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  • Appearance
  • Low weight
  • Folding
  • Larger bassinet compared to other strollers
  • Handling
  • Seat lies flat
  • Large canopy on the seat unit
  • Car seat with newborn insert
  • Wheels wear out quickly
  • Accessories have to be bought extra - if there is anything to buy at all

We are satisfied with the stroller. The little one is 7 months old, it's winter, and she still fit into the bassinet (even in a jumpsuit and with a cosytoes), which was a priority for us... The stroller is very light and easy to handle. We don't find it pulls sideways at all, as I've read in other reviews, and I don't even feel like it's open, as it also says in some reviews...

It is indeed harder in terms of suspension, but you have to count on that when you buy a stroller without one!!! The truth is that the wheels wear out very quickly and it really doesn't look very nice on the appearance... Maybe put wheels made of a different material, and everything would be better.

The car seat is also very nice and good. In appearance everyone admires the stroller, we have it in blue. And as for accessories, it would be great, if it is not included with the stroller, that at least the original can be bought, since for example there is no rain cover for this stroller... but we bought a 4€ one and it fits just perfect 😀

I wouldn't buy it again...

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • stylish
  • unstable on uneven surfaces
  • poor side wind protection
  • the sitting part is absolutely uncomfortable

I had the opportunity to test it for 10 months. Compact, lightweight, stylish... but it bounces on pebbles, and the seat part disappointed me a lot. When the little one started sitting up, I didn't like the way he sat in it - falling forward...

The stroller has 3 positions, but the one in the sitting position is completely so as if at a 90 degree angle, and the canopy does go all the way down to the feet - but when the baby wants to look around, you have absolutely no coverage from the sides against the wind. It served it's purpose, but I wouldn't buy it again...

One disaster

  • Car seat - also has a newborn insert, I would say also for premature babies
  • Seat unit - lies flat
  • Canopy on the seat - large
  • Bassinet - open like a shop window (I'm not saying it has to be like in a bunker, but in the colder and windier season, that's a minus for me)
  • You can't position the bassinet - a minus for me, if the baby is curious but doesn't know how to sit yet - it's a plus to have, you don't have to keep reminding him not to get out of the bassinet because he wants to see everything :-)
  • Chassis - solid, no soft suspension... in the part where you put the bassinet or the seat, it managed to "rock" so much that the baby had a swing instead of a safe seat
  • Wheels - disaster! They can't handle any terrain... only flat pavement 🤣 I'm not talking about the fact that a front wheel was claimed and repaired on warranty because it came loose 😅
  • A bit worse road and you are catching your falling out baby 🙄 In the stroller it throws him up and down... So perfect for only gentle and slow strolls. If you're an active mom, which can do a bit of a stride - go for another stroller 😂
  • The biggest drawback I see is the accessories for the stroller... you buy a raincoat, a bag, a carrier... in my opinion things that should be so basic and included. And if you still have to buy them, at least at normal prices 🤷🏻

One disaster. A carriage for unbelievable money!!! There are small advantages, but they are quickly overshadowed by the overall faults 😅

  • lighter stroller
  • ok folding
  • good carrycot
  • nice to look at
  • wheels
  • basket
  • seat
  • handling

We chose this pram as our first choice - a double combination, and we got a free car seat with adapters.

Visually very nicely processed. Practicality has been worse for me. Especially the wheels. They wear out right away and look like they are 2 years old after 3 months. The manufacturer wrote me back that they only look worn, but they are not 😂 Everyone asked me where I go with it that it looks so worn.

The basket is nice and big, but the top (cover) kept opening and detaching.

The carrycot was great for me - too bad it didn't have an upward positioning.

But the seat unit didn't fit us at all. It was too bulky. Extremely long hood. It looked stacked all the time. I also met one mom with this stroller, she had a baby in the seat and she was also buying another one for the same reason. Also that the basket is all "ruffled". Handling is bad, the stroller hard to handle, pulls sideways.

This is my experience. I give it a rating of 5 because it is possible to live with it, but I think there are other and better options for the money.

I am very satisfied - a great stroller at a reasonable price.

Pretty, compact, handy and light


Pretty, compact, handy and lightweight.

  • Large basket
  • Wheels
  • Seat unit

We have had it for half a year, but it is absolutely unsatisfactory. Even on a mini pebble the whole pram is thrown sideways.

Since my daughter is larger, she likes to look around, and in the seat she is like on display. In stronger winds she is blown from all sides. What a shame.

The bassinet is cool, also the lightness of the stroller, but otherwise not much.

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