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klaudi says:
"This was the only one that fulfilled the requirements"
and gives the Britax B-Motion 4 Plus

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  • Extended hood
  • Spacious basket
  • Gel wheels
  • Solid frame
  • Leg positioning
  • Large seating/lying space
  • Easy folding
  • No upright sitting position
  • No crotch strap tied to the belly bar

It took me a long time to choose the perfect stroller for my daughter. This was the only one that fulfilled the requirements - solid frame, high load capacity, large sitting / lying part, extended hood, wheels suitable for the terrain - for holes and gutter, and easy folding.

The biggest advantage is that the new Britax has (sort of) gel wheels, which we also had on our system and they are the best wheels. They can handle everything, any terrain and never get a puncture 🙏 And it's the only stroller that my husband likes and says I really couldn't have picked a better one 😁🤭 We've tried it out in nature and our daughter has slept in it - sooo much space 👌 (daughter is 18m, 15kg, approx 90cm).

The only minor minus is that it can't be put into a straight, upright sitting position and there is not crotch strap. But I solved it easily - my daughter is strapped only around the belly, so she doesn't have a harness over the shoulders. This way she can look out and there is no risk of falling out or slipping under the handle 😉

I recommend this stroller with all ten 🤩

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