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It suits us in everything except wheels

  • Broad seat
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to fold - unfolds
  • Beautiful design
  • Extended canopy
  • Large storage space
  • Wheels

It suits us in everything, except the wheels ☺

  • Extended canopy
  • Spacious
  • Lightweight
  • Easy folding
  • Foam wheels

Stylish, lightweight and, above all, practical. The only drawback are the foam wheels, which wear out quickly. But even so, I wouldn't change it πŸ˜‰



Awesome! Roomy, comfortable and easy to fold as well as compact.

It's almost perfect, if it had inflatable wheels, there's nothing to fault it.

Lightweight, easy to handle


Super long canopy, lightweight, easy to handle. At first I was bothered by the rattling of the wheels, but I've gotten used to it πŸ˜‚

  • Spacious
  • Easy to use
  • Large sun canopy
  • Nice design
  • Lightweight
  • Could take up less space when folded
  • Could do with better wheels
  • Doesn't go into full sitting position

The perfect stroller for those who are looking for a compromise between a pushchair and a buggy. This stroller is big, spacious, comfortable. It handles very well. It has a large sun canopy so no need for a parasol.

So far no dowsides


So far no dowsides :)

  • Spacious
  • Storage
  • Lightweight
  • Awesome design
  • Outward folding

We are extremely satisfied with the stroller. We chose it because of its compactness and it impressed us in terms of appearance. Even though it is not a classic pushchair, it handles even a more demanding journey with ease, we even spent a week with it in the mountains πŸ˜‰.

Large canopy, easy to operate

  • Large canopy
  • Easy handling
  • Weight
  • Rattly wheels
  • Harder to fold

Large canopy, easy to operate.

Amazing, lightweight, high-quality


Amazing, lightweight, high-quality material. The canopy extends up to the handle for an undisturbed sleep of the child and the stroller has good access to the basket from both the front and the back :-)

Lightweight and easy to operate

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Spacious
  • Cushioned
  • Large canopy
  • Quick folding
  • Doesn't take up much space
  • New wheels
  • Here and there the brake doesn't want to engage
  • I have to take shorter strides to avoid kicking the pram, but that's a force of habit

We had it in the Tungsten Grey Mint version.

Perfection in itself


Perfection in itself πŸ˜‰ The stroller is sturdy, lightweight, the canopy goes up to the handle and it's nice in design. It has gone all terrains, which is just πŸ”. I recommend it!

Excellent stroller, easy handling. Handles even worse terrain, like our garden. Lightweight, easy to fold.

A great stroller with small faults

  • light
  • compact
  • spacious inside
  • nice design
  • driving characteristics are great
  • brake goes down hard, kills your shoes
  • positioning of the seat/recliner is useless - it does not hold well in the sitting position, it falls back a bit into a lightly reclined position...

A great stroller with small faults.

Light, spacious

  • Light
  • Spacious
  • Nice design
  • Large canopy
  • Wheels rattle

Superb pushchair - light, spacious. My 1,5 year old daughter has a lot of space there. The stroller is great. Easy to handle, except for the wheels that rattle - they are not so large and strong. Otherwise I am very satisfied.

In winter, not awesome

  • Folding
  • Weight
  • Spaciousness
  • Not for winter - can't handle snow, slipping wheels
  • Even when braked, it slides

In winter, not awesome, we prefer to walk or bobsled.

Nothing to fault it with

  • beautiful
  • lightweight
  • soft to touch
  • huge canopy
  • good positioning of the backrest
  • accessories /rain cover, apron/
  • I found none

Really excellent stroller, nothing to fault it with. Beautiful, practical, I'm going to buy it for the second time. My sons also used it at home, they watched TV from it ;)

Perfect, foldable, lightweight


Perfect, foldable, lightweight. The child has a lot of space in it. Perfect canopy. Maximum satisfaction.

  • Sometimes I can't get the safety folding lock off right away when unfolding, but that's a matter of practice

Beautiful design. Agile, sufficiently cushioned, quick to fold, lightweight. It suits me that instead of the bumper bar I can click on the Maxi-Cosi car seat adapters and directly over the seat I can push my little one if he falls asleep in the car - I don't have to unstrap him and transfer him to the stroller part. And then I can open the stroller's canopy enough to touch the canopy of the car seat and the baby has peace and quiet when falling asleep, it doesn't blow into the stroller, it doesn't rain in at all.

