

We found it has the things that we missed in comparison with our first stroller (that had short hood, little space for baby, awkward handling...). Britax has everything a mom needs if she wants to carry her baby longer - lots and lots of space for comfortable sitting and afternoon nap for the baby; adjustable handle, which I, a short woman, appreciated very much; extended hood, so that the baby doesn't get sunlight even in summer; inflatable wheels for any terrain; spacious basket, which I always fit my shopping in 👍

100% for me. We are gonna get it again. We just swapped our gorgeous blue lagoon color for a more colorful version for the little girl 😉

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