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janina92 says:
"It folds up quite well in the car and is really light"
and gives the Babystyle Oyster Zero

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  • Wide seat for baby (comfortable)
  • Pocket on the back (for phone, keys, change, etc.)
  • Nice basket
  • Nice design
  • Second hand not too expensive either
  • Long canopy (cool thing!).
  • Lightweight
  • Folded well in my car
  • Faded colour (black pushchair)
  • No inflatable wheel option (again, you don't have to deal with a flat wheel)
  • Can't face mom
  • Not a great brake

So the transition from the 3in1 system to this pushchair was noticeable. Especially on the wheels, which rattled quite a bit, but over time I got so used to it that I didn't really mind (it was just the difference from the inflatable wheels we had before). My brake was knocking, but that could just be a defective piece. I had a black one that was squeaking a bit. And finally, just kind of a weird pulling the backrest up into a sitting position, you get the feeling it can't last long, but it does and it's perfectly fine.

It folds up quite well in the car and is really light! 🙂

Overall, I was really VERY happy with the stroller!!!🙂🙂🙂👍

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