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All user reviews of Babyzen Yoyo 2

9 parent reviews

Not for autumn/winter

  • Light
  • Narrow
  • Good for shops
  • Leaves get stuck in the wheels in autumn
  • The wheels get stuck with mud in winter
  • Baby is always slightly reclined
  • No adjustable handlebar

Great, but not for autumn/winter.

  • pretty colors
  • folds up small
  • good canopy coverage
  • not as easy to fold as advertised. You have to bend right over, feel around blindly for the latch and then push it down and hope the wheels don't get stuck on each other (spoiler: they always do)
  • the initial price you pay is not the final price! You will soon fork out more for car seat adapters, bassinet, rain covers (2 different ones for the bassinet and then 6m+!), foot rest and more! So it ends up being way more expensive than you think.
  • the harness clasp is very fiddly and takes too long to attach.
  • if you are a tall person, expect your baby to outgrow the bassinet by 5 months. Mine did.
  • not easy to raise the back rest when baby is inside as it uses a lame pull strap
  • overall baby sits too low
  • is not reversible. I think 6m is too young to have baby facing away from you

I think I was lured by the flashy advertising for this stroller and happily forked over too much cash for what is essentially a pretty, compact buggy. I've had it for 6 months but am now looking for another stroller for everyday use. I will probably keep it for when I need a compact stroller.

  • The fact it can travel in the aircraft cabin and good for small cars
  • Easy to manoeuvre in small spaces
  • Cannot handle even the slightest bump in the road so, whilst great for getting to your travel destination, you may you are limited in where you can go once you get there
  • The seat is unsupportive, I constantly have to adjust my 12-month-old who ends up slouched over
  • Fold is difficult and not really one handed - I wish you could lock the front wheels for performance and for folding as then they wouldn’t get in the way
  • The brake sticks as is difficult to release in open shoes
  • We bought this as our only stroller and it was a mistake. I wish we had just bought something more practical and accepted it would have to travel in the hold

Great for the airport but limited performance once you arrive.

  • Compact
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Will fit in as carry-on but why when airlines check-in strollers mostly for free
  • The wheels are only for flat surfaces
  • City cobblestones are a nightmare for Yoyo
  • The suspension is almost non-existent
  • Our baby was getting distressed from the vibration
  • Way too much plastic everywhere
  • Feels like it won’t last very long
  • Accessories expensive

We bought Yoyo as our only stroller and that was a mistake. The truth is, we never wanted more than one stroller. Yoyo lured us with sleek modern advertising that made us think this would be the one. And only after a month of using it we realized that we sacrificed too much for its compact size.

I like how the front wheels' suspension helps it get over anything in the way, but the price is really high.

  • truly compact and accepted on board of a plane
  • lightweight
  • quality
  • eco-leather-covered handlebar
  • newborn options
  • not a lie-flat seat
  • super short seatback
  • very very pricey

You'll go for this to be sure it will be taken on board when plane-traveling. And yes, it will. Also, the frame is high-quality, and it will last. The downsides are surely the super short seat back, and the canopy is also not the longest. And it is pricey - everything making it better is also sold separately.

I expected more improvements


I love the fabrics. So much better than before. Also, the grip of the PU leather handlebar is much more pleasant.

I expected more improvements, however, beacause I like the strap and the rubber-style suspension, but those are very minor and almost unnoticeable changes to me. And why is the rain cover not included?

Still that great travel buggy... but with a so-much-better-to-touch handlebar - so nice to push with that! I also love the blue patterned fabrics. I also got the sold-separately leg rest, and it's a huge help when my boy falls asleep (no dangling feet). However, I am still missing a one-hand fold (memory buttons on the handlebar would help that so much) and a longer backrest - I expected those to be in the Yoyo 2 generation somehow.

The higher weight capacity is nice, but what about it, if I cannot fit a larger toddler in the buggy without his head protruding so much over the backrest... And to that new suspension in the front - it is very nice to have it, but imho, I find it a very similar feel to the old one (we had that with my older daughter).

The only minus is the high price

  • beautiful
  • compact
  • functional
  • expensive

A great buggy, as it always was. The only minus is the high price, heightened even more by no accessories included. Plus would be the compactness truly accepted on board of pretty much every airline (even with the newborn kit attached).

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