Very happy with it

  • Superb pushchair

I've only used it for two days, but I'm very happy with the Oyster Zero 😊

An outstanding stroller


An outstanding stroller, a lot of satisfaction 😍😍😍

100% suitable for what we bought it for

  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible
  • Easy to drive, one-handedly - completely at ease
  • Spacious
  • Superb canopy
  • One disadvantage is that you can't change in the direction of travel of the kid, but so far we don't mind

Lightweight, compact, handy... 100% suitable for what we bought it for.

My little one sleeps great in it

  • Wide seat
  • Suspension
  • Design
  • None

Excellent, the best - my little one sleeps great in it πŸ₯°β€οΈ

  • Suspenion on all 4 wheels
  • Extended canopy
  • Easy folding/unfolding
  • Baby has plenty of room
  • Spacious basket that is easy to access
  • Adjustable footrest (2 positions)
  • Any backrest position you need
  • Easy handling
  • It is very lightweight (I usually carried it in one hand, and our not-so-light lady in the other :-) )
  • Takes up just a little space in the car
  • The colour does not fade even in the sun

I was looking for a stroller that would fit easily in my small car. Since we don't have a lift, it had to be lightweight. I wanted our little girl to have plenty of room and not be "cramped" in it; it had to be reclinable and seduce me by its looks. These were the criteria I used... However, I didn't know at the time that I would also use the extended canopy so much - I saw it as an extra rather than a necessity.

It was love at first sight 😍 The leather handle with the handle gives it a touch of pizzazz and just goes to show that details matter 😊 And I'm still happy with my decision.

P.S. It can handle the terrain with ease, it's not just for city streets :-)

  • low weight of the stroller
  • folds compactly - fits in a smaller car boot
  • very spacious seating area
  • back positioning is belt-operated - many positioning options
  • beautifully maneuverable
  • large, extendable canopy
  • ventilation window
  • spacious basket under the stroller
  • the big weakness is the brake - it is tiny, hard to reach and I have to press it 3 times before it finally brakes
  • the seat can't be reversed, but there is a window in the canopy that allows me to see the baby
  • I sometimes wash the seat cover in the washing machine, but it was necessary to cut a hole in the footrest to remove the chipboard - the manufacturer should have made a Velcro hole so that we didn't have to cut the board out
  • it doesn't have a rotating handle, plus the handle is very close to the pram so it's hard to lift when I'm driving up a kerb
  • it folds outwards so it can get dirty
  • the rain cover does not have a window
  • you have to buy the leg cover and bag separately, it was not included in the price

This gorgeous stroller won my heart mainly because of its low weight, great maneuverability and the extra extendable canopy.

Nothing to fault this with

  • Extended sun canopy
  • None

Completely happy with it. Nothing to fault this with.

I had the opportunity to try it out at a friend's house and compared to others, such as the Valco Snap, which I originally wanted to buy, it seemed much more solid and of higher quality. The frame is aluminum; the stroller is sturdy, it doesn't wobble.

The seat is one of the widest on the market - but the stroller itself is not wide. I can fit in the smaller aisles of the store and in an old train wagon without any problem. It's a good compromise between an umbrella buggy and a pushchair. It's not for every terrain, but it gets a lot of mileage, is foldable, quick to fold, lightweight - so fine for traveling. The space under the stroller holds a lot even though the basket doesn't look very big at first glance. I also like the zippered extendable canopy.

The wheels on the new collection are sturdier, so they don't wear as fast. The stroller is very easy to steer with one hand, it turns beautifully... Disadvantages - the seat is not fully upright, the legs are a little higher - or the child sits in a "V", which can be corrected by a sewn belt for the seat.

I'm a bit annoyed with the brake, which has to be pushed on a lot to activate. Reclining/inclining the seat is also harder - sometimes I can do it with one hand, sometimes I have to use both - it depends on how I grab it. But maybe it's because it's new and not second hand. So the positives prevail and I would choose this stroller again :)

I can't have a better stroller

  • Very light
  • Compact
  • Folds and unfolds quickly
  • Fits in a smaller car boot - we are very happy with it
  • The wheels don't rattle, and we have potholes in the village
  • None so far

Huge satisfaction. I can't have a better stroller.

  • spacious seating area
  • sufficient suspension (I can be slightly "rocked"
  • compact (better than an umbrella buggy in my opinion)
  • lightweight
  • non-reversible seating area (if it was, it would not be so spacious :))

I would like to rate this stroller very positively :) I have changed many strollers, but I am extremely satisfied with this one. If I had known, I would have bought it from birth :)

Will go over almost any terrain


A very spacious, very maneuverable and collapsible buggy that will go over almost any terrain. Large basket, reclining position is great for baby. The downside for some may be the slightly rattling wheels, but it's not a big deal.

