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Patty says:
"I think I was lured by the flashy advertising"
and gives the Babyzen Yoyo 2

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  • pretty colors
  • folds up small
  • good canopy coverage
  • not as easy to fold as advertised. You have to bend right over, feel around blindly for the latch and then push it down and hope the wheels don't get stuck on each other (spoiler: they always do)
  • the initial price you pay is not the final price! You will soon fork out more for car seat adapters, bassinet, rain covers (2 different ones for the bassinet and then 6m+!), foot rest and more! So it ends up being way more expensive than you think.
  • the harness clasp is very fiddly and takes too long to attach.
  • if you are a tall person, expect your baby to outgrow the bassinet by 5 months. Mine did.
  • not easy to raise the back rest when baby is inside as it uses a lame pull strap
  • overall baby sits too low
  • is not reversible. I think 6m is too young to have baby facing away from you

I think I was lured by the flashy advertising for this stroller and happily forked over too much cash for what is essentially a pretty, compact buggy. I've had it for 6 months but am now looking for another stroller for everyday use. I will probably keep it for when I need a compact stroller.

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