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Jess B says:
"We bought this as our only stroller and it was a mistake"
and gives the Babyzen Yoyo 2

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  • The fact it can travel in the aircraft cabin and good for small cars
  • Easy to manoeuvre in small spaces
  • Cannot handle even the slightest bump in the road so, whilst great for getting to your travel destination, you may you are limited in where you can go once you get there
  • The seat is unsupportive, I constantly have to adjust my 12-month-old who ends up slouched over
  • Fold is difficult and not really one handed - I wish you could lock the front wheels for performance and for folding as then they wouldn’t get in the way
  • The brake sticks as is difficult to release in open shoes
  • We bought this as our only stroller and it was a mistake. I wish we had just bought something more practical and accepted it would have to travel in the hold

Great for the airport but limited performance once you arrive.

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