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aluapaula says:
"Už na prvý pohľad to bola láska"
and gives the Babystyle Oyster Zero

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Už na prvý pohľad to bola láska

  • Suspenion on all 4 wheels
  • Extended canopy
  • Easy folding/unfolding
  • Baby has plenty of room
  • Spacious basket that is easy to access
  • Adjustable footrest (2 positions)
  • Any backrest position you need
  • Easy handling
  • It is very lightweight (I usually carried it in one hand, and our not-so-light lady in the other :-) )
  • Takes up just a little space in the car
  • The colour does not fade even in the sun

I was looking for a stroller that would fit easily in my small car. Since we don't have a lift, it had to be lightweight. I wanted our little girl to have plenty of room and not be "cramped" in it; it had to be reclinable and seduce me by its looks. These were the criteria I used... However, I didn't know at the time that I would also use the extended canopy so much - I saw it as an extra rather than a necessity.

It was love at first sight 😍 The leather handle with the handle gives it a touch of pizzazz and just goes to show that details matter 😊 And I'm still happy with my decision.

P.S. It can handle the terrain with ease, it's not just for city streets :-)

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