  • lightweight, compact
  • easy to operate (even with one hand)
  • handles different terrains
  • nice price
  • attractive appearance
  • wide seating, full lie-flat option
  • small bassinet + the need to buy adapters for it (or even for the car seat)
  • all accessories (drink holder, umbrella, umbrella, footmuff, mosquito net, ...) at extra cost

The stroller caught my eye right away, mainly because of its looks and its price. I bought it on the internet in an English online shop and it was for a nice price in a set with a bassinet, adapters and the pushchair unit. I didn't regret my choice for a moment.

The stroller is beautiful, it can be folded easily with one hand. We have a big dog, hence the busy car boot - the Oyster Zero can be folded and then put in an IKEA bag, so I put it behind the driver's seat and it doesn't stain the inside of my car. The stroller traveled with us on the plane and to the sea. It conquers different terrains with ease - a sandy beach, a gravel hill, a forest path, ...

It's light, I have no problem to carry my little one in it (he's 14 kg) up the stairs. It's also beautiful. My friend has a Valco Snap, and it looks pretty cheap next to the Oyster. The only disadvantage it has over the Valco is that it folds inside out, so it's easier to get dirty (her Valco also includes an apron, the Oyster doesn't).

The gel-like wheels are ok, easy to clean, nothing gets caught on them. Just be careful and take off and wash the front and rear wheels from time to time so you don't get the lock dirty and malfunctioning.

A huge advantage is the ability to put the stroller in the full recline position and the long hood, so there is no need to have a diaper over it. As my son was born in August and has gotten bigger since he was a baby, he grew out of the bassinet pretty quickly and honestly looked like in a coffin in it. I don't really recommend the bassinet, but since I was buying the stroller more based on the seat, I didn't mind. In the winter, I bought a used older X-lander model for a transitional period (it was absolutely not good - it was heavy as hell and I almost didn't get through the front door with it), and then a Dorjan Danny Sport Baby Boat pram - similar problem, and most importantly it looked cheap. So I'm pretty spoiled thanks to the Oyster, and I have to say it's a stroller I recommend to everyone I meet.

  • Lightweight
  • Large canopy
  • Super handling
  • Easy to clean
  • Material dries quickly
  • Folds quickly
  • Large basket
  • Plenty of room for baby when he sleeps
  • UV visor gets scratched by folding over time

Lightweight, fast folding and very good handling of the stroller.

I will miss using it


I liked it and I will miss using it :-)

  • Design
  • Easy handling
  • Spacious and easy to adjust
  • Stroller folding (especially in winter)
  • Small basket

This stroller really fulfilled almost all of my requirements. It's nice, easy to handle, not heavy overall, but spacious, adjustable...

A little problem, in my opinion, is the folding. In the winter to fold it in the car is a real pain. The dirty wheels get the stroller dirty. If you have muffs on the stroller, they, too... the biggest disadvantage for sure. The fact that it struggles to handle driving in the winter after snow is probably normal - with such classic, not large wheels. Only inflatable ones can be used in the snow. But even with these it's not a tragedy, it just takes more patience.

And the basket under the stroller is quite small for me compared to other strollers. But that's just a detail :)

Satisfaction at 80 %

  • Quickly collapsible
  • Large
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof even without a rain cover
  • You won't get a puncture 😊
  • Low chassis
  • Cannot turn the seat, it is only facing the direction of travel

Satisfaction at 80 %. You can buy a bassinet and a car seat as well.

  • Wide seat for baby (comfortable)
  • Pocket on the back (for phone, keys, change, etc.)
  • Nice basket
  • Nice design
  • Second hand not too expensive either
  • Long canopy (cool thing!).
  • Lightweight
  • Folded well in my car
  • Faded colour (black pushchair)
  • No inflatable wheel option (again, you don't have to deal with a flat wheel)
  • Can't face mom
  • Not a great brake

So the transition from the 3in1 system to this pushchair was noticeable. Especially on the wheels, which rattled quite a bit, but over time I got so used to it that I didn't really mind (it was just the difference from the inflatable wheels we had before). My brake was knocking, but that could just be a defective piece. I had a black one that was squeaking a bit. And finally, just kind of a weird pulling the backrest up into a sitting position, you get the feeling it can't last long, but it does and it's perfectly fine.

