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rudolfl says:
"The seat is one of the widest on the market - but the stroller itself is not wide"
and gives the Babystyle Oyster Zero

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I had the opportunity to try it out at a friend's house and compared to others, such as the Valco Snap, which I originally wanted to buy, it seemed much more solid and of higher quality. The frame is aluminum; the stroller is sturdy, it doesn't wobble.

The seat is one of the widest on the market - but the stroller itself is not wide. I can fit in the smaller aisles of the store and in an old train wagon without any problem. It's a good compromise between an umbrella buggy and a pushchair. It's not for every terrain, but it gets a lot of mileage, is foldable, quick to fold, lightweight - so fine for traveling. The space under the stroller holds a lot even though the basket doesn't look very big at first glance. I also like the zippered extendable canopy.

The wheels on the new collection are sturdier, so they don't wear as fast. The stroller is very easy to steer with one hand, it turns beautifully... Disadvantages - the seat is not fully upright, the legs are a little higher - or the child sits in a "V", which can be corrected by a sewn belt for the seat.

I'm a bit annoyed with the brake, which has to be pushed on a lot to activate. Reclining/inclining the seat is also harder - sometimes I can do it with one hand, sometimes I have to use both - it depends on how I grab it. But maybe it's because it's new and not second hand. So the positives prevail and I would choose this stroller again :)

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