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frimm says:
"I wouldn't buy it again..."
and gives the Zopa Mystic

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I wouldn't buy it again...

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • stylish
  • unstable on uneven surfaces
  • poor side wind protection
  • the sitting part is absolutely uncomfortable

I had the opportunity to test it for 10 months. Compact, lightweight, stylish... but it bounces on pebbles, and the seat part disappointed me a lot. When the little one started sitting up, I didn't like the way he sat in it - falling forward...

The stroller has 3 positions, but the one in the sitting position is completely so as if at a 90 degree angle, and the canopy does go all the way down to the feet - but when the baby wants to look around, you have absolutely no coverage from the sides against the wind. It served it's purpose, but I wouldn't buy it again...

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