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evita860 says:
"It is indeed harder in terms of suspension"
and gives the Zopa Mystic

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  • Appearance
  • Low weight
  • Folding
  • Larger bassinet compared to other strollers
  • Handling
  • Seat lies flat
  • Large canopy on the seat unit
  • Car seat with newborn insert
  • Wheels wear out quickly
  • Accessories have to be bought extra - if there is anything to buy at all

We are satisfied with the stroller. The little one is 7 months old, it's winter, and she still fit into the bassinet (even in a jumpsuit and with a cosytoes), which was a priority for us... The stroller is very light and easy to handle. We don't find it pulls sideways at all, as I've read in other reviews, and I don't even feel like it's open, as it also says in some reviews...

It is indeed harder in terms of suspension, but you have to count on that when you buy a stroller without one!!! The truth is that the wheels wear out very quickly and it really doesn't look very nice on the appearance... Maybe put wheels made of a different material, and everything would be better.

The car seat is also very nice and good. In appearance everyone admires the stroller, we have it in blue. And as for accessories, it would be great, if it is not included with the stroller, that at least the original can be bought, since for example there is no rain cover for this stroller... but we bought a 4€ one and it fits just perfect 😀

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