It folds up quite well in the car and is really light! πŸ™‚

Overall, I was really VERY happy with the stroller!!!πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ‘

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Spacious
  • Huge roof
  • High load capacity
  • Price
  • Design
  • Removable belly bar
  • Nice design (I had the green one)
  • It is folded with the seating part outwards... That bothered me because when I put it down somewhere, the seat cushion got dirty
  • The material could have been better quality, but at the price it actually fits perfectly - I prefer not to put them down :) - it's hard to put it back on through the bars
  • Harder to the touch

Not a lot of money, but a lot of features. It is an excellent, super spacious and super light pushchait that pushes easily with one hand. It also looks great, has a huge hood, and a high load capacity. We even used it for two kids when necessary, there's a truly roomy inside. And the low weight makes the steering a breeze.

Accommodates even a large child

  • Large canopy
  • Easy handling
  • Lightweight frame
  • One-hand folding
  • Spacious - comfortable and accommodates even a large child
  • I got nothing

A lightweight, nimble but spacious sports stroller. Stylish and elegant.

  • Easy handling
  • Spacious reclining seat
  • Huge canopy - extends to the child's feet
  • PU leather handle
  • The handle cannot be positioned
  • Foam wheels (older models)
  • No ventilation option
  • Everyone has one πŸ™ˆ

One of the most well-made non-reversible pushchairs.

Overall, I'm satisfied

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Good looking
  • Easy to handle
  • The baby can't face me
  • Sitting is not completely upright - slightly angled

Overall, I'm satisfied, but if I were to choose again, I'd definitely choose one that can also be turned to face me.

A really great travel companion

  • Long canopy
  • Spacious
  • Great for sleeping
  • Nice design
  • A bit rattly wheels

I recommend it πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ A really great travel companion. My little one is happy in it, we have been using it for a year now.

  • Design
  • Compactness
  • Spaciousness
  • Large, extedable canopy
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • The front wheels make a sound like when you shake a box of Legos, even on flat asphalt
  • The legrest is higher than the seat, the child lies/sits with the feet up
  • The approach of the supplier in the matter of the complaint, which was not acknowledged
  • Foam wheels wear out easily
  • The manufacturer promises a ride comparable to inflatable wheels, but this is not actually the case

The buggy looks luxurious, but not everything is gold that glitters. The driveability would be fine if the stroller didn't make occasional knocking noises even on a straight road. This is due to the combination of aluminium and plastic in the front wheel mechanism. I personally find it quite annoying, especially after 2 weeks of use.

Another controversial topic is the legrest, which is either flat or elevated compared to the seat when the stroller is empty. When the stroller is loaded with a toddler, the seat, in the middle (where the stroller is folded) drops down even more, and the legrest jumps up even more. The baby therefore sits/lays as if in a "pit".

I am very sorry that I did not return the stroller to the dealer within 14 days, and instead we went to try it out in the field. As it has foam wheels, which everything gets stuck in, this would not have been possible, as only unused goods can be returned. I wouldn't have bought it as a brand new one for that money again.

We're already on our second one

  • lightweight
  • handy
  • for all uses
  • nice shock absorbing
  • we found none

We love it. We're already on our second one, actually. It went with us everywhere - plane travels, beaches, forest trails... I am thinking about downsizing now that we don't use a pushchair that often anymore... but I am not sure if it will be just as good! In any case, heavily recommending it!

Truly very spacious and compact, easy to push. And the sunhood is incredible, huge, and protective.

After quite some time of use, it started squeaking, which I don't mind that much, as I see more expensive brands on the street to squeak as well. The only thing I mind is the world-facing only seat, as I miss my child facing me. I didn't think I would. If ever buying a new pushchair, I'll probably go for a reversible one. 😊

It even fits a Fiat 500 car boot


It's enough in everything - large enough, lightweight enough, compact enough. It even fits a Fiat 500 car boot 😁

  • low weight
  • spacious seat
  • full, complete recline
  • extendable hood
  • weight capacity of 20 kg
  • simple fold
  • smalle-in-size wheels

We are thrilled with it; it's just great. Comfortable for our older (3yo) child, while being compact. I bought it when we needed a lightweight but spacious stroller for my daughter (2 years 9 months), and I have nothing to reproach the Oyster Zero.

  • so lightweight
  • foam wheels

An excellent pushchair - lightweight, fantastic to push, and very spacious.

Its oh-so-easy to push it


A fantastic lightweight stroller. Its oh-so-easy to push it.

I was happy with it

  • just the wheels

I had the Oyster Zero and I was happy with it.

I only hope theyll make the wheels better

  • A large, long canopy
  • Low weight
  • Quick fold
  • Easy manipulation
  • Wheels
  • Squeaky chassis (in one particular point)

I heartily recommend it. I only hope theyll make the wheels better.

Maximum satisfaction

  • spacious
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • outward fold (seat is outside after folding)

Maximum satisfaction with this stroller.

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