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Lolly says:
"Still that great travel buggy, but I am still missing a one-hand fold and a longer backrest"
and gives the Babyzen Yoyo 2

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Still that great travel buggy... but with a so-much-better-to-touch handlebar - so nice to push with that! I also love the blue patterned fabrics. I also got the sold-separately leg rest, and it's a huge help when my boy falls asleep (no dangling feet). However, I am still missing a one-hand fold (memory buttons on the handlebar would help that so much) and a longer backrest - I expected those to be in the Yoyo 2 generation somehow.

The higher weight capacity is nice, but what about it, if I cannot fit a larger toddler in the buggy without his head protruding so much over the backrest... And to that new suspension in the front - it is very nice to have it, but imho, I find it a very similar feel to the old one (we had that with my older daughter).

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