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nikulka154 says:
"One disaster"
and gives the Zopa Mystic

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One disaster

  • Car seat - also has a newborn insert, I would say also for premature babies
  • Seat unit - lies flat
  • Canopy on the seat - large
  • Bassinet - open like a shop window (I'm not saying it has to be like in a bunker, but in the colder and windier season, that's a minus for me)
  • You can't position the bassinet - a minus for me, if the baby is curious but doesn't know how to sit yet - it's a plus to have, you don't have to keep reminding him not to get out of the bassinet because he wants to see everything :-)
  • Chassis - solid, no soft suspension... in the part where you put the bassinet or the seat, it managed to "rock" so much that the baby had a swing instead of a safe seat
  • Wheels - disaster! They can't handle any terrain... only flat pavement 🤣 I'm not talking about the fact that a front wheel was claimed and repaired on warranty because it came loose 😅
  • A bit worse road and you are catching your falling out baby 🙄 In the stroller it throws him up and down... So perfect for only gentle and slow strolls. If you're an active mom, which can do a bit of a stride - go for another stroller 😂
  • The biggest drawback I see is the accessories for the stroller... you buy a raincoat, a bag, a carrier... in my opinion things that should be so basic and included. And if you still have to buy them, at least at normal prices 🤷🏻

One disaster. A carriage for unbelievable money!!! There are small advantages, but they are quickly overshadowed by the overall faults 😅

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